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The film isn’t a white knuckle ride, and the pacing can be slow at times, but this is one of those cases where that’s sort of the point, and you certainly don’t begrudge it. A Hijacking is an absorbing, highly moving film.
Hostage thrillers are all-too-often shrill affairs, with clock-watching screenwriters wringing maximum melodrama from spiraling disorder. Not so Tobias Lindholm’s superb A Hijacking, which actually grows more chillingly subdued as its nightmare scenario unfolds.
[A Hijacking] illuminatingly and sensitively dramatizes an easily-overlooked global crime phenomenon.
A slow burner; intense, utterly engrossing and believable.
The Guardian
Danish director Tobias Lindholm spins an exacting drama out of a crisis on this deft, verite-style account of Somali piracy in the Indian ocean. Full credit to A Hijacking for resisting the siren-call of Hollywood histrionics in favour of the nuts-and-bolts.
Flies buzz, sweat trickles, negotiations continue, and you feel your breath dry up.
It’s actually a ruthlessly plausible thriller, stripped clean of music and melodrama, and all the more engrossing for it.
It’s an unshowy, quietly intense drama with grace notes in every scene — and a hellish punch.
Slant Magazine
Tobias Lindholm's hostage-negotiation drama that wields its verité style for maximum tension.
A Hijacking’ is gripping in the way the best Danish TV is – in its no-frills authenticity.

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