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COUGAR TOWN "I didn't know it was back on either."---Abed

Hurricane Mary is getting ready to hit the Cul-de-Sac Crew, so it's time to batten down the hatches. Or to get Tom (Bob Clendenin) to board up the windows on Jules' house. (and they still won't let him in) But Jules (Courteney Cox) says it's time for a Hurricane Party. Which will give Grayson (Josh Hopkins) a chance to work on a better line to close his bar every night than "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." The "adult snow day" everyone will get isn't helping Laurie (Busy Philipps) much, as Wade (Edwin Hodge) re-enlisted in the Army for another year, and she was very depressed about it. For Travis (Dan Byrd), it means opportunity knocks. Certainly he has Holly's approval, given Travis was enough of a gentleman to kiss her first instead of going "straight for the 'taters".

JULES: (disgusted) Yeah, that's how I raised him. Taters are for laters.

TRAVIS: She actually did say that.

JULES: I did.

Jules and Ellie (Christa Miller) head to Grayson's immediately to consult with the guys. Unfortunately, Jules can get no support from Andy (Ian Gomez) or Bobby (Brian Van Holt) about Travis not dating Laurie, and Grayson is neutral. Andy even says had Ellie's mom stopped him from marrying her, this magical relationship would never have happened. (He's referring to the one between Bobby and him.) Jules insists Bobby tell Travis it's a bad idea, and Bobby agrees. Then he crumbles when he sees how happy Travis is at the thought of dating Laurie. (BOBBY: I see the way you stare at her breasts...different than the way you stare at other breasts. More respectful.)

LAURIE: Travis, what am I doing waiting around for a guy I've never held, or kissed, or burned with a match?

Hell, even Tom thinks Travis is in. This, of course, still doesn't stop Jules from trying to sabotage it, such as telling Laurie that Travis takes pills for low testosterone. Not even re-enacting The Perfect Storm on Bobby's boat is any help. And now the power has gone out. But that's OK, as long as they still have wine. (Um...) The boys make a run over to Grayson's bar just in time to have the power come back on and allow three hot supermodels time to let their soaked minidresses dry. (No, that didn't last long at all.) To break the tie about whether to let Travis date Laurie or stop them, they play a game of Celebrity. (Although they needed to play Penny Can to decide to play that.) The guys are killing it until Ellie tells Jules they were going to cheat. Which works, until Jules decides that she wants Travis to be happy. She admits to cheating, and Travis can do what he wants.

Travis is ready to be the good guy who puts Laurie's happiness before his own, which she never got from anybody. But then Wade, whom Laurie was talking to on Skype, calls back and asks him what was wrong with Laurie. Travis explains she's upset about him re-enlisting and says she really needs a guy to actually be physically there for her. Wade convinces Travis to put the iPad on his face and "be his body". Travis goes to dance with Laurie while Wade talks to her and tells he how sorry he is. Wade tells Travis to hold Laurie, which he does, while he apologizes, saying he had to be there for his buddies in Afghanistan. Laurie forgives him and wants Wade to grab her ass. Wade badgers Travis to do it, and Trav takes one for the team. But it's too awkward for Travis and he tries to leave. Laurie grabs Travis and asks him if she should give Wade another chance. And Travis really is more concerned about Laurie's happiness than his own: he tells her to give Wade another chance.

Oh, and Grayson gives up on the catchphrase to close the bar. He just warns all the college kids there to take a good look at the person they're talking to and see if they really want to have an awkward morning after with them. Keepin' it real, Grayson.


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