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Bomb Finally Dropped At End of Episode
DKosty12326 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Most of this episode is a consequence episode. JR and John Ross work has consequences and Bobby and the rest of the family start finding them out. It is no surprise at the start that John Ross is arrested for murder. We know he did not kill her from the last show but he has the victims scratches on his neck.

What happens with John Ross getting beat up by the South American thugs in jail because they want their Southfork Oil is no surprise. In fact all this episode goes along with a certain logic. Christopher becomes the guy who has to bail out the family with the devils they have made the deal with to save Southfork.

When the deal is set and done, John Ross and Elena have their romance kindled because of his beating and when he gets out of jail he goes with her for some healing and TLC. As for Christopher, he has several encounters with Rebecca, finally on the last one asking her if she has been totally honest with him. She swears she has been and he is still trying to decide if he can trust her again.

Then in the last minute comes the bomb shell. This little revelation takes Hitchcocks "Strangers on a Train" (which is supposedly how Rebecca met Christopher) to a whole new level. The question is will the results of this revelation finally come out next show and what exactly this little but major wrinkle are going to have?
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