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What A ***-ing Train-Wreck of a Movie!

Author: xgray-03873 from Stockton, CA
12 March 2017

I don't think that Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen was a very good movie to begin with at all. Absolutely nothing about this movie made any sense, since there wasn't really much of a plot to begin with. It's just fight after fight after fight after fight after fight after fight after fight after fight. And much like Power Rangers Super Megaforce, I just can't take the fight scenes seriously, if there is no actual story behind these fight scenes to follow. All it cared about was the conflicts between the riders and sentai in the movie, for no reason at all.

Overall, I would never recommend Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen to anyone at all. It's not worth it.

1 out of 10

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Author: Aussie Otaku from Australia
10 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie may be the worst movie of 2012.

First off, I would like to say that nothing is explained in this movie. Allow me to list them by order;

1. Why is Marvelous leading the Zangyuack forces against the Kamen Riders for no reason when we saw him on the Gokai Galleon in the last episode. Also, why is Decade the leader of Shocker for the third damn time already? Hasn't he realized now that whenever he pulls that s@#t it never-ever works out.

2. Why is Black Cross King a lackey, why is Warz Gill alive, why is Doras-or Crisis, for that matter-serving Tsukasa for the second time? Come to think of it, why is Narutaki a villain for the second time?

3. Why, in all that is good and holy, did Toei need to waste five minutes of screen time by introducing some half-arced time-traveling plot line-only for it to be Decade and Marvellous, which renders that entire scene f%$@$in pointless!

4. Why did the villains need Marvellous and Decade if they were going to kill them anyway? Oh, and more importantly, why didn't the Gokaigers-who served alongside Marvellous many times before-know that their god-damn captain went missing, when he was with them in the last episode?!

5. And finally-why-in all things sacred-does Kaito think it's a good idea to merge the two ships together and turn against the others when he was the protagonist for the entire movie up until that point.

Aside from that, the writing sucks on toast, with far too many characters to count, a nonsensical plot centering around Marvelous and Tsukasa playing 'kick-the-can' with two of the greatest franchises in television history, Joe, Kaito and Don all acting completely out-of character, advertising that points out the frocking obvious whilst having the supposed main characters- Fourze and Go-Busters-do absolutely nothing and a useless damsel-in-distress who does jack-all and you have an over-hyped, underdeveloped, nonsensical pile of trash!

My opinion-Avoid at all Costs.

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