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25 Years of the London Programme
999 Emergency
999 Fire
A Docks Life
A Dog's Life
A Force for Change?
A Gentler Touch?
A Matter of Life and Death
A Mother's Touch
A Muggers' Paradise
A People's Palace
A Potential Threat to Us All: Rats
A Survivor's Guide to the Millennium
A Tale of Two Patients
A Woman's Work
A Year of Ken Livingstone
AIDS Magnet
Abandoned Babies
Above the Law?
Absolute Beginners
Accounted Out
Adoption Abroad
African Sportsmen in Britain
After ILEA
After the Boom
After the Storm
Age of the Train
Air Pollution in London
Airlane Anarchy
Aldermaston and Nuclear Safety
Alexandra Palace Development
Amateur Pornography on the Internet
Angry Angels
Animals in Danger
Are You Being Poisoned in Your Own Home?
Arson to Order
Artistic Capital
Asia Discovered
Baby Breadwinners
Baby Lottery
Balti Bindi Bollywood
Bananas Republic
Bangla Voices
Bankrupt London
Barnet Football Club
Battered Parents
Battered Social Workers
Battle of the M11 Link Road
Beating the Bombers
Beating the Muggers
Beating the Wife Beaters
Beyond Hitler's Reach
Black Boys Don't Count
Black Unemployment
Bogus Injury Claims
Boxed In
Breakdown of London's Children's Homes
Breaking the Silence - The Untold Story of Male Rape
Brent Council
Brent Council Scandal
Brentwood Limited?
Brian Sewell
Building the City of Tomorrow: Misery for the Citizens of Today?
Can Broadmoor Really Change Its Ways?
Can Kenneth Baker Rise to the Rescue of the Inner City?
Canary Wharf - What Went Wrong?
Cases of Fraud in the London Area
Casino Wars
Chaos on the Airwaves
Chasing the Royals
Child Abuse
Child Labour
Child Sex - The Wall of Silence
Children At Risk: Part 1
Children At Risk: Part 2
Children Who Rape
Children in Care
Children's Home Scandal
Choosing the Sex of Your Child
City Scandals
City Skyline
City of Fear
City of Knives
Clown Prosecution Service?
Cold Comfort Countryside
Community Care of Schizophrenics
Concrete Roseland
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery for Teenagers
Could Do Better
Council Cock-Up
Council Spending
Councils and the Police
Crack on Your Doorstep
Crime in London and New York
Crime in the Capital
Crisis in the Classroom
Crumbling Capital
Crunch Time for the Rate Rebels
Cult of the Knife
Cut to the Bone? A Report on London's Health Services
Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Spanish Holidays
Date with Danger
Dealing with London's Waste
Death Wing
Death by Lorry
Death by Teenage Driver
Death in Custody - Why Did Leon Patterson Die?
Death of Fleet Street
Death of a Hell's Angel - How Did John Mikkleson Die?
Death on the Streets: Stop the Violence
Decade of Debt?
Did Paul Worrell Need to Die?
Diplomatic Immunity
Dirty Money
Divide and Rule
Donald Silk - Alderman of the City
Doorstep Crime - A New Menace in London
Down's Syndrome
Dowry Demands
Drama at the National Theatre
Driving Me Crazy
Drowning, Not Waving: Male Suicide
Drug Abuse in Prisons
Drug Dealing at King's Cross
Drug Gangsters in London
Drug Wars
Drugs in Football
Dying Alone
East End Children's Hospital Provision
Election 92 - The Nation Decides: Part 1
Election 92 - The Nation Decides: Part 2
Election 92 - The Nation Decides: Part 3
Election 92 - The Nation Decides: Part 4
Election I: Tactical Voting
Election II
Election III
Election IV
Election Special: Part 1
Election Special: Part 2
Emergency on the Ward
End of the Road for Gipsies?
Estate Agents
Eurotunnel Safety Failures
Eurotunnel Safety Features
Expulsions from London Schools
Falling School Registers
Farewell, ILEA
Fear on the Thamesmead
Filipino Workers in Britain
Firetrap Hotels
Food Poisoning
Football Agents
Football: Sick as a Parrot?
Foreign Exchanges
Forty Years On
Frank Warren
Freedom Express
Friday Night Rapist
GLC: The Elections
Garages Putting Lives at Risk
Gay Murders
Gay Rights
General Election - The Battle for London
George Graham
George Long: Was the Wrong Man Sent to Prison?
Goodbye Pavarotti?
Goodnight, Ted Knight?
Greyhound Racing Scandal
Greyhound Scandal
Greyhound Traffic
Gridlock City
Gun Crime
Gun Crime in London
Hackney Council Scandal
Handicapped Babies
Happy Landings?
Has London Saved the Poll Tax?
Have the Jobs Gone Forever?
High Rise Happiness?
High Street Blues
Holloway Gaol - The Psychiatrist Speaks Out
Hollywood's Second Home
Home Alone Children
Home Truths
Honour Killings
Hospital Security
House Prices Go Through the Roof - A False Bonanza for the South-East?
Housing Crisis in London
Housing the Homeless
How Safe Is London?
How Ticket Touts Stole the FA Cup
Illegal Turkish Immigrants in London
Inner London Education Authority
Interview: Fay Weldon
Interview: Frank Bruno
Interview: Ian Dury
Interview: Lee Hurst
Interview: Malcolm McLaren
Interview: Phil Tufnell
Interview: Terence Conran
Interviews: Chris Smith MP
Interviews: Ian Greer
Interviews: Kim Cotton
Interviews: Michael Caine
Investigation Into the Berger Property Empire
Is It Time to Scrap the GLC?
Is It Time to Stop the AIDS Panic?
Is Peter Luckhurst Innocent?
Jean-Michel Jarre
Just Say Yes
Just What Is Happening in Wandsworth Jail?
Juvenile Offenders
Ken's Tax
Kenneth Newman's Plans to Cope with Burglary
Kids at Play
Kids' Health
LWT 21: 21 Years - A London A-Z
Labour's Capital
Lead Poisoning London?
Leagues Apart
Legionnaire's Disease
Life After Death - The Docklands Story
Life on the Line?
Linford Christie
Lloyd's: Risky Business?
Loan Sharks
Local Elections
London - Squandering the Tourist Boom
London Ambulance Service
London Bombings
London Borough Election Special
London Council Housing Rackets
London Goes for the Gold
London Into Europe
London Isn't Working
London and the Cuts
London's Ailing Health Care System
London's Dangerous Pests
London's Green Spaces Under Threat
London's Hospitals
London's Hospitals Closures
London's Hospitals Closures: Update
London's Hospitals: A Clear Choice
London's House Price Lottery
London's Nazis
London's Roman
London's Transport in Crisis
London's Tubes
Looking Down the Barrel
Making London a Better City
Maxwell's Daily News
McNee's London
Medical Mistakes - Is There Justice for the Mentally Ill?
Medical Negligence
Medway Council
Metro Muggers
Monopoly City
Mr. Carter's Cancer Concoction
Murder in the Family
NHS Bed Shortages
Negative Equity
Neighbourhood Watch
Network South East: Privatisation Options
New Asylums
New Face of Gangland Ethics
Newton's Nomads - London's Bed and Breakfast Young Homeless
Nigerian Fraud Rings
No Place Like Home
Nowhere to Go
Nuclear Trains
On Death Row
On the Ropes
Operation Bumblebee
Operation Bumblebee: Update
Operation Countryman
Organ Donations
Over the Hill at 35?
Parent Power
Pedigree Scam
Pickpockets in Oxford Street
Pirate Payola
Pitch Battles
Police Complaints
Police Injuries
Poll Tax
Porn Wars
Portobello Up Market?
Pot Paranoia
Private Bus Services
Private Clinics
Private Eyes - A Public Menace?
Private Nursing Homes
Privatising Pollution?
Problem Estates
Problem Families
Property Prices in London
Proposed Reform of the Metropolitan Police
Prostitution in London
Public Transport in London
Racial Attacks in London
Racists on the Run
Radio Wars
Rainham Marshes
Rate-Cap Rebels
Recipe for London's Stomach
Record 12
Recruiting Ethnics for London's Police Force - Black American Police Chief Shows How
Red Light London
Red Ted's Last Stand?
Regional Pay
Regrowth of Soho Porn Trade
Religious Broadcasting and Evangelism
Remand Prisoners
Rental Hell
Return to Brixton
Return to the Estate
Rights of Children in Care
Road Rage
Safe as Houses?
Sangatte: Four Years On
Secret World of the Bootleggers
Sex Shops
Sexism in the City
Sham Marriages
Shops, Lies and Videotape
Should Londoners Work in Mickey Mouse Jobs?
Siege City
Single-Sex v. Mixed-Sex Schools
Sixth Formers - A Political Football
Smog City
Soho Days, Soho Nights
Sold Down the River?
Special Patrol Group
Special Schools
Special: Only Bricks and Mortar
Special: Stalkers
Special: The Extraordinary and Irreplaceable Diana
Spend, Spend, Spend
Stansted Airport
Stephen Lawrence
Still Krays After All These Years
Stratford School Dispute
Street Trading Wars
Streets Apart
Stuck on Glue
Suffer Little Children
Summer on the Farm
Surrogate Motherhood
Survivors: The Marchioness Disaster
Tale of Two Cities
Taxing London
Teachers in Revolt
Terror Tippers
The Amsterdam Connection
The Ark in the Park
The Artful Dodgers
The Baby Business
The Battle for Barts
The Battle for Guy's
The Battle for Harrods
The Battle for London
The Battle for Mayor
The Battle of Canary Wharf - Mr. G. Ware Travelstead Takes on the City
The Benefits Scandal: Part 1
The Benefits Scandal: Part 2
The Big Choke
The Billion Pound Bill?
The Boom in Private Medicine
The Breakdown Business
The Burden of Battersea
The Buyer
The Candidate
The Case of Baby Ames
The Channel Rail Link
The Channel Tunnel High-Speed Rail Link
The Chunnel - Best Buy or Bill of Goods?
The City of Winners and Losers
The Class of 92
The Class of 92: Update
The Classroom Crisis - What the Teachers' Industrial Action Means for Education
The Colour Bar
The Counterfeiters
The Crisis in London's Cemeteries
The Crown Prosecution Service - Failure to Act?
The Fight to Buy Council Homes
The Great Greyhound Betting Coup
The Great Soccer Shake-Out
The Great Storm
The Green Belt - Is It Up for Grabs?
The House of Lords and the GLC
The Hunt for London's Multiple Rapists
The IRA Terror in London
The Kidney Lottery
The Killing of the Cyclists
The King's Cross Fire
The Lambeth Experiment
The Lawrence Five: Their Violent Past
The Leaving of London: Part 1
The Leaving of London: Part 2
The Life and Death of John Mikkleson
The London Church of Christ
The London Crunch - The SDP/Liberal Alliance and the Local Elections
The London Dockers Strike: Tilbury Dispute
The London Exodus
The M25
The National Front
The New British Library
The New Chief at the Yard - The Newman Enigma
The New Rachman
The Next Paper War - The Battle of the Evenings
The Outward Bound
The Policing of Brixton
The Rise and Fall of Jim Horne
The Rise and Fall of King Cone
The Rise and Fall of the National Front
The Sale of Council Houses - Is the Gilt Coming Off the Gingerbread?
The Sex Time Bomb
The Show Must Go On?
The Skag Kids
The Social Democrats' Strategy for London
The Strange New Face of School Sport - The Fall of Cricket and the Rise of Non-Sexist Stool-Ball
The Tatchell Affair
The Thanky Brothers: Landlords Extraordinary
The Thin Blue Line
The Tragedy of the Repossessed
The War of the Dogs
The Wisley Affair
The Worst Year of the Disabled?
These You Have Loved (and Loathed) - Farewell to the GLC
Time Out Magazine
Time to Dump the Dustmen?
Tottering Hotspur
Trains Don't Burn
Transport Drivers on Drink and Drugs
Trial and Error: Part 1
Trial and Error: Part 2
Troubled Water
Truancy in Schools
Tunnel Vision
UK Deportation Brutality
Underage and Under the Influence
Unemployment in Hertfordshire
Unemployment in the Medway Towns
Unlicensed to Kill
Unsaleable Former Council Flats
Unsolved London Murders
Untrained Police Drivers
Violence in Schools
Voodoo London
Wapping - Police Riots or Picket Provocations?
Welcome to London
Westminster Blues
What Chance for Scarman?
What Happened to Martin Allen?
What Price Electricity?
When You Wake Up
Who Cares?
Who Killed Park Royal?
Who Was Body 115?
Who Will Rule London After May 8th?
Who's Not Going to the Zoo Tomorrow?
Why Is Rachel Nickell's Killer Still Free?
Will Eddie Shah End the Rule of Fleet Street?
Will Protests Kill the Third London Airport?
Wimbledon Football Club
Women's Committees in London Politics
Youth Unemployment: The Seeds of a Catastrophe?
Yuppie Debt
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Episode dated 23 November 1975
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Episode dated 21 December 1975
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