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"Alphas" Falling (2012)

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Open with some kids taking a drug and then jumping of a roof. Apparently the pill makes them impervious to any physical harm.

Rosen meets with Clay and asks him about the investigation into the mole. He's clearly concerned about Dani being discovered.

The team watches video of the kids jumping from the roof. Harken is put in charge and he tasks Gary with looking into the possibility alphas are involved.

Rachel and John are going to dinner with her parents. She's nervous.

Rosen gives Gary a secret mission.

Hicks's son Tyler comes to town for a visit. He introduces him to Dani.

Gary finds pictures of Kat hanging out with Dylan, who seems to be the mastermind behind the drugs. The drug is called Jump. Dylan's having a party that night and Kat wants to go see him.

It's clear when they meet that Kat and Dylan had a romantic history, though she obviously doesn't remember. She ends up taking a Jump pill and jumping off the roof with Dylan.

Harken is upset with Kat, but she is proud of herself for getting the drug in her blood stream.

Gary cracks the code, pulling out a number of phone numbers from Parish' phone that the NSA were looking into. Rosen asks him to pull out active New York area numbers.

Hicks talks to Dani about being concerned Tyler might be an alpha.

Rachel looks at Kat's blood and gets a sense of what is in the drug. Unfortunately several users of Jump have died recently of heart-related issues.

Rosen pays Dani a visit. They make some small talk and when she's in the other room he cross-references numbers on her phone with what Gary found. It seems to be proof for Rosen that she is the mole.

Clay tells Rosen that he's stepped up the manpower on the investigation.

Rachel tells Nina she's cancelled the dinner with her parents. She seems concerned that her parents might like John and she won't be ready for a relationship.

Kat has a meal with Dylan. She seems to like him. Kat doesn't want Harken to arrest Dylan. She thinks she can get a confession out of him on her own.

Hicks has Tyler play baseball, seemingly to see if he might be an alpha. Tyler hates it and wants to go home.

Kat gets Gary to help her see Dylan.

Rosen asks Nina if she can get a passport under a false name. He hands her a picture of Dani.

Dani returns home to find Hicks trying to convince Tyler to stay. She sits Tyler down and tells him she's an alpha. She uses her power to show Hicks and Tyler how each other has been feeling.

Rosen tells Nina what's happened and says he wants to get Dani someplace where Clay and Parish can't find her. Nina thinks Rosen should let Clay do his job.

Kat gives Dylan a head's up that he's about to be arrested. He's furious that she betrayed him. In the back of his apartment Kat finds that he's been using the blood of an alpha to make the pills. Kat tries to rescue the woman, but Dylan knocks her down and leaves with the alpha. Kat takes one of the pills and uses it to jump off the roof and onto Dylan's car. She pulls him out of the vehicle and beats him senseless.

At the airport Dani gets a text from Parish to meet somebody at a park

Kat is upset they weren't able to make anything stick with Dylan. Harken cheers her up and tells her he's signed her up for the FBI academy.

Rosen meets Dani at the park. He was the one who sent the message. They argue and eventually Clay and John arrive on scene with guns drawn. Rosen says he needs her to be safe.

Hicks is furious with Rosen for turning in Dani. He yells that Rosen was "supposed to protect her."

Rosen goes to see Dani in custody. She asks him if she can be put in Building 7. She says she wants to forget. Rosen tells her there is a way out.


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