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Official Trailer for Mickey Keating's Horror Thriller Film 'Psychopaths'

"You look like a friendly crowd!" Samuel Goldywn Films recently debuted this official trailer for the new horror thriller titled Psychopaths, which first played at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. This is also the latest film from Mickey Keating, director of the films Ritual, Pod, Darling, and Carnage Park, which was also released this year. Psychopaths is about seven different serial killers whose paths cross over one single, blood soaked night. This looks flashy and stylish, though it's hard to tell what exactly is going on in this trailer. The ensemble cast includes Ashley Bell, Angela Trimbur, James Landry Hebert, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Jeremy Gardner, Ivana Shein, and Larry Fessenden. If you're into indie horror, and masks, and serial killer films, then this is for you. But if you're not into that, well, maybe not. Have fun. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Mickey Keating's Psychopaths, direct
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Netflix Pick of the Week: ‘Darling’

Netflix Pick of the Week: ‘Darling’
Director Mickey Keating is a rising star in the indie horror arena, turning in fantastic films like Ritual, Pod, and the 2016 survival thriller Carnage Park. His most recent film Psychopaths has firmly cemented him in the arena of filmmakers to watch. However, there has been little love and even less discussion of his Darling. Shot […]
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Mickey Keating Puts a Mask on This New ‘Psychopaths’ Image

Mickey Keating Puts a Mask on This New ‘Psychopaths’ Image
I love Mickey Keating, who is one our favorite genre filmmakers. If you haven’t already seen his black and white masterpiece, Darling, do so immediately. Then check out his “Twilight Zone”-esque Pod, as well as Ritual, with his survival horror Carnage Park also now on VOD. The dude’s been busy, and has yet to disappoint. Next up is Psychopaths, described as a sprawling, psychedelic […]
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Mickey Keating to Write & Direct New Sci-Fi Film for Lionsgate

  • DailyDead
With Ritual, Pod, Darling, and Carnage Park under his belt, writer/director Mickey Keating is one of the most consistent and prolific filmmakers working in the independent horror scene today, so it's no surprise that Lionsgate has now acquired Keating's pitch for a new project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate has acquired The Faces, Keating's pitch for a new sci-fi thriller that he will write and helm for the production company.

David Engel and Circle of Confusion will produce The Faces. No further details are known at this time, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated as more information is revealed.

Following IFC Midnight's recent release of Carnage Park, the next film horror fans can look forward to seeing from Keating is the anticipated Psychopaths, starring Ashley Bell, Larry Fessenden, Jeremy Gardner, Sam Zimmerman, Matt Mercer, and more.

The post Mickey Keating to Write & Direct New Sci-Fi Film
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Icons of Fright Chat with Carnage Park Director Mickey Keating!

One of the most prolific, up and coming directors working in genre films today, filmmaker Mickey Keating is an inspiration to those who have a dream and a passion. From his cult-based shocker film Ritual, all the way to the alien conspiracy-filled Pod, the Polanski homage of Darling and now Carnage Park, Keating wears his influences on his sleeve, without ever feeling like he’s lifting from those influences, his films all feel uniquely original and he’s one of the few filmmakers today who has yet to make a film I didn’t love.

We had a short chat with Keating to discuss his survival horror thriller, Carnage Park (In theaters/VOD now!), a film that showcases excellent performances from Cheap Thrills star Pat Healy, The Last Exorcism‘s Ashley Bell and Ferris Bueller’S Day Off/Young Guns 2 star Alan Ruck. Read on!

Your knack for making films
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Get a Taste of ‘Carnage Park’ in Bloody New Clip — Watch

Get a Taste of ‘Carnage Park’ in Bloody New Clip — Watch
After playing at Sundance and South by Southwest,Mickey Keating’s “Carnage Park” hit theaters in New York theater on Friday courtesy of IFC Midnight. A new clip offers a sense of the ’70s-set horror thriller’s genre wares; watch it below.

Read More: ‘Carnage Park’ Trailer: Bank Robbers Are the Least of Ashley Bell’s Troubles in Micky Keating’s Sundance Thriller

James Landry Hébert and Michael Villar star as two bank robbers who take Ashley Bell’s character hostage; they’re all of them mere pawns in a game being played by a desert-dwelling sniper who doesn’t take kindly to folks coming anywhere near his secluded hideout. The washed-out scene finds Bell assisting a man get his leg out of a bear trap; once free of his restraints, the troubled-looking fellow shares what little knowledge he has of their dire situation — none of which inspires any confidence
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Q&A: Composer Giona Ostinelli on Collaborating with Mickey Keating for Carnage Park, Darling & More

Hitting the big screen in New York City and VOD platforms on July 1st before making its Los Angeles theatrical debut on July 8th from IFC Midnight, Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park marks his fourth feature film collaboration with acclaimed composer Giona Ostinelli. For our latest Q&A feature, we caught up with Ostinelli to discuss working with Keating, using a wide range of instruments and items (including a nail gun) to create unease in Carnage Park, and much more.

Giona, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Your score for Carnage Park marks your fourth collaboration with director Mickey Keating. What first attracted you to Keating’s work?

Giona Ostinelli: Thanks so much for having me! Yes indeed, Mickey Keating and I have collaborated on four films. Our first film together, Ritual, was acquired by Lionsgate; our second film, Pod, was released theatrically with
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Gritty New Images From Mickey Keating’s ‘Carnage Park’!

Gritty New Images From Mickey Keating’s ‘Carnage Park’!
After playing the Sundance and SXSW film festivals, IFC Midnight acquired U.S. rights to Ritual, Darling and Pod director Mickey Keating’s survival horror with Carnage Park (read our review…and another), which is based on a shocking true story. Bloody Disgusting now has some grimy and gritty new images for this 1970s set thriller starring Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism, The Last Exorcism II), […]
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Pod/Darling Director Mickey Keating Returns With Carnage Park; Bloody Thriller Hitting Theaters/VOD This July!

Here at Icons of Fright, we’re big fans of director Mickey Keating. From his Cult horror film Ritual to his UFO conspiracy thriller Pod, we absolutely love his work. Don’t even get us started with this year’s descent into madness film Darling (review), as it’s quite possibly one of the most effective horror/thrillers in a Long time. We’re always happy and anxious to get a look at what the up and coming director is working on next, and chances are, by the time you read this, Mickey will have already filmed a dozen other films. Hitting theaters and all digital outlets on July 1st (via IFC Midnight), Keating’s homage to all things gritty and grindhouse, Carnage Park, now has a poster & new trailer to go along with it and holy hell does it look intense. Give the trailer a watch and check out Carnage Park on July 1st.
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‘Carnage Park’ Poster Takes Aim at Ashley Bell (Exclusive)

After playing the Sundance and SXSW film festivals, IFC Midnight acquired U.S. rights to Ritual, Darling and Pod director Mickey Keating’s survival horror with Carnage Park (read our review…and another), which is based on a shocking true story. Bloody Disgusting now has an exclusive look at the theatrical one-sheet for this 1970s set thriller starring Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism, The Last […]
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Exclusive Interview: Mickey Keating Talks Carnage Park, Finding Success And Psychopaths

If you don’t know who Mickey Keating is yet, you will. Soon. Independent horror fans have seen three of his films over the last year-and-a-half or so, and he’s already finished shooting another one primed for a 2016 festival premiere (maybe?). His latest film, Carnage Park, was my only Sundance 2016 review, but that didn’t stop me from properly catching it again during South By Southwest at Austin’s Alamo Ritz. C’mon, what goes better with a bloody, politically paranoid, Neo-Noir Western than a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake?!

Being a young critic at the age of 26 myself, our conversation was not solely about Carnage Park. As Keating was making his first film, Ritual, he participated in the same balancing act many writers now have to perfect between a salary job and nightly passions (oh, you think I can make a living doing this?). Cranking out movies isn’t exactly an achievement,
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Round-Up: Cast Revealed for Mickey Keating’s Psychopaths, Love Is Dead Kickstarter, Decay Q&A, Image Expo Guests, New Buffy Book

Casting news for Mickey Keating’s Psychopaths was revealed and we have details on this story and more in today’s round-up. Also: Love is Dead Kickstarter details, a Q&A with Decay director Joey Wartnerchaney, Image Expo guests, and release information for a new young adult Buffy book from Dark Horse.

Psychopaths: Press Release: “(Los Angeles, CA – 16 March 2016) – ScreenDaily broke the exclusive late last night, revealing that Ashley Bell (Carnage Park, The Last Exorcism), Angela Trimbur (Trash Fire, The Final Girls), Mark Kassen (Alone, Jobs), Ivana Shein (Meadowland, The Woods), and James Landry Hébert (HBO’s “Westworld”, Gangster Squad) are to headline Mickey Keating’s fifth feature, which wrapped principal photography Friday, March 4th, in Los Angeles, CA. They join previously-announced cast members Jeremy Gardner (The Battery, Spring), Helen Rogers (Body, V/H/S), and Larry Fessenden (In A Valley Of Violence, You’Re Next) in the latest genre pic from Keating.
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Psychopaths: Filming Wraps And The Full Cast Is Revealed For Mickey Keating's Next Film

Yesterday Screen Daily announced more cast members for Mickey Keating's Psychopaths, his fifth film whch just wrapped up principal photography in Los Angeles. The first cast members already announced included Jeremy Gardner (The Battery, Spring), Helen Rogers (Body, V/H/S), and Larry Fessenden (We Are Still Here, You're Next). Last night's report annoucned that Ashley Bell (Carange Park, The Last Exorcism), Angela Trimbur (The Final Girls), Mark Kassen (Jobs), Ivana Shein (Meadowland), and James Landry Hébert (Carnage Park) are to headline Mickey Keating’s fifth feature. Psychopaths is a sprawling, psychedelic ensemble piece that follows several serial killers over the course of a single night. The film is written and directed by Keating, who previously wrote and directed Ritual (Lionsgate / After Dark Films),...

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Mickey Keating reveals 'Psychopaths' cast

  • ScreenDaily
Mickey Keating reveals 'Psychopaths' cast
Exclusive: The director of Sundance selection Carnage Park has unveiled the cast on his fifth feature, which recently wrapped principal photography.

Ashley Bell, Angela Trimbur, Mark Kassen, Ivana Shein, and James Landry Hébert (pictured) have joined previously announced Jeremy Gardner, Helen Rogers, and Larry Fessenden.

Keating wrote and directed Psychopaths, which follows several serial killers over the course of a single night.

Jenn Wexler produced alongside William Day Frank, Keating, and Cam McLellan and Al Lewison for Bad Camal. Fessenden serves as executive producer for Glass Eye Pix.

Keating’s most recent film Carnage Park premiered in Park City in January and is sold internationally by Content Media. The film-maker’s credits include Ritual, Pod, and Darling.
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Hallucinatory Festival Hit Darling Gets Release Date, Trailer and New Poster

I’ve made it no secret how much I absolutely loved Mickey Keating (Ritual, Pod, the upcoming Carnage Park)’s hallucinatory head trip of a film, Darling. A unique film that puts you through a beautiful descent into madness, the film knocked my ass on the ground when I was able to catch it during last year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX (review). Produced by Glass Eye Pix and starring Lauren Ashley Carter (Pod, Jug Face), Brian Morvant (Pod, The Mind’S Eye), Sean Young (Blade Runner) and Larry Fessenden (You’Re Next, We Are Still Here), the film was acquire by Screen Media Films soon after its Fantastic Fest showing and it looks like we now have a release date, along with a pretty nice poster and trailer to go along with it.

Lauren Ashley Carter gives a riveting performance as a lonely girl that slowly and violently
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Sundance 2016 Review: Carnage Park is a Brutal Masterpiece of Tension and Terror

  • DailyDead
Like a speeding bullet through the dry, desert air comes Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park, a masterfully horrific true crime story about a loner psycho (Pat Healy) and the unfortunate woman by the name of Vivian (Ashley Bell), who ends up crossing his path one ill-fated day.

Taut, frenetic and pulsing with a ripened tension from beginning to end, Carnage Park is easily the best work from emerging filmmaker Mickey Keating and features sensational performances from its entire cast. With a sense of swagger and an unflinching pace, Carnage Park is truly a cinematic triumph from top to bottom.

Carnage Park opens with a bank robbery masterminded by the dangerous Scorpion Joe (James Landry Hébert), who decides to hold up a small financial institution in Mackin County with the help of his hapless pal, Lenny (Michael Villar). Things go awry and Joe ends up taking a hostage, Bell’s character Vivian,
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Sundance 2016: First Clip Takes You to Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park

Writer/director Mickey Keating (Ritual, Pod) is both super talented and super busy, and while we wait for a release date for his fourth feature, Darling, today already brings a clip from his fifth. It’s a violent thriller titled Carnage Park,… Continue Reading →

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Jerry Smith’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2015!

2015 was, in my opinion, a great year for horror. I’ve read quite a few lists that mentioned the lack of good studio genre films and for the most part, I agree. With that being said, there’s a film or two that were made within the studio system that I absolutely loved, so it’s fun to put said films right up there alongside the Very impressive indie horror films that seemed to dominate the year in horror. I spent a good chunk of 2015 at festivals, and some of my favorite films fall within those festival viewings, so there are also a couple of them that haven’t been officially released just yet, but were so good that I couldn’t leave them out. Thank you to the story-driven and imaginative films and filmmakers who made 2015 a great year for the genre and here’s looking forward to 2016 to continue that trend.
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[Review] ‘Darling’ is a Hypnotic, Trippy Ride!

[Review] ‘Darling’ is a Hypnotic, Trippy Ride!
Mickey Keating’s (Ritual, Pod) newest film Darling had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest this weekend, and it was a trip. Inspired by films such Roman Polanski’s Repulsion and The Tenant with a little bit of David Lynch’s Eraserhead thrown in, Darling tells the story of one woman’s (Lauren Ashley Carter, Jug Face, Pod) descent into total insanity during the course of its brief 78-minute […]
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Mickey Keating’s Darling Set to Bring ‘Terror Beyond Comprehension’ To Fantastic Fest

While speaking to director Mickey Keating earlier this year, the prolific filmmaker mentioned his upcoming film Darling and how his goal was to make a film that was like a really bad drug trip, an homage to films like Repulsion, Eraserhead and Trouble Every Day (interview here). Fast forward to this week, when in celebration of the film’s premiere at the Austin, TX staple, Fantastic Fest (Friday, September 25th) we were sent not only one hell of a poster for the film, but a frantic and panic inducing teaser, one that looks Absolutely incredible. We’ve loved everything that Keating has done so far (Ritual, Pod), and Darling looks like it’s yet another side of the always changing filmmaker who refuses to be pigeon-holed into a specific type of film.

It’s the sign of a true artist when every single film said artist creates, feels completely different than their previous film.
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