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Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout the film, the lead character Izna (Sunny Leone) is shown wearing small and low cut clothes which reveal her cleavage
  • At the start of the film a woman is shown sat on a rock wearing bikini bottoms but is topless, her bare back is shown from behind
  • A woman is shown sitting in a hot tub, later she is shown wearing a robe with lingerie underneath
  • A woman is shown unbuttoning a man's jacket and kissing his bare chest
  • A woman is shown wearing a dress that reveals significant cleavage and her midriff, she dances provocatively in a club with another woman to attract a man
  • A woman takes off her dress, revealing her lingerie (shot from behind), a man is standing by the bed and the woman walks over to him. She removes his shirt and straddles him on the bed before he turns her over and climbs on top (sex is implied).
  • A woman is shown in bed talking to a man, she's wearing lingerie and significant cleavage can be seen. The woman climbs out bed, her panties can be seen, she stands in front of the man for a brief period of time before he puts a robe over her shoulders
  • Sensual song - (Yeh Kasoor) - A man and woman kiss passionately. Song cuts to the woman sat sideways on a swing bench outside, the man comes up grabs her feet and kisses them, the woman arches her chest towards the air, the man then strokes her legs. Later the woman is lying flat on top of the man outside (crotch to crotch), the man can be seen stroking the woman's thigh up to her ass. The song then cuts to the woman lying flat on the floor topless with a sheet covering her ass, the man enters also topless, with a towel covering him from the waist down. He takes some oil and drips it on her lower back, he proceeds to massage her back. After the man and woman are shown in an embrace (both are topless the man is shown from behind, and the woman's breasts are covered by his arms), they both kiss.
  • A woman is shown sleeping (her cleavage can be seen) as a man enters and removes her bedsheets exposing her nightie and legs. The man kisses the woman on her upper thigh before lifting up the nightie revealing her panties. The woman wakes up after he kisses her neck. The woman is shown to be sexually aroused as the man continues kissing her neck. She rolls on top of the man and is showing briefly riding him when a second man walks in on them having sex
  • A man and woman kiss passionately
  • Sensual song - (Abhi Abhi) - A woman is shown wearing a bikini in a river. A man and woman are sitting on the edge of the tub, the man is hugging the woman from behind and she is wearing lingerie. A man in trunks and a woman in a bikini are shown sitting in a pool. A woman is shown sleeping wearing a small nightie, a man is shown looking at her bare legs with a flash-light. At the end a man and woman are shown kissing passionately
  • Sensual song - (Yeh Jism) - A man and woman kiss, the man removes her dress revealing her bra, she stands up whilst the man kisses her abdomen, the man takes off his shirt. The woman takes off her bra (shot from behind) and walks towards the man. She kisses him and he turns her around towards a wall post and kisses her from behind. The couple are then shown in a naked embrace (no explicit nudity is shown). The song cuts to a top view of the couple in bed (post-coitus), the woman has her head in the man's lap and is sleeping, the bed sheets are covering her ass
  • A man lifts a woman and passionately kisses her

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot in the leg
  • Two men fight, one man is shot in his shoulder, the injured man then turns the gun on the second man and kills him (blood can be seen)
  • A woman shoots a man
  • A man strangles another man to death
  • A man shoots a woman in the back
  • A woman shoots a man twice


  • 2 uses of the 'F' word in a sexual context
  • 3 uses of the 'F' word
  • 2 uses of behenc**d - Hindi for sister fu*ker
  • One use of kut*iya - Hindi for bi*ch

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