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Watch Two Episodes... And You'll be hooked
jcourtlandcolburn25 October 2012
I must admit, when I originally started to watch the show I had low expectations. Mainly because though I'd previously enjoyed Mindy Kaling's portrayal of Kelly Kapoor on The Office (US), I'd seen characters who are hilarious in supporting roles not be able to translate that humor into an entire show based around them as the lead character... I'm looking at you cast of Seinfeld. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be completely wrong in this case.

This really is a great show that doesn't take itself to seriously. Also, I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack. But the dialogue is where it's at... I'm actively working to make my friends converts for the show so I can start quoting it more... "We get it, you're smarter than us because you read the newspaper" -- it's like Mindy read my mind, people who read the news are just the worst, surpassed only by morning people.
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Light and Quirky
Kelly Adams27 February 2013
I'm surprised the ratings aren't a little higher for "The Mindy Project" - with a lot of the crap out there, "The Mindy Project" is refreshingly quite funny. The characters are quirky, and I have a smile on my face pretty much the whole time I am watching the show. It's a nice break from all the drama filled teenage/girls/vampire shows that seem to be all the rave right now.

This a light fun filled comedy, that i'd compare to "Parks and Rec" and "The Office." So if you like those shows then you'll probably like this one as well.

It's about a young doctor who is living similar lives to many woman in their earlier 30's. Can't find someone to settle down with but has a career and a nice friend base at her office. She's surrounded by characters who are mostly in the same boat as her.

The show is fast paced and filed with nutty dialogue and makes for a perfect show to watch during lunch, or if you need a break from hectic life.
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Fresh and Very Funny!
hockeygirl12345 October 2012
Mindy Kaling delivers big time on this hilarious new show about being successful, ridiculous, and slightly awkward in a lovable way. This show is about Kaling, an OBGYN doctor who is balancing her path to finding love with work and is not afraid of being her funny self along the way. The first episode drew me in not only because of the witty banter between Mindy and her inevitable love interest but also because she is in essence every girl. Her love of romantic comedies and hope for these ideals to mirror her real life is fun to watch! This brown sugar also has an amazing cast of handsome co workers that make for some pretty good eye candy! This show is smart and witty and has plenty of laugh out loud moments! I hope that you all love this one!
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love the banter
S W16 December 2012
I love it! I watched the pilot on a flight and instantly knew I needed to watch more. I think the banter and jokes are really great. It's been a while where I laugh out loud. The character is strong but that is what I love about it as she is witty, smart, appears to be insecure but is actually confident and just rolling with the punches.

Usually, the first year of a series is awkward but I loved it from episode one. Can't wait for the next ones! It's great to finally see a show with a woman comedian - they do exist! It is a refreshing take on a topic with jokes that are snide remarks. So if you are not paying attention, you'll miss them.
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Love It
alisa-nguyen2131 December 2012
I love this show. I'm a bit surprised that the rating aren't higher but I agree with the other post that men probably will appreciate it a bit less because of the type of humor and that it has a female role with female issues. You can kind of think of it as the opposite of The Office where The Office has people act stupid to get laughs and the Mindy Project is kind of SMH... so true lol.

The only thing that is a bit annoying is that the episodes are a bit sporadic because they're waiting to see how successful it will be.... I hope it appears more regularly and for longer... 30 minutes is not enough.
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Getting sharper
pip_kuruvilla6 October 2012
The pilot episode had a few laughs but was underwhelming. That has changed with episode two where all the actors seems to have found their footing and the episode was very funny. Mindy's writing is sharp and if you like the humour on the Office, you should like this new series as well.

The supporting cast is pretty good as well, particularly Chris Messina whose susceptibility to irritation blends well with non stop chatter that is Mindy. There are swipes at the overemphasis of being politically correct in the workplace (just like in the Office), which makes for witty lines.
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I laugh through the whole thing!
JumpHigh77714 June 2013
This show has me cracking up from the first minute to the last. Mindy's character is so funny, and best of all, relatable! She makes the dating game struggle so much more funny and light- hearted, and its a good reminder to not take things too seriously in life. I love the rest of the cast- Morgan is great- and I think Mindy and Danny have good chemistry. This show is so fresh and funny in completely new ways. Mindy really brings something irreplacable to the humor.

I was also shocked that the ratings weren't higher- but then I looked at the stats for the ratings, and men constantly rated it lower and women rated it much higher. That's fine, I'm not worried, just look at sex and the city. You don't need a male following at all to be a wildly successful show. I can't wait for season 2!
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Super funny!
Lexi Kakis16 April 2013
I love this show! It's really well-written and super funny. I'm also a huge fan of her from the Office and her book was awesome( seriously if you haven't read it you should!). She's really funny and easy to relate too,like I want to be her best friend. The cast is really cool and they works so well together, especially in the cameos. The plot isn't too dense, but there always a plot to follow each episode and a possible office romance. Not sure which character is my favorite yet because I love them all so much. It's a quirky show but easy to relate to because of Mindy's experiences throughout the season between boyfriends, her job and random opinions on things!
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Started off OK, but went downhill
Viewer11113 August 2016
The first season of the Mindy Project was OK. There was some good chemistry. And the running jokes were funny.

By season three, the jokes were VERY STALE, and the cast changes were hurting the show. Betsy just disappeared. She was a fun contrast to the others, and she was just gone. No explanation.

Morgan continues as the clown, but the act is the same.

Mindy makes jokes about her being a hottie, being slim and fit, and the near constant running jokes about how much food she eats. Nothing original.

Jody was added to the cast, and I thought it might improve, but that did not help much. Danny was phased out, and the rest just muddled along.
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Loved It But Then...
MayCOtter10 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I started binge watching this a few weeks ago and was hooked. What I didn't realize is I would soon be watching it only for the development of Mindy and Danny's relationship. Throughout the first couple seasons, Mindy spends most of her time trying to find someone she can marry and have kids with; she's very into fairy tales. She is constantly quoting rom-com's and how she wants her own love story to be that way. I could relate immensely to this because I too am a huge fan of "happily ever afters". I thoroughly enjoyed the humor and was greatly enjoying the show, especially when Mindy and Danny finally got together. But then...that's where it all seemed to fall apart. End of Season 3 and Season 4 was full of her lying to Danny about what she wanted. She went from wanting a marriage and family (which was all she wanted in Season 1 and 2) to being career obsessed and not wanting anymore children. It was the polar opposite of the show I had been watching and I lost interest quickly. What made me stop watching the show completely was when they kept portraying Danny like it was his fault for her completely changing character. I am disappointed that they were willing to change her character for political reasons. I have no issue with a show wanting to portray a strong female role that works and has a family. I think they didn't develop the change of her wants very well, it was sudden abrupt change that left me confused and irritated, not supportive.
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