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Give the show a chance - it might just grown on you

Author: moose-138-499870 from Australia
24 April 2012

I have to admit, when I watched the first episode of Luxury Comedy (Pele), I was stunned at how bad the show seemed. It was painful to watch. I can sure understand how some of the more negative impressions here have come to be. I almost logged in and left similarly negative feedback. It took me few episodes to become a fan of The Might Boosh, but, after the 1st episode, I could not imagine ever becoming a fan of Luxury Comedy, or even watching it again for that matter.

However, I persevered. A week later, I watched the 2nd episode (The Jelly Fox). Hmm, that was less painful. The lion in the cage was bizarre but the end of the sketch was almost funny - almost a chuckle there. OK, hmm, lets try another episode. A week later, and I watched the 3rd episode (King Tutta), found it better again. Now, all of a sudden, the show didn't seem anywhere near as bad as it first seemed, and it certainly was starting to "grow on me".

I have just finished watching the first three episodes again, and I can say that I'm starting to like Luxury Comedy - quite a lot in fact. Some parts are quite funny. It's actually becoming a pleasure to watch. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

What I recommend to others is to hold off making up your mind about this, or commenting here, until you have given the show a good chance. Keep an open mind. Leave a week between episodes to give yourself time to digest what you have seen - because you will certainly be seeing some crazy and bizarre stuff - and see how you go. At this early stage (only 3 episodes x 2 viewings), I'll assume that the show's appeal will keep on increasing. As such, I'm giving Luxury Comedy a review score of 9 / 10.

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Author: gspilot from Embra
11 January 2013

This is either total rubbish or a work of genius.This reviewer reckons it's the latter.On first viewing I thought "What? Can I have some of what he's been smoking please?" but as the series progressed I started to warm to it.I watched it again on Catch Up (Virgin cable...) and it started to click into place. It actually frightens me that I'm starting to "get it",as a shrink would probably have Noel sectioned after a rummage inside THAT brain. Some of the sketches are hit'n'miss,but most of Python was utter mince and it's supposedly a classic of comedy. The characters are seriously strange as you'd expect (it IS Noel after all) but some,such as Dondylion,are deeper than you'd think. There's no middle ground,you'll either love it or loath it,but at least give it a chance. Now,when's the DVD coming out?

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Psychedelia without the spinal damage

Author: empty-bin from Los Angeles, CA
2 September 2013

Essentially a children's show for creative adults, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy is 15% guffaw, 70% wtf and 153% fascinating and unfolds like an engrossing dream.

If Snuff Box and Monty Python's Flying Circus had a baby and paid Richard Ayoade to drop it off daily at Noel Fielding's house where it were regularly pacified with a goat's milk/LSD concoction, in it's 2nd year it would look like Luxury Comedy.

That said, no - it is not hilarious. But the imagery, characterization, story telling and situational comedy are thoroughly entertaining. I'm never bored with this.

Examples of bits that made me laugh outright: Fantasy Man appears in a park after sewing up a crack in the internet that appeared between Youtube and Youporn, Fielding's wrist watch ring tone, Secret Peter - "They're puttin' a tube line in/ does he know I've got brain damage?" Fantasy Man catches a beatdown in an alley after trapping the Dream Tiger.

The Audience (character) is an incredible character - looks as though it were pulled out of Yellow Submarine, processes mashed potatoes and laughs at pretty much everything while being moderated by Doo Rag. My metaphor detector goes crazy when this skit comes on.

Fantasy Man's segments and the French mime segment were surreal and beautiful for it.

This show is/was outstanding.

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This is Noel, as he's always promised, but never before delivered.

Author: theawesomespamsponge from Australia
14 January 2013

Luxury Comedy is definitely the work of Noel Fielding. It's overflowing with much of the same surrealism we've seen in The Mighty Boosh, as well as his stand-up. We've heard him talk about himself in absurd terms. We've seen his wistful creations. Every time we've seen his works, we've seen flashes of a bubbling caldera of surreal, outlandish creativity, but always somewhat suppressed, somewhat mired in the interests of making his humour palatable. Luxury Comedy is what happens when the caldera explodes. This is Noel unchained. The show is a sea of glam, paint, and insane creations. This is not just Noel talking about how is unique mind works, this is him showing you, and it's... it's weird.

It's very weird. It's definitely the weirdest show I've ever watched. It subverts, deliberately, just about every convention it can get its finger paint-stained hands on. These conventions, of course, are comforting and are usually there for a reason, and when all of them are stripped so unceremoniously from the show, it can feel genuinely uncomfortable. The humour billed in the show's title is inexpressibly bizarre, typically staying well clear of punchlines, or anything else to make you laugh out loud. Instead, there's generally a haze of amusement that pervades the show. Some sketches in the show, such as the incomparable Jelly Fox sketch, hold our attention for their sheer hypnotic brilliance, even if they're not particularly humorous.

Naturally, it doesn't always work, on the level of art or entertainment, but it never feels forced. It is hypnotic, addictive, and surprisingly more-ish once you give it a generous chance. If you have an above-average tolerance for surrealism, I recommend you give it a go.

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Wonderful show

Author: jeremyjenewein from California
29 August 2012

The first two episodes of this show are almost like an adjustment period from real life to the world of Noel. The third episode is probably one of my favorite episodes of any TV show ever. Things from that point on are pretty consistently great. Some of the sketches are "misses" not "hits" but I feel like as the series goes on and you get familiar with the characters, even ones that you didn't like originally will grow on you.

I hated the original fish finger for later sketch but when it came back with the second installment of that I lost it laughing, so funny! I'm very glad this show is coming back for a second season because I think it's going to build on the foundation from season 1.

By the way, the Tiger with Chlamydiae sketch is one of the funniest and wackiest premises I think I've ever seen. I love that episode.

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The Amazingly Weird and Wonderful

Author: Elise Reed from United Kingdom
10 April 2013

To be honest, i'm not sure you can compare this show to The me they are so different in every way. The Mighty boosh has more of a storyline, with crazy characters injected where they need to be injected, Whereas Luxury Comedy is a show about crazy characters with no specific storyline. Like the man himself has described it, it is like a children's show for adults. Of course this style of show isn't for everyone, and if i tried to show this to any of my friends, they would probably throw me into a mental asylum. I believe this programme is for the select few who can deal with the extreme ridiculousness of Noel's imagination. To some it's a strange place where the freaks of the world hang out, but to others (the awesome ones) IT'S A STRANGE PLACE WHERE THE FREAKS OF THE WORLD HAND OUT!!! :') "Got to go now, it's the end of the show"

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Beyond Punchline

Author: mmd from Germany
27 April 2012

This is not The Mighty Boosh. Analogously quoting Andy Warhol in episode 2: "I'm not The Mighty Boosh, I'm Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy". Don't expect punchline humour here. Prepare for an experience instead. This one is not about punchlines and neither about funny skits, instead it's about psychic as well as physical hardship (i.e. pain) as well as pain in general. plus it's surrealist comedy dealing with everyday (media) stereotypes and other phenomena (where the hell does Daddy Push come from?). The cultural references in their abundance (blatant clues all over the place) aren't always easy to catch for someone continental, but they're just the icing on a psychedelic fruit cake. Everything is so garish, so absurd and at the same time so painful and intimate (yes, intimate!). Imagine Ren and Stimpy combined with Flying Circuses's awkwardest moments. I can do without further comparison here. Watch and behold, suffer and rejoice, and don't be ashamed of any of your reactions. Especially when watching the Dondylion sketches you may as well cry a little bit. It's appropriate. Appreciate what you got. It's the work of one crafty Noel Fielding, the Offshore European Surrealist. Why just 8/10? Well, Dolly Wells might be the gorgeousest version of herself ever (I mean it, ever. Cigar!) in this cock-and-bull (watch the pinnacle of kinkiness in the "alien sketch" in episode 4) and Mike Fielding is as always the relieable bone dry sidekick, but some of the sketches are quite naff, like fillers that don't really tie the show together.

tl;dr It's new, it's unique, but it tends to wear off.

PS: E1 has one of the worst Michael Caine impersonations ever.

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This is genius! A real work of love.

Author: Growlyted from England
12 February 2012

While this show certainly isn't for everyone, if you love Noel & his artwork/writing/acting/stand up; then it's pure genius. And he is well supported by Mike, Tom & Dolly, who were previously in Boosh, as are most of the cameos. However the two shows aren't to be compared.

Luxury is a sketch show, allowing Noel's imagination to run free and to share his unique brain with us. If you own a copy of his Art Book - "Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton", then you can see some of his creations brought to life, most notably The Jelly Fox. (Episode 2.) There's a lot of love & hard work gone into this and I have been laughing throughout. Luxurious indeed.

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Ooh, yeah.

Author: jeremygarlick
3 September 2014

A big surprise, Luxury Comedy hits you in the face like a fantasy pancake thrown by a big blue blob and sticks there, dripping.

What a riot of invention, surrealism and humor. Occasionally erratic and incomprehensible, but that's all part of the fun. Anyway, you can watch it again and again if you don't get it first time.

Nothing could be more innovative and fresh than this cornucopia of strangeness. Kaleidoscopic and multicoloured, not for those of a conventional disposition. Only lovers of the truly weird need apply for this feast of freshness.

"We're off to see the Jelly Fox, the Jelly Fox, the Jelly Fox. He gives you what you need."

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Surreal like an acid trip, but utterly addictive

Author: jmcgil22 from United States
12 October 2014

I've heard that if you take LSD seven times or more, you can be declared legally insane. I imagine that the same rule applies for the number of episodes you've watched of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy. The series does indeed seem like a very colorful and crazy acid trip. The use of strange costumes and animated backgrounds add to the surreal ambiance. As weird and bizarre as it is though, television actually needs more original and imaginative shows like this one. This series breaks the mold of formulaic comedies and predictable characters that have overtaken modern television. Noel Fielding brings you back to your childhood when your imagination roamed free. Although this certainly is not a show for children, it does have that unselfconscious and carefree attitude that kids have, living in their own world with no fear of judgment. When I viewed the first episode, I thought I would hate the series, but it is shockingly addictive and fun. No, you will not laugh out loud like you might with some comedy shows, but you will be curious to see what comes next. Fielding's creativity and unbounded daring will provide you with a viewing experience like no other. He also manages to completely change the format between season 1 and season 2 without destroying any of the show's magic. If you have an open mind and like things that go against the grain, give this show a chance. Once you've watched Luxury Comedy, I guarantee you'll find "normal" television shows boring and dull.

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