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The film remains buoyed by the same open heart that makes Tyler Perry's best work so endearing.
Village Voice
An agent of spiritual regeneration and showman, Perry's dramaturgy is as subtle as a Bible-thump, but until a logy last act that has Levy disguised as a faux-Frenchman, his instincts are on-target here.
Madea is starting to look a little tired.
Reviewing a Tyler Perry movie is a bit like reviewing the weather report. People who want to watch it are going to do so, regardless of what anyone says about it. And that's not even factoring in Charlie Sheen.
With Tyler Perry gradually segueing toward non-drag leading man status with "Good Deeds" and the upcoming James Patterson thriller "Alex Cross," his latest appearance as the sassy, wisdom-dispensing matriarch of the title in Madea's Witness Protection has an aura of fatigued reluctance to it, as does the film itself.
The writer-director-star still hasn't learned to smoothly blend broad comedy and family-values sermonizing.
Perry's latest is crudely assembled and mostly emotionally unengaging.
While I fully support the appearance of a new Madea movie every six months, even Tyler Perry can't be bothered to take this setup seriously.
How much of this is actually funny is a question of taste, but even a confirmed Perry hater might get caught laughing once or twice.
A spectacularly slapdash and wearingly half-hearted effort from the prolific writer-director-actor, lacking energy, structure or common sense.
The film is slapdash entertainment not meant to be further contemplated after leaving the theatre.

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