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Amazingly Awful!
JenCMedina29 June 2014
So Awful! I don't understand why movies like this are even made,unless it is for comical relief! HORRIBLE Acting, terrible storyline, and obvious flaws that a toddler could recognize. A News station in Texas,does not want to issue a tornado warning after 3 tornadoes already hit because they don't want to cause an uproar? The tornado hits a mall and there is damage inside from what would look like an explosion but yet all walls/windows are in tact and all cars are perfectly parked outside. Nobody in Texas ever recognizes the weather patterns of a tornado or sees the Twister heading right at them until its about 30 feet in front of them. And why is the basement a total disaster zone but yet not a single building is ever destroyed when the F6 tornado runs right through it? The only reason I gave it two stars is because I laughed my butt off at how bad it was! I would have thought I was watching a Scary Movie Spoof if the actors weren't trying so hard to be serious.
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Nothing new here. Please move on.
wx101321 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Any good? Maybe if I was a teen aged boy due to the teen girls running around in Texas style attire.......

But the same ole tornado hits mall, school, train, etc. First one always hits at night. Whacker chasers in a pick-up camper. Conflicts between integral vs. sensationalist news casters. Although it did add a Nuclear Plant to the mix, so this will be a first. The only thing that is missing is a tornado proof tank.

It is amazing that the tornadoes in this movie are not causing immediate damage. The damage is only apparent after the tornado has passed and there was a cut to a new scene.

Director: "Cut to CGI tornado passing in front of the Mall" *CGI tornado moves back and forth. CGI debris is apparent. Flimsy sign on the mall 20' from CGI tornado is not even rippling.*

Director: "Cut to worried father weather scientist concerned about his teen-aged daughter at said mall"

Director: "Cut back to mall where we now see the aftermath of the tornado's destructive force."

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Christmas Twister
bobandhoang18 December 2012
Perhaps someone should consider renaming this movie as "Christmas Turkey". It's about as flawed as a movie can get.....which pretty much sums up the "Global Warming" lead man. Anyone who lives in the North Central part of Texas will instantly recognize the errors of such things as mountains in Granbury/Dublin. You wonder at the lead character shouting to people leaving a mall asking "have you seen my son?" How would they know who his son is??? A few times he calls out about his son "wearing a Texas shirt", but when he finds him the kid is wearing a striped green shirt. A monster tornado inflicts more damage on the basement of a TV station than it does on the upper floors and a fire on the upper floors somehow causes heavy smoke in the basement! We can see a funnel cloud coming at a male anchor, but his cameraman doesn't see it! This movie is so bad that I became fascinated watching it to see what other glaring errors would pop up next!
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Set in Texas, where else could you have Christmas dinner poolside in swim suits?
TxMike16 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It was a wet Sunday here in South Texas and the best way to kill time was channel surfing. I came across this made-for-TV movie on the ION network. Honestly it isn't a very good movie, with pretty people who can't act plus homely people who can. But for some reason I couldn't quit watching, it is one of those.

Near the beginning of the movie the brother and sister wonder if mom and dad's arguing will lead to their split, a lot happens between that and the end, where mom and dad are kissing and telling each other "I love you." It is one of those movies, and of course very appropriate to the Holiday season.

The drama is created by increasingly faster and more dangerous tornadoes, "twisters", in the Fort Worth area near Christmastime. Family members and friends all get into harm's way, even the family dog, but all ends well.

But there is one really outstanding thing about this movie, and its name is Haley Lu Richardson who plays the teenage daughter Kaitlyn . She seems to be really a teenager, but her IMDb profile has essentially no information. However some websites and youtube videos indicate she is from the Phoenix area, is an accomplished dancer with some gymnastics experience, and overall fitness from dance and various sports.

But all that wouldn't matter much unless she has acting ability. And she really does. Plus the camera loves her face. So, if she gets a break or two, she could develop into a star. But in that business often it is who you know, not necessarily how good you are. Here's to hoping she gets noticed by the right people, she has that much potential.

Disclaimer: I do not know Ms Richardson, I have no connection to anything involving her, I only learned about her after seeing this movie. I just call 'em like I see 'em.
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So So bad
nopity nope21 December 2014
I have a really hard time with movies that can't even bother to learn about the areas they are supposedly set in. Palm trees everywhere? Shorts and tanks in December? Using the phrase "on the I35." None of these are things are accurate for Stephenville, TX. The woman that plays Deb needs to never ever try an accent again. WTF was that? Was she aiming for Scarlett O'Hara with cerebral palsy? Jesus lady, you are horrible. I'm still laughing from how horrible the acting was. My favorite part was where the news anchor dies atop the power plant from flying debris. Debris he watched fly towards his head for a good 2 minutes and never even tried to duck. Hey there guy, you would have kept your head if your reaction time was slightly faster than a sloth's.
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How Did This Guy Get Funded?
jaiciek-198-11012428 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
****SPOILER ALERT**** The movie stunk to high heaven. ****SPOILER ALERT**** The script was stupid, the direction of the extras...stupid, the plausibility of ANY of it...non- existent. The other reviews that rated this movie low, were absolutely right. ANYONE that rated this movie more than a "1" has to be a paid reviewer or has NEVER EVER EVER seen another semi-decent movie in their life.

The movie overall was horrific. The other low-rating reviewers posting were absolutely correct.

One important fact no one pointed out: Grandbury, and every other town in this state, know how to hang the Texas flag correctly. As I have taught little kids to do: White goes on the top - clouds, Red goes on the bottom - dirt/blood on the ground, and the star makes a little man with his arms open wide. *smh*

You're welcome :o)
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Worst Movie Ever
angelbear_808 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As someone that grew up in Dublin, Texas and Erath county (pronounced E- wrath, not errath) this was horrible movie was completely insulting to Dublin, Tolar, Stephenville, Grandbury, and Fort Worth. First, the Dublin and Grandbury "sets" are completely unrealistic. Both of these towns are way bigger than portrayed in this awful movie. There are no mountains around here. And guess what, 377 is a highway, not a dirt road. And the closest mall is Fort worth, which there are not palm trees lining the streets in. Tornados come with high wind, rain, hail, and debris around here. Was it so difficult to do any research for this movie? How did this monstrosity even get funded? How much did the writer get paid for this? My 6 year old and 8 year old nephews could do better, and then their college might be paid for.
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Uplifting in a not so good way...
cindy-15324 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely write reviews, but this time I just couldn't resist. This is the absolute WORST holiday movie I've had the misfortune to watch. There is just so much that is wrong with this movie--the acting, the scenery, the large chunks of dialogue that seemed like the characters were quoting passages from a text book or encyclopedia. Oh, and I really hate supposed Christmas stories that end up preaching about global warming. (Don't get me started!) Apparently the director/writer/producer/etc has a twisted and warped idea about what constitutes an uplifting Christmas story.

Why on earth was there no rain or hail when these huge twisters came through? I don't even think I heard one thunder crack or saw any lightning. And how in the heck does a tornado cause so much damage to a basement (a SUB basement at that!) and hardly any damage to the rest of the building? Did it come from the ground up??? And did that family really leave a door open? How else did that dog get out of the house?

There was one scene that kind of creeped me out. Two teenage girls sit on Santa's lap. EWWW! The tall blonde tells Santa the other wants a date with some guy named Ryan. Five minutes later, when the twister hits, a boy is locked out of the mall. Everyone just stands there, not even bothering to help him get in. The poor sap gets sucked into the tornado. Guess what! it was Ryan! That's one gift Santa won't be able to deliver.

I could go on and on about the idiocy that is this movie and the plot holes that are so big a semi could drive through them, but it's Christmas and I want to keep what remains of my sanity.

By the end, I was wishing one of those so-called twisters in the movie would bust through my TV and put me out of my misery.
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Granbury, not Grandbury,
Suszie12211 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Omg..I was breaking my head trying to think when all this occurred, and as I watched the movie. I realized it was based on Granbury, Weatherford, fort worth I posted on my Facebook asking friends when this happened I don't remember it, we don't have a little town how they portray either, and that mall wasn't even in Texas, closet one is in fort worth, and that wasn't hullen mall and the way they made that TV reporter die, that would of been all over the news here..smh the girls in boots and small shorts was probably the only real thing from the whole movie..jajaja I thought Granbury had gotten a movie made we didn't know about but it was fun to hear it..
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We're Not In Texas Anymore...
Brianna Summers24 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching this film with my mother. We thought we would be watching Anything But Christmas, seeing as that's what the program on our television stated, but were somewhat-pleasantly surprised when poorly-animated tornadoes were spewed onto our television screen. We considered changing the channel after several strained and faked pleas for help from the characters, but decided to give the movie a chance. To to our surprise, about halfway through the movie, we recognized a location that the two young girls were visiting in place of attending school- the Southbay Pavilion mall! Located in Carson, CA and having lived across the street from this mall for two years, my mother and I were instantly taken out of the Texas setting of the film. Although there were several other factors that attributed to our mockery of the film- the D-class acting, the horrific CGI, the inconsistent storyline and setting, etc.- we truly did enjoy watching the tragedy that was Christmas Twister. If you're in the mood for a nonsensical flurry of tornadoes in December, then venture forth! Just don't take any factual information from this film to heart.

Southbay Pavilion mall(if you were ever so curious):
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Funny movie
Anna Ferr23 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OMG, the worst movie I have ever seen. My DH and I couldn't believe this was a drama! We were laughing so hard. The only drama in the movie is how drawn out every scene is. Asking strangers have you seen my daughter,son was just too funny. I had to check who wrote,directed and produced this movie thinking it must be the same person. I was right! For the life of me I am dumbfounded as to how Sullivan got funding for this pathetic movie. We were very impressed how every member of the Twister man family were the "take charge of every situation" type. The high school daughter trapped in mall was the only person brave enough to venture out of the storm shelter to find some woman's daughter. The young brother, goes off to find some kid grandfather. The mother takes charge over the TV station she works at. The father was more accurate in his twister predictions then the National Weather Center. The self-importance of this family characters are just so unrealistic and laughable.
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Flawed but fun
Lauren Alexander28 December 2012
Over the Christmas holidays, I try to watch as many Christmas movies as I can, so when I came across this movie on ION, I had to watch it. I was surprised how different it was from other Christmas movies, which was both good and bad. Overall, while far from perfect, I thought it was enjoyable and a lot of fun.


The script. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Every member of the family got a moment to shine and I liked that the kids learned their lesson and became better for it. Even the dog got his moment!

The action. I thought the movie was exciting. I had only intended to watch half or so, but I couldn't turn it off. It also moved very quickly, not a dull moment.

The actors. The guy from Starship Troopers did a good job and makes a good action hero. The kids were great too.


The FX were a little cheesy at times. This is where the low budget showed.

Global warming... I thought there was a little bit too much lecturing about climate change and I didn't think it was necessary.

The music... kind of blah and not really exciting enough for a movie like this.

I wouldn't let my young kids watch it yet, but when they're older and ready for an action movie... I think this would be a fun one to let them see.
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Like the previous poster, Dante's Inferno only with a twister and worse acting and actors
Jerry Gooch8 December 2013
OK. I have to admit I did not sit there and suffer through the whole thing like my wife did, but, the amount I did see was bad enough. The fake fire, the (what appeared to be nuclear power plant) in Fort Worth. This movie was just lousy. I don't know where they got the palm trees. I've never seen them here. Also at the tail end (SPOILER ALERT) the main character and his family swimming (in December) in their unheated outdoor pool and running around in bikinis and bathing suits in north Texas. Excuse me. It's never warm enough in December to run around like that and have a cook-out. Anyway if you like B-grade movies with lousy acting etc. go for it.
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Excitement for the whole family!
Tina Cornwell16 December 2012
I love disaster films and I thought since this one was on ION, it would be good for the whole family. And everyone loved it! Casper Van Dien and Victoria Pratt play the parents of two kids who find their lives turned upside down when tornadoes hit their town right before Christmas. They have to find their kids, and unfortunately, one of them disobeyed and now can't be found. It's a great lesson as the kids learn to grow up and even help their parents, and we see how far a parent will go to save their kids. I thought it was exciting, not too violent, and very well made. The daughter, I don't know the actress's name, is going to be a big star!! The only reason I didn't give a 10 was because there was some talk about climate change and how it's our fault, and I didn't think that was necessary in a family film.
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Great action movie!
Vance Martin16 December 2012
Having watched a bunch of disaster films on SYFY, I figured I pretty much knew what to expect from a movie called "Christmas Twister" starring Casper Van Dien. And this movie delivered! Starting with a tornado attack on a small Texas gas station... this is a roller coaster ride that almost never stops! Basically you have Casper Van Dien as a small college professor who has to save his family before big tornadoes hit their city. His son's at school, but his daughter ditched so he's got to find her. The special effects are a cut above Syfy standards and there's actually some really cool rescue scenes. Want something different for Christmas? Check this one out!
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The usual junk
Leofwine_draca20 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
F6: TWISTER is another lame-o disaster flick, chock full of cheesy CGI tornado effects and wooden actors reacting to said effects. Casper Van Dien stars as the typical square-jawed hero type and the direction is bad enough to offer repetitive scenes of characters running in slow-moving to embrace, like that wasn't dated in the 1960s. This film has a Christmas angle, hence the original title Christmas TWISTER, which is rather silly as it reduces interest in the movie for the rest of the year.
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Global warming causing tornadoes near Christmas, yeah, it sucks
Marshal Phipps11 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If there's one thing this movie has the audacity to do is try to put global warming into the plot of this film to make it more interesting which it doesn't, it's redundant and serves little real purpose in the movie other than a sloppy explanation for the tornado outbreak, the film would have done fine without global warming being slipped into the plot.

The special effects are primitive, the tornadoes were sloppily rendered and the CGI vehicles that were carried away looked very unconvincing.

The biggest problem I have with the movie is the portrayal of the tornadoes, there are multiple scenes that didn't make sense. There's one scene where a tornado is in the mall parking parking lot and not a single car is misplaced, another scene where the F6 strikes a port full of shipping containers and only two containers are picked up.

While the scenes of a train being lifted off its tracks and the destruction of the city are accurate and entertaining, unfortunately that doesn't stop the film from falling flat.

In short, this film about a tornado outbreak near Christmas is only watchable if your expectations are low or if your focus in trained towards the family drama rather than the thrill.
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Not the worst TV disaster movie
msblackeyes6810 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
People need to remember these made for TV movies are NOT going to be full of top actors, explosive special effects, and twist and turn story lines.

That being said there are a few scenes where you will shake your head at. It's always good to wait until the tornado hits before having someone trapped. The scene is at the TV station. Everyone is heading to the basement. Pregnant lady is in other part of basement. Female lead goes looking. The woman is calling for help. As the lead makes her way to her the tornado rumbles the building. She doesn't even stumble yet she finds the missing pregnant lady buried under a pile of debris. Except the woman was hollering prior to the tornado showing up. That was sort of hard to swallow.

There were a few other scenes that you raise a few eyebrows but the movie wasn't the worst I've ever seen. Some reviewers were upset that they had the nerve to discuss global warming. Not only is it a real issue but it's also needed in the movie to explain why so many tornadoes were appearing just before Xmas. Months away from tornado season. Anyway. If you like made for TV disaster movies you'll prob enjoy this one.
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Neither a Christmas cracker or a Christmas turkey, better than expected however
TheLittleSongbird5 September 2013
There are things in Christmas Twister(aka F6: Twister) that could have been done better. The music is very pedestrian and at best forgettable. The special effects are cheesy and rushed-looking, a tell-tale sign of the movie being low-budget, then again that was to be expected. The more emotional moments in the script did come across as mawkish. And the global warming was agreed handled in a far too heavy-handed way and wasn't necessary to the story. The rest of the production values are not bad, of the low-budget movies seen recently even with the special effects not being up to par Christmas Twister is one of the better-looking ones. The tornado sequences do have a certain fun and tension to them, there aren't overused and they don't feel drawn-out. The dialogue can get cloying, but is well-meaning on the whole and there does seem to be effort to ensure that it made sense, which is more than can be said for other low-budget disaster movies. The story doesn't have a dull moment with the disaster scenes not devoid of their fun and thrills and the family scenes being generally heart-warming. With the characters, effort also seems to have been made to let all have chances to shine and to make them as likable as possible. The acting is also better than average, Casper Van Dien is a surprisingly good lead and if she does any more stuff Haley Lu Richardson is one to watch. All in all, better than expected while never reaching greatness. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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