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Finally an intelligent comedy show!
anderlam-735-79905710 July 2013
Love this show!! All the actors are believable in their roles and there is inclusion of some Hippie life for those of us who an relate to that generation and their children. So glad not to have another idiotic show where the acting is too exaggerated to be funny or the storyline is written for teens with an "OMG" and "Oh yeah, like really, like" conversation. Great entertainment - I look forward to it on Wednesday nights, but i see it is not listed tonight - ugh. probably replaced with some idiot thing like Anger Management. If you like Modern Family, you'll like this show too. It capitalizes on combining family humour in the context of families that Boomers can also relate to.
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Seems nice, had 4-5 LOL moments...
agarwaengrc4 April 2013
I'm more of a lurker than a reviewer, but I find that current reviews and ratings of this series (the pilot episode) deviate too much from its true worth. First the good: This series has higher than average (sitcom- wise) production values. It doesn't feel plastic, and it doesn't feel like everything is happening inside a studio (except the job scenes). Then the acting, especially that of the parents is really solid (and even the daughter's, and kid actors nailing a part is hard). The script doesn't exclusively rely on pun quantity (in other sitcoms actor's just sit there saying weird outlandish stuff one after the other in the hopes that one of them clicks...) and it does deliver some real laugh-out-loud moments (few though) and I haven't laughed with a sitcom in years. OK, maybe I chuckle with every fourth episode of Modern Family (it's getting better) but that's it.

The bad: there are some cliché stuff and a little contrived sentimentality, there are some unfunny situations, and while weird characters are interesting, the divorced husband guy and the mother is more of a caricature (BTW parents are more or less ripped off from meet the Fockers I think, but funnier)
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Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Nathan Unsworth4 April 2013
I watched this show judging from the review here on IMDb and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. IMHO it's quite funny, I think it just needs a chance. It needs some fans to get behind it and room to grow.

I gave it an 8/10 from the first episode but i can see it changing in the future. I hope they can get some good ideas in for episodes in the future. It'd be a shame to see another decent show go down the drain.

I think the characters are pretty strong too, apart from the ex who I don't think should really have as big a part as it feels like he's going too. It needs to feel more like she's moved away from him and is fully moving on.

P.S. It's awesome to see something new from Sarah Chalke! I can't help but wonder if this character is going to be a lot like Elliot. She seems the type.
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Truly shocked with the bad reactions. This show is a great, smart comedy show!
nemesis_furia12 November 2013
I cannot believe how people are fixated on the idea being so bad: the 30 something years old, single, divorced mom. So what? First of all it is intended as a comedy show and it reaches its goal fully. The acting is great from all of the actors, which is a pretty rare thing to see in new TV series. As comedy aims to give a good mood, positive energy, this show offers all that fully, and i was honestly both surprised and disappointed when i found out it got canceled. Sarah Chalke is a very natural actress who, in all the roles i've seen her, sends out a good vibe. I wish there would be enough fans to get this show back. It's a shame how people have such bad tastes nowadays! And P.S. In my opinion, it's better than Modern Family - and i like Modern Family.
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Shorten the Title!
Syl1 May 2013
The cast is first rate with Emmy winner Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins playing unusual grandparents and parents. They're more hippies. The step-dad is an actor and Perkins played a boundary less grandmother who puts her foot in her mouth at times. The sitcom is shot without an audience so no laugh track. Sarah Chalke plays their newly separated daughter who returns home to live with her parents and adjust to single life. She has a soon to be ex husband, Julian, who manages to be a big part of her life. This comedy has vets like Chalke, Perkins, and Garrett which makes the show go smoothly. Their Oscar party episode was one of the best so far with it's quirkiness. The grandparents are worth watching. Can't wait to see who is casted as the girls' biological father!
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How soon before this gets canceled? No, seriously...
Lizzie Sparrow9 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Annoying. If it was possible to give this 0 stars, I would do it. The parents are fine and it could have been a fairly interesting sitcom, but the daughter is insufferable. Between her basically telling her parents that they're an embarrassment and need to "watch what they say/do" around her little precious princess/brat kid, and the kid herself--who is also annoying--I can't believe I sat through the entire show.

I really wanted to like this because I do find the parents interesting and would enjoy them under different circumstances, as they reminded me somewhat of the two hippie parents in "Meet the Fockers"--but I can't deal with them even attempting to kowtow to their daughter's ridiculous "rules" regarding the granddaughter & what they can/can't do/say around her. TOO BAD, SWEETHEART. It's their house---SHE'S the one leeching off of them and intruding on THEIR lives--they're gracious enough to allow her to move back in, and they even attempt to placate her stupid "rules" around her kid. They need to tell her that she better learn to deal with the way they live or get the h*** out. I suggest that if she doesn't like their lifestyle, she can move out and move back in with her ex-husband, or live in the street in a refrigerator box with the stupid kid. I was hoping that this would be at least mildly humorous, but I really, really can't stand the daughter, so that ruins the whole show. She treats the parents like they're embarrassments to her--what an ingrate. This show is terrible---I will give it one more shot next week in hopes of it improving, because, as I mentioned earlier, I like the parents. But if it's as bad as the premiere episode, I hope it tanks like the Titanic or that they re-write the daughter character. Too bad, because I liked the actress who plays her when she was on "Scrubs". Not intelligently written, and definitely not funny.
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Not So Bad While Waiting for My Other Shows on Hulu
cbleek1225 April 2013
Honestly, I'm not sure why everyone is downing the show! It's not Masterpiece Theatre, but it has it's moments. I think Sarah Chalke is charming, and her parents are amusing. Brad Garrett is a good comedian, and has just been dealt some not so popular shows. Her mom's Drug and alcohol usage makes her relatable, even though I know many folks out there wont admit that. I think there are too many reality shows out there, and this is far better, if not just a lesser evil. Many of my favorite shows are getting canceled, and I'm really picky when it comes to having television I actually follow. The acting isn't bad, the plots are interesting and believable. Give it a chance!
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Wow, really, really bad.
bill-bill124 April 2013
Holy mole, is this a stinker. This seems like one of those shows that gets on the air because of network execs hiring their friends. Or perhaps the people writing on it have some scandalous dirt on the network execs that gave it the green light. But it is truly shockingly bad. Are they trying to drive away the network TV audience forever? Perhaps there is a high stakes bet on which network can join the dinosaurs to extinction the fastest. All I know is that not one of these writers should ever work again. Please don't let these writers in to another writers room or on another sound stage. Wow, almightiest of turds, right here.
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2 strikes and they're out
fluffythewondercat15 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'd written this show off after the ghastly pilot but my husband mistakenly DVR'd the second ep, so we gave it another go.

Grandma's raunchiness is dialed back considerably in the second ep but that's just about the only good thing about it. Sarah Chalke's character is annoying -- several times the writers have her giving orders to her parents in the form of "Old people, do this" or "Old people, do that." This go-round she decides she wants to recreate her activist youth, so with no training whatsoever she decrees she's going to run a 5k to "save the whales." Practicing for this event she falls down and hurts her back a few steps into the run. From there on, everyone must cater to her every whim because she decides it's important they understand how tough it is for her to be a single mom.

**Stop right here if you don't want to know how the second episode ends.** Because the parents nicely told her intrusive ex-husband to get lost -- she is after all supposed to be getting a divorce from him, not having him rub her feet every day -- she decides to "punish" them by pretending to be disabled and laying on the couch for three weeks while they take care of her child. Only then, you see, can they fully appreciate what they're going through. It's so hard, sniff.

Unbelievably, the writers have the parents apologize over and over again, at which point she demands further apologies and delivers another lecture.

Appalling show that is apparently written by refugees from Occupy Wall Street. The actors are probably doing the best they can with the thin unfunny material supplied.
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Too Old, too Young.
Kelly Christopher16 April 2013
I loved Sarah Chalke in Scrubs... she was the right age. Then I see her as Stella on "How I met your Mother" and thought she was too old for Ted's early 30's character. She too was in her early 30's but something about her comes off older, she comes across as more mature. Now with this show, she plays the daughter to Brad and Elizabeth (both 53yrs old), who would have to have been 16yrs old when they had Sarah who is 37. I don't buy it? I watched the first episode and thought she was the younger sister, not the daughter. I just couldn't watch anymore. Sarah is a pretty lady but she keeps getting cast as too old or too young and am I the only one who sees it?
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Not my thing, could be yours
biuxbb26 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first two episodes, Polly seems a bit too old to have the parents that she has, not trying to be offensive or anything. Also, the parents, especially her mother is trying really hard to be funny by trying to be old, which makes her very annoying, definitely NOT funny!Not crazy about her acting in this show. The parents are very irresponsible, which is kind of unrealistic because Polly seems like she has grown up quite alright. Also Polly's ex-husband is very childish (that's why she left him) same old, same old. Everybody is childish and irresponsible in this show except for Polly, which is exaggerated. Nothing interesting here! I was expecting so much more because Sarah Chalke, Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett are very good actors, and the actress who plays Polly's daughter seems adorable. The only way I would watch this TV show is if I would need the TV as background sound so I wouldn't feel lonely while working.I'm sorry but it just wasn't interesting to me.
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Awful show
Nathan Astle24 May 2013
This was an awful show. It was about a kid who got divorced then decided she needed to go live with her parents. Instead of her being grateful for her parents allowing her to live with them she decides she has to lecture them on everything her parents do wrong. Horrible feeling of entitlement as the daughter, who moved back in, was trying to take control of the entire household in where she was a guest and not paying rent. If you do not like the way your parents act around your kid, move out. If you want to go out on a date, hire a babysitter and not expect to have your parents, who already raised small kids raise your kid while you try to go out and party. I was able to get through the pilot but I could not get through the second episode.

I wanted to like the show as there is just pure garbage on TV today, but this show is right up there with other garbage shows.
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A women and her daughter go off to live with her parents
Gokuguys4 June 2013
Wow! i must say that this show is one of the biggest failures of the season. Along with most shows on ABC this one has a plot that can only lead to disaster. I am ashamed that Brad Garrett took the job on this show because it does not help his career one bit. Yet, after his (much better) performance in the comedy "'Til Death" you cant blame him, he is at the edge of the road to retirement but this show is just a display that he wont be having a nicely padded farewell. All-in-all i think that this show should be canceled as soon as possible. A perfect way to describe this show is "unconcious" meaning it is bad but its not quite gone.
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supporting actors flop
floyd beck14 March 2014
Two supporting actors from Everybody Loves Raymond failed to make it on their own. They thought they had a magic that three of the Seinfeld supporting actors severely lacked. Evverybody loved Raymond and loved the supporting actors because of Raymond. No Seinfeld, no show; no Raymond, no show. When will they learn? This show is a montage of politically left ideas, anti-moral lessons and dull humor. The 'laugh tract' after every not-so-funny line is the only funny part of the show. We at home recall when Robert on ELR was tempted by the gorgeous Italian visitor and Robert resisted because he loved Amy. Awesome! But in How To Live, he promotes the opposite in others. Sad!
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Sarah Chalke only good thing
SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
Polly Green-Tatham (Sarah Chalke) leaves her husband Julian Tatham (Jon Dore) and is forced to move back home with her daughter Natalie. Her mother Elaine Green (Elizabeth Perkins) is a free-thinking liberated woman. Her stepfather Max Green (Brad Garrett) is traditional. Her husband keeps coming over. She befriends her much younger co-worker Jenn (Stephanie Hunt).

The parents are both just caricatures. It's hard to see the love or chemistry between them and the family. Sarah Chalke is the only good thing in this show. And it's not enough to keep the show going. Half a season is all there is and that's probably enough.
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