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Scares over sense.
Jarek Gunther19 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Insidious: Chapter 2, the sequel to the 2011 hit Insidious and directed by the same guy, James Wan. This than the first...but I'm not sure if that makes it good...for me at least.

So, here's the story: Immediately after the events of the first one, the father named Josh, played by Patrick Wilson rescues his son, who possessed a supernatural ability to travel through different worlds. He came across the dark spirit world, inhabited by demons. After Josh gets his son out, it turns out he was possessed by a woman in black. Possessed, Josh kills Elise without anyone noticing. Josh's wife, Renai, played by Rose Byrne, tries to defend her husband that he wasn't responsible. While that's going on, strange activities occurs just like in the first and the scares are placed here and there for the audience to jump.

So what are the problems with this movie? Well first off, Josh being released after being suspected in murder? Shouldn't he be in custody or something? Like being held? If he's a suspect in murder, he shouldn't be around people. I know it's dramatic irony, but this is still weird. Aside from that, there are some things that aren't explained and they make no sense. I won't say anything here, but...needless to say, it's pretty hard to swallow.

The scares...they're a bit step back from the previous film. They're not bad, they're just not as subtle as the first. Also another problem. In the first film, they follow the "rule of Jaws" when they don't show the monster until the last third. Here, they show it no time flat. And they jump scares in this movie can be a little too over the top silly and I daresay-- pretty damn cheesy. In fact, that's what James Wan's biggest weakness. His scares are scary, but they are a bit "in your face". His other film, The Conjuring, worked so well because not only were there jump scares, but there were a lot of moments when you can just take in the unsettling atmosphere. James Wan does do that in his movies and he did in this, but not as much as The Conjuring did.

With all these problems, does that this movie is bad? ...not necessarily. The good stuff are the performances, the twists and how the plot explains more. But to be honest, the twist raises more questions. Never answered, of course, how the twists play out and that it does answer some questions from the first film is pretty interesting.

So, yeah. It's a mixed bag to say the least. It's not good, but it's not terrible. The first beats the sequel by a lengthy distance, but the good stuff is pretty satisfying. If you want to see it and have a jump scare fest, you won't be disappointed. I probably would see it again if I'm bored, but go ahead and see it and give your own take on it.
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Really bad
lauramcgillivray18 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The storyline, script and acting in this film are all so terrible. Allow me to give you an example at one point Rose Byrne's character exclaims "I can't relax! There's ghosts's like we're already dead!" her husband responds "No, it's not! This is nothing like being dead...I know...I have seen it"

I feel like this really summarizes just how bad the film is - even worse than the first one. I do not understand how these films have such a high rating on here. I love horror films but ended up turning this off out of boredom and frustration from having to continually turn the volume up and down when I was deafened by really loud bangs. I feel like there is going to be a third one and I am almost looking forward to it just to see how bad it will get.
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Cash grab? probably.
DustinRahksi14 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Wan hype train is rolling through this film, there for it will make a lot of money just because of The Conjuring. I don't hate James Wan, I just hate the people that d**k ride his films, probably because horror is complete trash now-a-days, and this is the closest thing people see as good horror. But in reality, it's mediocre and nothing special. The Conjuring was a well made film, but it was downright horrible in every other category, including the most important thing, atmosphere/scares. Luckily this film was more of a thriller than it was a horror film, they recycled the exact some scares from the first film. I'll explain.

The plot is alright in the sense that it actually has a thought out story line, even if it is down right stupid at times. All the characters return, even those annoying comic relief paranormal specialists. You can pretty much guess the plot just by watching the trailer, every thing is obvious, except for when they stretch out the BS. There is some time travel nonsense that is just plain ridiculous. Is there infinite realities, is this Bioshock or a ghost movie. It really tries to have this mind bending plot line, but it just had me rolling my eyes. It's about as clever as the swing away twist in Signs, that's pretty bad. The ending should be left as it is, if not, we are looking at the next paranormal activity, the BS will just go on and on, but people will see it. In fact, James Wan could be described as paranormal activity, over hyped, appeals to the masses, even if it completely ruins his films. He makes his films dirt cheap, and wrings in the cash from the general audiences.

The music is still loud as hell, or quiet to the point you can't even hear it. The acting is fine, they get a pass. There is no tension, no good scares or atmosphere. You never feel a sense of urgency, or fear. It is all around horrible as a horror film. But it was pretty entertaining, and just all around fine. You'll roll your eyes more than you'll jump in terror. The story was wrapped up, but that old Hollywood money machine will still be sniffing around this franchise.
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Juanchy Gz1 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I have to say that I am a fan of Horror Movies, and personally I don't believe that about " Sequel is not as good as the first one " because I have seen a lot of sequels that have been much better than the first movie. About this one, I really liked the first, I could say it even scared me really hard. But this sequel was not needed, and is even worse they didn't put any special effects in this, if they did, then it was really sad. Giving a 4/10 due to the acting. I think it was not bad. About the movie, is not a worth-watch being honest. So if you watched the first one, liked it and you don't want to get disappointed, just skip this movie.

Sorry for my English.

Honestly, Juanchy.
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Scary Fun
www.ramascreen.com12 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
We horror fans have been spoiled this past year, we've had it good because director James Wan brought us The Conjuring and now Insidious: Chapter 2, if this film had been any scarier, the world may stop spinning, it is that scary. It's terrifying but it's also fun because of that Ghostbuster-esque duo with their mormon missionary type outfit on, who return to once again provide the humor for this franchise. But seriously, James Wan has mastered this genre and made it his own. To me, Wan is like this generation's Dario Argento. Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell prove to be a winning team and they've brought us a sequel that's just as good or even better than the first film. Now, I'm going to try to do this review without spoiling details, and it's going to be hard but I'm going to try to the best of my ability. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 takes us back to The Lamberts who went through basically hell over their son's essence being trapped in this realm called The Further. Now, what's extremely cool about how Wan and Leigh crafted this sequel in that they play it in a way that this realm The Further becomes a connection, a bridge between the first and this second movie. There would be little instances like a door suddenly opens by itself in the first film, and this sequel shows you why the door did that. There are countless sequels out there that try hard to expand on something while begging audiences to check out the first film again, but the way that is done in INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 is clever. Folks who've seen the first movie would be amused, folks who haven't seen it would practically beg to watch the first movie after they're done viewing this sequel, and all of it much thanks to this realm that Wan and Leigh created, anything can happen in it, you can travel through time, you can travel through places, ghosts can get you there, and you can even get trapped in it, it's like a zone or a dimension that probably Rod Serling himself would wish he had thought of it. James Wan is a great horror director because he knows exactly what scares you. That idea that somebody may be there watching when you can't really see anybody there at all. It's that uneasy feeling that slowly but surely creeps up on you and then strikes you in a heartbeat without mercy, it's that old ghostly tale told by some kind of expert who has gone through the experience years prior, Wan knows exactly which elements that would not only scare you but would also leave you scared long after the movie's done. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 offers all that and a bag of chips, one can even call this movie, INSIDIOUS: The Origin Of The Bride In Black. While they're dealing with what may or may not have happened to Patrick Wilson's character, they discover a certain backstory that explains the motivation for the Bride In Black. While a certain past or a certain childhood is a dealt with and as they try to close the chapter on The Lamberts, they open a new way to a possibility of the team of experts going to another family, because this is a world where The Further has taken the front seat, it has become the lead star and the face of this franchise. I think INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 won't disappoint the fans, and I guarantee you'll have a jolly good fright at the theaters.
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A wonderful breakdown of modern horror...
Zach Weandesh2 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Insidious – Chapter 2" takes place right after the events of the first movie. In order to bring the audience up to speed, it opens up with 15 minutes of purposely stilted exposition. But not only those first minutes are a true gem of writing! Dialogues throughout the movie will fascinate every viewer, in how far removed they are from actual human speech and emotion. To emphasize this disconnection from the human condition, all lines are delivered by a group of wooden mannequins cleverly disguised as actors. Although this has been a bold choice by the director, the expression known as 'dull surprise' is always spot on.

The film also raises many questions, it boldly does not answer: Why is a suspected murderer not in custody? Why does a wife and mother, who must know that her husband is possessed by a ghost, does not act on this knowledge? How do the two paranormal investigators know, that a knife was just pulled? And does a knife really make a 'swing' sound, although the one who pulls it just held it behind his back?

This film uses all the horror-film tropes you love and can't get enough of, like:

1) The ghost in the mirror!

2) The false 'standing behind the door' reveal!

3) Baby in danger!

4) Scary children!

5) Scary nursery rhymes!

6) A abandoned hospital/mental institution!

7) Ominous pointing.

8) Ghosts ominous pointing.

9) Ghosts ominous pointing white screaming and/or cackling.

10) The " cannot have seen him, he just died this morning." Scene!

11) At least five instances of a noisy, scary and inexplicably moving toy!

12) Ghosts wearing antiqued clothes while sitting with their back to the camera!

13) The self-unscrewing screw!

14) Explaining the obvious!

15) The murderous husband bashing through a locked door! (As seen in "The Shining")

16) The son disguised as his mother, murdering people! (As seen in "Psycho")

17) Dissolving walls! (As seen in "Silent Hill")

18) An ending that sets up a third installment!

This movie also takes a break from well-timed, well-placed, non-predicable and terrifying jump-scares. No longer will your heart-rate be raised by a sudden shock, that impairs your movie-experience! No, this film fires so many Jump-scare-'duds' and loud noises at the viewer, that after the first third of its runtime you won't care anymore .

And if you expect the 'loud noises' to match up with the pictures you see on the screen, you will be pleasantly surprised, because "Insidious - Chapter 2" breaks new ground! These noises always come a bit too late, which gives you the opportunity to be prepared and not startled by the sudden increase in volume.

Especially noteworthy is the one scene, where the baby-bed is revealed to be empty. A dramatic zoom, a loud noise and then BANG!: The instant reveal, that the baby just had fallen out of the bed. Scenes like this are a well thought out statement, how horror movies are desperately fishing for cheap scares.

But wait there is more!

Like the well-beloved "weak wrist" camera-work, when a scene is meant to be truly intense! A blatant and artistic disregard for how tin can telephones are supposed to work! A time-travel story! Time traveling ghosts! Where else, outside of Doctor Who, can you find something like this?

I warn you! This film is a movie you should not watch alone, because all the quips and witty remarks you will inadvertently come up with, would be otherwise lost to the silence.


The Insidious Drinking Game:

"Fake" Jump-Scare (x1)

Scary Toy (x1)

Jump-Scare Sound-Mismatch (x1)

Tin Can Phones don't work that way (x2)

Drink one each time you think: "....sure this isn't Christian Slater?"
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James Wan continues his streak of solid horror flicks, and improves on Chapter 1.
Big_D_Box_Office_Score12 September 2013
Insidious brought us the usual haunting story, with a couple new elements sprinkled in. Chapter 2 does a great job of furthering itself from the usual fare, by expanding on the elements that made it different. One on the elements of this franchise is the focus on "Astral Projection", which is a person subconsciously leaving his/her body and traveling though a spirit realm (called the "Further" in this movie), leaving the body empty until the soul returns. While projecting, the soul can interact with other spirits, good and bad. Chapter 2 picks right up from where the first ended (SPOILER FOR THE 1ST MOVIE! SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID!) - the father succeeds in rescuing his son's soul, but something else has taken the father's body in the process. Is it as scary as the first? That's debatable...if you liked the scares from the first movie, then you'll get a kick out of some of the tension- filled moments in this one. If you weren't a fan, then it'll probably just be more of the same. My opinion - slightly fewer scary moments, but definitely a few quality jumps, perhaps of a higher quality than the first. (There's one 3-hit combo in particular that I thought was really good.) I will say that I enjoyed how the total story has evolved. Chapter 2 adds a few layers to the lore of this franchise that sparked my interests, and gives it some good depth. The script is infinitely better this time around. Patrick Wilson outdoes his previous performance, and I love anything that Barbara Hershey does. We even get a few laughs here and there. And James Wan does well to use the 'common-sense-as-viewers- applied-in-the-movie' technique again. Without giving anything away...when you get a blatant warning, YOU LISTEN TO IT. Sound editing was much better this time around, although they still rely a good amount on the usual dead silence broken by LOUD CRASHES OF NOISE AND CREEPY MUSIC... Overall, Chapter 2 makes several improvements on the first, and while, depending on your tastes, this sequel may or may not be as scary as the first, I think it's tough to deny that this is a all-around better, more entertaining movie. And, being such a low-risk, low-budget project, I'm sure a 3rd movie will be justified. Insidious: Chapter 2 scores a 3.5 out of 5 on the BDBOS.
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If you were a fan of the first, you will love the second installment
puppycupcake12 September 2013
The movie picks up right where the first left off, and really gives you the back story of the family and why they are going through everything they are going through. They style is very similar, and there is so much originality and style that you just don't see with today's modern horror story flicks. There are plenty of scares, plot twists, surprises, a-ha moments, and plenty of tense moments and horror. I really enjoyed it just as much as the first. I got to see The Ultimate Insidious Experience which was a back to back double feature which was really cool to refresh what had happened in the first. There are moments that explain cleverly scenes that didn't make sense in the beginning but are cleverly resolved in the end. I have always loved the first Insidious and the second is equally as good in my book. If you didn't like the first, you won't like the second. It's just a great spooky, scary, haunted house, ghost, abandoned hospital story that is well-done and leaves you very satisfied at the end. They leave it open for further sequels that are sure to follow. A definite must-see for any horror movie fan.
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Lost it's way in my opinion
MikesIDhasbeentaken3 April 2014
Was hoping for a film more like the first half of the 1st film rather than the 2nd, which I thought lost it's way as soon as the dream world was introduced. This sequel is entirely made in the same vein as the last half hour of the original.

all a bit over the top with a few jumps thrown in to try and keep horror film fans interested.

I defended the first film because of the opening 45 minutes, here there's nothing for me. Doesn't help this was released soon after some half decent horror films like the conjuring and Sinister,

This film offers more surreal and at times comedic scenes then actual scares.
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Lived up to the hype
MDebs2212 September 2013
All week I was digging around trying to find critics' reviews about this to see what they thought at their early screenings. Well, it wasn't good, and I was feeling let down already. They all basically said the same thing; that the jump and scare moments were plenty, but that's about it. The story is too convoluted and it just isn't as good as the first one. Also, there is too much humor and wit in it, and it takes away from the tension buildup. But would that stop me from seeing it first chance I get Thursday night? As a die-hard of demon movies and of the first Insidious, nothing was going to stop me.

When the movie opened with the original Insidious creepy sound of high-pitched instruments, I was very excited. I sat back and prepared to enjoy the ride. And did I ever. At the conclusion, I immediately knew that this installment was more horrifying than the first one. I'm not saying the story was better, or that it was written, acted, or any other cinema verb you could think of done better, because that's still up for debate. But what I knew for sure was that this was more terrifying than the first one. And that's the whole point of scary movies, right? To be terrified? A handful of the jump and scare moments will stick with you, that's for sure. Patrick Wilson did an amazing job, as he has done in his recent string of scary movies. While the two goofy underlings to Elise do bring humor to the table, I don't think it takes much away from the overall dread and terror. At least not as much as critics are saying it does. What I loved about this movie besides the scares, was that it tied together some things from the first one. I wasn't expecting that. You'll see what I'm talking about when you see it though. You'll probably say something along the lines of what I said when it was happening.."Wow, that was beautifully planned out and executed. Props to the writers there." The story is more complicated than the first one, but if you can keep up, you'll really appreciate and enjoy it. And the complexity of it will make it a movie worth seeing multiple times in order to catch everything. Be prepared to jump a mile in your seat at some of the parts. Then laugh while your heart rate comes back down. I'm giving this a 9/10. But that is pretty biased because of my love of the first movie. So more realistically, 8/10.
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