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  • John Ross seeks to gain an upper hand on a family member and resorts to blackmail, but J.R. decides to handle the situation his own way. Meanwhile, Christopher opens up to Bobby about his difficulty in choosing between the two women he loves.

  • J.R. fields his trusted P.I. to hand John Ross the tool to blackmail attorney Lobell: his son Rick, a two-strike ex-addict. John Ross decides not to use untrustworthy Martha but blackmails Rebecca for the job. When handed the results, J.R. however orders Lobell to put Southfork solely in his own name. Bobby wants a last barbecue so family and friends can say goodbye to the ranch, but leaves the party reparations to Anne. Christopher joins his cattle care, notably calving, meanwhile seeking advice on how to deal with his lost love Elena and marital pledge. Cliff wants to wriggle into Sue Ellen's electoral campaign.


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  • Christopher awakes with a start from a dream about making love to Elena.

    John Ross ignores a call from Marta. JR got more dirt on Lobell's son, who has two felony possessions for drugs. With a third strike threat, they could hold Lobell off. JR suggests they set him up with the help of a woman, but John Ross doesn't want to use Marta.

    John Ross calls Rebecca and demands they meet about the email she sent breaking up Christopher and Elena.

    JR's PI reports that faux Marta's real name is Veronica Martinez, diagnosed bipolar and with past charges for stalking. JR wants the situation dealt with.

    At Southfork, Anne packs up with Tommy's help. They're planning a big good bye bbq. Anne wants Bobby's help going through his folks' stuff.

    At breakfast at Southfork, Elena brings in bids from drillers for Christopher to look at and their fingers linger a moment too long. Everyone notices when Rebecca comes in and sees them and leaves quickly.

    JR drops in on Sue Ellen and finds Cliff Barnes there.

    John Ross confronts Rebecca with her email. She denies sending it, even though it came from her IP address. He wants her to get pictures of Lobell's son doing drugs. If she does it he'll let her get away with "whatever scam you're trying to pull on my dimwitted cousin."

    Elena meets with John Ross, telling him about wanting the land leases on the Henderson land. JR's PI watches from the end of the bar.

    John Ross patches up a fence with his dad. Bobby notices him hammering angrily and asks if everything's OK with Rebecca. They're interrupted with word of a pregnant cow.

    John Ross goes with Elena to Mrs. Henderson's house and he sweet talks his way in. As they check out the Henderson drilling operation, he ignores another call from Marta. He gets Elena's attention with the hose and they horse around. She stops short of kissing him, but the PI gets a few shots of an embrace and immediately calls JR.

    Elena and John Ross go to give Sue Ellen an estimate for the drilling. Sue Ellen asks her son if he thinks JR really changed. John Ross is just glad JR is teaching him about the oil business.

    Chris joins his dad with the pregnant cow, who needs help. Chris tells his dad that a couple of years ago he and Elena were going to elope but she disappeared. He tells him about the email and that he can't stop thinking about what might have been with Elena, even though he loves Rebecca.

    Rebecca contemplates the photos of Lobell's son and screws up her courage. She goes to an NA meeting and asks him to talk after.

    JR looks over the PI's photos of Elena and John Ross. When the time is right he plans to get Marta "madder than a hornet's nest" and stand back, maybe at Bobby's bbq.

    John Ross takes Elena home. They talk about getting back in business together, but she's not ready for them to be together again.

    John Ross comes back to his place to find Marta on his couch sulking in lingerie. She plays mad, but says she has a present for him.

    Rebecca tries to convince Lobell's son to get high with her, but he's resolute against doing drugs. He tells her got sober after he fell in love. He talks about knowing what he would lose if he got high and Rebecca can relate.

    Rebecca comes home to find Tommy on Chris's laptop, trying to find something that will help them steal his patent.

    Marta takes John Ross to Neiman Marcus after hours to buy him a new watch. Rebecca calls saying she couldn't do what he asked. He gives her until noon tomorrow. Marta hears and says she'll handle it.

    Bobby realizes the cow's calf is breech and has punctured her uterus. He says they have to cut the calf out or they'll lose them both. Christopher is pained at the idea of the sacrifice.

    In the morning, JR suggests to Elena that she invite John Ross to the bbq. JR has breakfast with Sue Ellen, who says Cliff will back her for governor.

    She questions JR's motives but he says he's just trying to do right by John Ross.

    Bobby and Chris see the newborn calf into the world and Chris feels good that they did the right thing. He remembers learning he was adopted.

    Chris visits Elena and gives her a check for $20,000 and coldly tells her he wants to make sure there are no future disputes over ownership of his patent. "It's pretty clear how quickly you'll comprise your integrity for money," he yells.

    John Ross tells JR that Marta is dealing with Lobell's son and he got invited to the Southfork bbq.

    Rebecca gets a text from John Ross that he's coming to the bbq and she should have done what he asked.

    Marta pops her pills and drinks champagne in the morning. She goes to the door expecting John Ross, but finds JR instead. He shows her the pictures of John Ross playing around with Elena yesterday. JR tells Marta that John Ross is on the way to Southfork.

    She shows JR photos of Lobell's son passed out in bed, saying he took a lot of convincing.

    All of Dallas turns out for the bbq. Bobby gives a little speech about moving on from Southfork. Rebecca sees John Ross and finds Christopher to say they need to talk.

    JR shows Mitch photos of his son doing lines and threatens to turn him in for his third strike. JR wants Mitch to draw up a new deal cutting John Ross out of Southfork entirely.

    Chris takes Rebecca to see the baby calf. She's fighting back tears as she tells him there's something she needs to tell him about the email Elena got two years ago.

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