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It's an amazing comedy!
szefu313 November 2012
Maybe I'm not an American viewer (I'm a polish viewer) but we really have similar sense of humor :) Even though I didn't understand some parts(some words were hard to understand, I watched it without subtitles or a lector, but I understood like 80% of the statements and I really felt in love with that show! Some people may say "some jokes are not very deep" but hello - this is a COMEDY SITCOM. It's not an alternative movie. It's a comedy, it should be "light", easy and funny. And it is! The jokes are really funny. The jokes are very similar to jokes from many other sitcoms - just like Less Than Perfect, According To Jim or Rules of Engagement which is great because these sitcoms are the best sitcoms ever. I really liked the jokes (they're funnier than jokes from 2 Broke Girls or The Big Bang Theory) and I really loved the cast. They all are good actors and actress. But the best point of this show is Sara Rue - she is ABSOLUTELY Fabulous. She's the BEST comedy actress ever! She's so cute, so funny, I love the way she talks, she smiles, she acts. She's flawless. I wish we in Poland had a sitcom like this... Our sitcoms are usually crappy and no funny :( I hope that FOXLIFE or Comedy Central in Poland will show us Malibu Country.
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Fluffy, funny, soft and hard, sweet and bitter all in one!
apointofview4 November 2012
Fluffy, funny, soft and hard, sweet and bitter all in one! This show, i thought was written by the stables of Chuck Lorre, made an impact in the Netherlands.

It is easy to watch, funny, a granny with a bite but also funny actress from other series/movies.

Just take it easy, it is lightweight entertainment, it can be a 'whoop' mixing old USA traditions Southern style and the free south California ways.

I liked it. I do not give it a ten, a 2 or a 5, i give it a go. Go on, make a few more! The cast is not yet fully glued to gether but it has promise. The lines/tekst will make or brake, the setting/idea is solid.

Wish i could be on the think tank/writers for this show! :-)
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I like the show!
bknb0224 November 2012
First of all, I have to say it is the only show on currently with realistic shots of Malibu. So far I recognize every location. I love, respect and appreciate that realism. Second, Reba is wonderful, warm and fun to watch as usual. Having Lily Tomlin on the show is magical! I cannot wait until they find their real groove and let the humor flow as I know they will. It is a little canned right now. It will loosen up as they get used to each other. I'd say whatever the real relationship between Lily and Reba is, be it friendly, antagonistic or both, they can play on that and the talent these ladies have will show up on the screen. Also, I am going to say that having grown up 90 miles from Reba at the same time and having known her as a child, I know what courage it takes to have the open mind that she is exhibiting on this show and I think that is a path toward acceptance and love and I respect that too. Go girl! This show is a winner!
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A good start but needs some fine tuning
southfljb12 December 2012
Boy the review from "davidleequinn1950" seems a little angry and homophobic. Perhaps David believes that Reba and Narvel are anti-gay (which they are not)or that Reba and her husband are "over the cliff Christian conservatives" (they are not and never have been.) Republican yes, nut-jobs no. Perhaps David should hope for "The Toby Keith show" or "The Ted Nugent Hour" and let his little girl watch that instead. Now that's off my chest so here is my actual review. The show is rocky, there have been some really funny lines but a lot falls flat. Reba is of course fantastic and Lilly Tomlin is great as her no nonsense mother. The kids are great as well. The Sara Rue character is a stereotype and annoying. The Jai Rodriguez character is also a stereotype and needs work. The jokes need work, some go well a lot goes bad, perhaps a change in writing staff could help with that.The concept of the show is good, Nashville family moves to Malibu and culture shock hi-jinx ensue. The ratings for the show have been strong, I think with some fine tuning "Malibu County" can be just as successful as "Reba" was (and still is on CMT). I give it a six because for the most part I think the premise is solid but as with every new show it has to find its balance. Good going Reba keep it up, we love you!
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Embarrassing to watch.
Cat Gardener7 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes for this show as I really loved her previous show, and was thrilled with Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue as costars. But the premise out of the gate is such a stretch, I was embarrassed for Reba. She's almost 60, has obviously had too much plastic surgery now, and is trying to pass herself off as a mother of 2 teenagers. She supposedly put her singing career on hold to raise her children too, and is trying to revive it now that she is divorced.

Under this premise, either RM is trying to pass herself off as a 30-something, or she "put her career on hold" in her mid-40's when she had her children. Either way, the premise is too far fetched.

Even if you can put aside the fact that a 60-yr-old is trying to pass herself off as a mother of 15 and 16 year olds, the writing is really bad. Reba (the character) seems to have never met a gay person in her life (but she's okay with it, as any "hip" person would be).

The whole thing is an old, tired regurgitation of the 90's and just does not work. Too bad for Lilly and Sara as they are great, but the rest of the show is just rotten, making it all stink.
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davidleequinn19509 November 2012
I loved, loved, loved, Reba McEntire's show "Reba". That show had just the perfect blend of comedy, pathos, family, good actors and good acting. When this show was announced, I never expected that it would be as good as her last show. Mostly because, I guess, Reba would have a different supporting cast. But I also never dreamed the show would be this gawd awful. I am confused as to their target audience. Half the actors are Southern Rednecks, and half are gay. I guess the producers of this show are shooting for the Rednecks who want to see a lot more gay shows on TV niche. Reba and her husband, Narvel Blackstock are listed at executive producers, so there is no way I can blame the left coast liberals for this mishmash. It is beyond my understanding that Reba would allow a show that she is starring in to become such filth. I taped the first two shows and previewed them before I would allow my 12 year old granddaughter to view them. After I saw the shows, I erased the tapes. There is no way I am going to let any of my grandchildren view such filth. I can remember when MASH began, and MASH started off slowly before finding their footing. A lot of the characters in the first years were later written out. Reba, if you have any hope of your loyal fans watching your show, you need to change the direction of this show and do it immediately.
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The show is good :)
lexxiboo215 January 2013
I never watched Reba's first show, Reba! I'm glad I didn't because according to everyone I've talked to so far, Malibu Country is good but not as good as Reba. Of course this is the same whenever there is a follow up show, movie or whatever the case may be for a character/actor.

I've watched the show and it's good. I agree that right now it's new and some jokes fall flat others do not. But Lily, Jai and Reba are very good and so are the kids. I guess I could do without the neighbor but other than that, I'll keep watching. I really like Jai, he adds some zest to some scenes and the fact that he is of Latin heritage is a plus for me.
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