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Khalid Jumps Through Hoops to Adopt His New Puppy

  • TMZ
Khalid just got himself a new dog -- but the adoption was no walk in the park ... not even close. Sources close to the adoption tell TMZ Khalid got put through the ringer Saturday -- with a 4-hour long interview and vetting process at L.A.'s Bark n' Bitches.  We're told Bnb had the R&B singer fill out extensive paperwork and provide references to make sure he was up to the task --
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Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Haters Who Said Pics Were Photoshopped

Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Haters Who Said Pics Were Photoshopped
If the Kardashians know one thing—it's that haters gonna hate. Pregnant reality star Khloe Kardashian clapped back at online trolls who said some recent images of hers looked Photoshopped. On Saturday, the E! star took to Instagram to post some images of herself in front of a green screen with the caption, "Haters will say it's photoshopped [sic]." So what's all the hubbub about? Well on Friday, Khloe got Instagram commenters chatting up a storm when she posted a photo of herself in a robe, sitting with a cute dog, along with the caption, "How cute is this little tater tot? Puppy Love." Posters were quick to comment that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians...
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Miley Cyrus Poses Topless in Bed With Her Dogs: Pic!

Miley Cyrus Poses Topless in Bed With Her Dogs: Pic!
Puppy love! Miley Cyrus enjoyed a lazy morning in bed with her pups on Monday, posting a racy shot of her topless body under the covers as her dogs snoozed around her.

Watch: Miley Cyrus Says She Changed Her Look Because She Felt 'Sexualized,' Quotes the 'Wise Justin Bieber'

She captioned the selfie with several flower emojis and placed some of the same emojis over her chest, showing of her dreamcatcher tattoo.

In the pic, she has her arm around her sleeping Collie, Emu, as her pups Dora and Mary Jane nap close by.

The 24-year-old singer is a longtime animal lover and proud vegan. In fact, she recently got a sunflower tattoo on her left bicep in honor of her healthy lifestyle.

“Vegan for life!” she captioned the pic.

Watch: Liam Hemsworth Models 'Tiny Shorts' in Drool-Worthy Photos After Having Lunch With ‘Angel’ Miley Cyrus: Pics!

She recently
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Hopper Penn & Paz De La Huerta To Topline Indie ‘Puppy Love’

Hopper Penn & Paz De La Huerta To Topline Indie ‘Puppy Love’
Hopper Penn and Boardwalk Empire alumnae Paz de la Huerta have been set to star in Puppy Love, a dramatic comedy written and to be directed by Michael Maxxis, a music video and commercials director making his feature film debut. Michael Madsen, Donald Cerrone, Rosanna Arquette and Colleen Camp are also aboard. David Michaels, George Parra and Nicolette Saina are producing, and Sam Osman is executive producing and financing via Film Alberta Studios. Principal photography…
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Margot Robbie Adopts Adorable Rescue Puppy -- See the Cute Pic!

Margot Robbie Adopts Adorable Rescue Puppy -- See the Cute Pic!
Puppy Love!

Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley, welcomed a furry new addition to the family, whose name is certainly very familiar.

Watch: Margot Robbie Shows Off Her Gorgeous Wedding Ring in First Appearance Since Marrying Tom Ackerley: Pics!

The Suicide Squad star introduced their new puppy on Instagram on Tuesday with a black-and-white photo captioned, "Our little rescue pup, Boo Radley."

The cute pooch obviously gets its name from a character in the Harper Lee novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Read: Margot Robbie Takes to the Ice as She Continues to Channel Tonya Harding -- See the Pic!

It’s been a whirlwind two months for the 26-year-old Australian actress, who married Ackerley in December. The lovebirds wed in a secret ceremony in Australia, and while Robbie doesn't talk much about her personal life, she has shared some of her newlywed bliss on Instagram.

More: Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley Are in Newlywed Bliss in
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On Game Day, Budweiser’s Origin Story Leads Super Bowl Ads On YouTube

As Super Bowl advertisers vied for attention during the biggest TV broadcast of the year, American consumers went online to re-watch their favorite commercials from the Big Game. YouTube has compiled a list of the ten ads that received the most views on February 5th, and it was Budweiser that once again turned turned heads, this time by telling the origin story of its founder.

The commercial in question, titled “Born the Hard Way,” spotlights Adolphus Busch, a German-born immigrant who moved to St. Louis as a teenager and became one of the two men behind the Anheuser-Busch company, which counts Budweiser among its brands. The commercial’s perceived pro-immigrant slant has caused it to generate both positive and negative buzz. At the time of this post, six days after “Born the Hard Way” was first uploaded to YouTube, the video has more than 21 million views, 40,000 likes, and 15,000 dislikes. Some of those views,
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12 Chic Puppy Accessories That Will Turn Heads at the Dog Park

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com

What’s cuter than puppies? Puppies dressed up in fashion-forward dog attire. And we’ve rounded up the most adorable of the litter for your canine companion’s wardrobe—from logo hoodies to Carrie Bradshaw-inspired tulle, you’ll wish these outfits came in your size.

1.Adidog Hoodie

Athleisure is all the rage right now (call it the Gigi Hadid effect), so why not match your dog’s hoodie to yours?

Idepet | $9.00

2. Tough-shell Wheeled Collapsible Pet Carrier

If your pooch is a born jet-setter, this tough-shell carrier will ensure a smooth ride through the crowded airport.
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The Fosters: Kalama Epstein on the Emotional Winter Premiere and Future of Joah

The countdown until the emotional winter premiere of The Fosters is nearly over.

On The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10, multiple members of the Adams-Foster clan found themselves in some form of danger. Fans were left on the edge of their seats when the summer finale ended on a cliffhanger.

Is Jesus alive and well? Did Callie really get kidnapped by a killer? You'll have to tune into The Fosters Season 4 Episode 11 to find out!

But TV Fanatic did get the opportunity to chat with Kalama Epstein, who stars as the lovable and mischievous pastor's son, and Jude's new beau, Noah.

He couldn't reveal too much, but he could tease us a bit on where Jude is during the premiere and about what to expect from Joah this season. He also talks about his favorite shows and movies, what attracted him to the role of Noah, and more. Check out our interview below!
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Top 20 Super Bowl Ads Of Past Nine Years Have Driven 440 Million Minutes Of YouTube Watch Time

YouTube is gearing up for another busy Super Bowl season, during which it will share all of the relevant commercials through its AdBlitz platform. This will be the tenth year of AdBlitz, and to celebrate that milestone, YouTube has compiled some data about the 20 most significant Super Bowl ads of the past decade. The most impressive stat: Those commercials, across their collective digital lifespans, have generated more than 440 million minutes of watch time on YouTube.

The list of the top 20 Super Bowl ads was compiled by looking at the view counts of branded videos in January and February. In the top position is Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” spot, which was a big winner during the 2015 Big Game. The Budweiser and Bud Light brands combined to grab two spots each within the top 20, though it was Volkswagen -- led by its 2011 hit “The Force” -- that claimed the most entries of any individual brand,
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Paris Hilton -- I Got a New $8,000 Bitch (Photo + Video)

  • TMZ
Puppy love ain't cheap for Paris Hilton -- not when she's scooping up 12 ounces of chihuahua for $8k ... very delicately, of course. TMZ has learned the 4-month-old pup was delivered to Paris in NYC on Monday from a boutique teacup breeder. Paris is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to teacup pooches ... she spent $25k on two others  over a year ago, and bought a teacup Pomeranian in 2014 for $13k. So, if you're keeping score at home,
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[Tiff Review] Souvenir

It starts with bubbles. So many bubbles rising slowly in liquid as the opening credits in script font flash onscreen. And when the camera finally pans out to see what it’s been that’s mesmerized us so? A glass of water with an Alkaseltzer dropped in, of course. This is the humor director Bavo Defurne and his co-writers Jacques Boon and Yves Verbraeken infuse throughout their outside-the-box romance Souvenir. As it is the woman about to drink this concoction is hardly special: she lives alone, watches trivia game shows, and works at a pâté factory garnishing one pan after the next in blissful monotony and anonymity. Today is the day that all stops.

Liliane (Isabelle Huppert) has a secret no one has yet caught onto until a twenty-two year old boxer begins working at her job. Jean (Kévin Azaïs) recognizes her from somewhere, but it takes a couple days
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The Crush (1993) Blu-ray Special Features Revealed by Scream Factory

Puppy love is sweet until it turns deadly. Packed with special features including new interviews with the cast, Alan Shapiro’s The Crush (1993) Blu-ray will be released by Scream Factory on June 21st, and the special features have now been revealed.

Press Release: Romantic obsession has harrowing consequences in ‘90s cult-classic, suspense thriller The Crush, written and directed by Alan Shapiro (Flipper, TV’s The Outsiders) and starring Cary Elwes (Saw, The Princess Bride, Twister), Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, Batman and Robin), Jennifer Rubin (Bad Dreams, Screamers) and Kurtwood Smith (TV’s Agent Carter, That ‘70s Show). On June 21st, 2016, Scream Factory™ is proud to present The Crush Blu-ray edition, featuring new audio commentary with writer/director Alan Shapiro, new interviews with Kurtwood Smith and Jennifer Rubin, and more!

Available for the first time on Blu-ray, this special Scream Factory home entertainment release is a must-have for movie collectors, horror/ thriller
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Laurie Anderson Picks 6 Docs to Stream

Laurie Anderson Picks 6 Docs to Stream
Laurie Anderson has picked a set of films, titled "Laurie Anderson Collection," now streaming on boutique Svod service SundanceNow Doc Club. The artist-filmmaker is currently in the news for her autobiographic Telluride premiere "Heart of a Dog," a cinematic collection of remembrances of her late, beloved, piano-playing, finger-painting dog Lolabelle. The film moves onto to Toronto this weekend before opening Wednesday, October 21. The six films now streaming in her Doc Club collection, including directors Werner Herzog and Guy Maddin, are "5 Broken Cameras," "Ballets Russes," "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," "Exit Through the Gift Shop," "My Winnipeg" and "The Unmistaken Child." Below are her appropriately idiosyncratic notes for each film. Read More: Laurie Anderson's Puppy Love Paean 'Heart of a Dog' Warms Telluride and Venice 5 Broken Cameras (2012) "Here is the desert between Palestine and...
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Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death’s nerdy spots and references

Louisa Mellor Apr 26, 2017

Puns, movie references and nods to Aardman’s past abound in Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death

Animator Nick Park’s fifth Wallace and Gromit film, A Matter Of Loaf And Death (named for the Powell & Pressburger 1946 fantasy romance A Matter Of Life And Death, the first of many such baking-related puns) became the most-watched television programme in the UK in 2008, attracting a Christmas day average audience of 14.4 million viewers. It saw 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, transformed into a granary, making Wallace the target of a “cereal killer” intent on ridding the world of bakers. Gromit, as ever, came to the rescue.

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We’ve scoured the half-hour short to unpack some of Aardman’s characteristic in-jokes and film references…

1. The name and look of Baker Bob, who meets an unfortunate end at the hands
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Lauren Graham, Josh Wiggins Celebrate Military Dog Heroes at ‘Max’ Premiere

Lauren Graham, Josh Wiggins Celebrate Military Dog Heroes at ‘Max’ Premiere
Puppy love reigned at Tuesday night’s premiere of Warner Bros.-MGM’s “Max” with one of the star canines — a Belgian Malinois named Jagger — drawing most of the attention on the red carpet.

The tale of a military dog returning to the U.S. and dealing with the loss of his handler, “Max” evoked strong emotions at the Egyptian screening and the after-party at Sadie’s.

Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM’s motion picture group, noted the film is particularly timely, given the recent introduction of a bill by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., to ensure military working dogs come home to the United States after they have been relieved from their service in combat roles overseas. He said handlers who wish to reunite with their dogs generally have to cover the costs themselves of bringing them back to the U.S. The bill would require the Department of Defense to cover those costs.
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Find out what’s close to Sonam’s Heart

Known for her unconventional movie choices, extraordinary fashion sense and honesty, there is one thing not a lot of people know about the Khoobsurat actress, Sonam Kapoor and that is her work for social causes. She works to raise awareness for breast cancer by being the spokesperson for Elle Breast Cancer campaign, helps underprivileged children get an education by having an auction called “Sonam Turns Santa” every Christmas, lead the Mumbai anti-rape protest rally being the only Bollywood actress to do so, fighting for equal rights and pay for female make-up artists, and speaking against child labour to raise awareness and that is to name just a few of her efforts.

Continuing her social work, Sonam is now calling people in Delhi to adopt dogs a cause which she calls “close to my heart”. The actress tweeted in support of Puppy Love Delhi showcasing the groups mission to place Desi dogs in loving homes.
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Candace Cameron Bure: What It's Like Costarring with a Dog

Candace Cameron Bure: What It's Like Costarring with a Dog
She's shared screen time with John Stamos, the Olsen twins - and even Bill Nye the Science Guy. But Candace Cameron Bure has worked alongside some four-legged stars, too. And sometimes, it's better that way. "It's depends what humans you're working with," the Full House alum jokes to People.com. Her latest canine costar: BugZ, whom she rescues in the Hallmark Channel movie Puppy Love, which premieres Saturday. "I think there's a playfulness that comes to the set when any kind of animal is involved," she says of her roster of nonhuman costars, which includes the '87 to '95 family sitcom's beloved golden retriever Comet.
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