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Previously on 'Burn Notice': Michael had a beat on Anson Fullerton. Nate helped bring Anson down, but before Anson could be brought into custody both he and Nate were shot by an unseen sniper.

'Unchained': Michael is struggling to get any answers about Nate's death from the FBI. Fi assures him the FBI will find Nate's killer, but when Michael says he isn't so sure she suggests he start an investigation of his own. She offers to help, but Michael doesn't want to risk losing anyone else he loves.

Michael sneaks up on Agent Sexton of the FBI in a restaurant, but Sexton isn't very forthcoming. Michael pulls a gun on Sexton and says he needs to know everything Sexton knows and Sexton admits the file is closed and the case was shut down. There's no explanation as to why, but "brass" wanted to put a lid on it. Sexton says he wasn't happy about it. Michael leaves.

Back at the loft, Pearce tells Michael she "got an earful from Langley" about Michael's stunt. Michael says he did what he had to do to get some information. Pearce says the FBI must have taken the case because they didn't really want the CIA to get to the bottom of it. Sam says a "buddy of a buddy" at the FBI might be willing to share the file on Nate's case in exchange for some help with another case. The FBI has been looking for a gang leader in Boston and his right-hand man, Jimmy, is in Miami. They think Quinn, the gang leader, must be hiding nearby. Pearce volunteers to help and Michael says he's in.

There's a time crunch to the FBI case. Michael and Sam meet with Agent Woods, who has a witness who could help him bring down Quinn, the gang leader. But the witness, Kelly Duke, is clinging to life in a Miami hospital, "and if he dies, my case dies with him," Woods says. He needs Quinn to be found quickly. Michael suggests staging an arrest of Michael with Jimmy, and then letting them escape. That will get Michael to Quinn. Michael will wear a tracker the whole time. Michael says it'll start as soon as he gets the FBI file on Nate's murder investigation. Woods hands it over.

Pearce looks over the file and says there isn't much there. Jesse wants to find the gun used in the shooting by tracking down the company that makes it. He wants to blackmail the company's VP of sales, who is the son of the owner. Jesse plans to take the son out clubbing and snap some racy photos to get the information. Pearce wants to help and says she'll have cover IDs and plane tickets (to an event in Jacksonville) in the morning.

Fi still wants to help Michael, but he gets upset when she keeps pushing to be involved. He's hesitant since Nate died. Fi tells Michael not to blame himself for what happened to Nate. She says she's going to keep working with Michael "because it's who I am, it's who we are."

At the docks, Michael is cuffed as the FBI prepared to arrest Jimmy, who is nonchalant about the situation when he's cuffed. Jimmy is put in the back of a car with Michael, who pretends to be a Boston mobster. When he and Jimmy get a second alone, Michael says he has to get a message to Quinn and Jimmy pretends he doesn't know Quinn.

They take off for a two-hour drive to the federal detention facility. Fi comes up behind the FBI car, which has Woods driving and Sam up front. Michael tells Jimmy she's going to bust them out, and reiterates the message he has to get to Quinn. Jimmy says it's a bad idea. Fi runs the FBI car off the road, then uses a shotgun to blast Michael and Jimmy's back door open. Michael convinces Jimmy to come along, telling him the escape is going to be pinned on him anyway.

Michael, Jimmy and Fi get to a motel and Jimmy has a bunch of questions. Jimmy resists the idea of taking Michael directly to Quinn, but Michael and Fi work some magic and Jimmy says he'll make a call.

Jesse and Pearce watch Wayne Meyerson, the VP of sales and party animal from Meyerson Industries, the gun maker. Jesse bumps into Wayne and pretends to be a gun buyer for the Pentagon, and convinces him to get some drinks at a strip club. Jesse spikes Wayne's drink to start the blackmail process and get him to believe his night was wilder than he thought.

After waiting a while, Jimmy gets a call and says Michael can go see Quinn. They rob a car and head out, but a police checkpoint gets in the way. Michael runs it, but one of the cops recognizes them as the escapees and they have to make a serious run into a parking garage. With the cops following, Fi prepares to set the car on fire with some hand sanitizer. Jimmy, Michael and Fi abandon the engulfed car and jump out of the garage while the cops are left stunned.

Woods tells Sam the whole thing is getting out of control after hearing about the high-speed chase. Woods wants to move in on Jimmy right away, but Sam convinces him to hold off.

Jimmy takes Michael and Fi to a dark garage and says he's going to be driven to Quinn -- and he needs to change his clothes. The tracker is hidden in Michael's belt, which throws the plan into question. Also, Fi isn't allowed to join him. They try to figure out a way for Michael to communicate a signal to Fi when he's ready, and Michael goes.

Sam and Woods follow the tracker's signal and discover that Michael's clothes are in a garbage can near a park.

Wayne wakes up at 2 a.m. and Jesse shows him pictures of his exploits with one of the strippers. Wayne is worried, but when Jesse starts the real blackmail attempt Wayne is suddenly not so worried anymore. He says his father can handle it all because he has connections with all law enforcement and most politicians. Pearce, listening in on the whole conversation, steps in and threatens to bring Wayne's dad down, as well, by calling the U.S. Attorney's Office about Wayne's father's secret bank accounts. Wayne agrees to give up the records of all sniper rifles his company has sold in the last year. Jesse worries that Pearce showed her face and shouldn't have, but she says she did what she had to do. Jesse asks how she knew about the bank accounts, and Pearce says, "I didn't."

After waiting quite some time, Michael comes face to face with Quinn. Quinn tells Michael that he wants the information about where Kelly Duke is, and warns Michael that if he lies Fi will be killed. Quinn gets on the phone with his guys who are holding Fi and they hit her to the ground, which Michael hears. Quinn says that's just a taste of what will happen if Michael messes around. Voiceover Michael tells us that sometimes a spy has to give real intelligence that could endanger innocent people's lives -- and this might be one of those times. Michael tells Quinn that Kelly Duke is at North Miami General Hospital, under 24-hour police protection. Quinn sends some guys to check it out and tells Michael that someone's dying that day -- either Duke or Fi.

Michael's information checks out and Jimmy convinces Quinn that Michael is legit. Quinn tells Michael he's free to go. He sends Jimmy to the hospital to take care of Kelly Duke, and probably the cops who are guarding him. Quinn asks Michael about what kind of payment he's expecting, and Michael says he'd prefer to talk about a longer-term position with Quinn's group. He asks if they can talk over a nice bottle of Scotch. Quinn agrees.

Michael gets to Quinn's place and starts looking for landmarks. He gets his bearings, asking Quinn about the view and the bridge across the way, then calls Fi to clue her in on where he is. He finishes by saying, "This place is on fire," ostensibly in admiration of Quinn's mansion. When they hang up the phone, Fi takes out the two guys who were watching her, while Michael takes out Quinn's guards. Fi calls Sam and gives him the landmarks to Quinn's place.

Michael tries to hold off three more of Quinn's guys, including Jimmy, who are outside Quinn's office as long as he can. Michael shoots at the office door to keep them away, while he keeps Quinn tied up in a corner. WIth just one bullet left, Michael knows he's running out of time, and Quinn tells him boys to go ahead and kill Michael and him, if they have to, because he'd rather die than go back to prison. They move in but just before Jimmy can get to Michael, he's shot by Woods. Michael strolls out, with Quinn, asking Sam and Woods, "What took you so long?"

Jesse shows Michael the invoice that shows The Pryon Group purchased the gun that was used to kill Nate. Jesse leaves and Fi teases Michael about how he didn't want her to help on the case.

Pearce wakes them up with a loud knock on the door of the loft. The CIA found out about her approach on Wayne Meyerson and she's been reassigned to Mumbai. She makes Michael promise that it will have been worth it, and she leaves.
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