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Plot Summary

  • Lincoln, feeling out of place on the team now that Peter is back and Olivia is beginning to forget him, volunteers to take liaison duty for the day, and joins the alternate Fringe team in the search for a vigilante killer with some unusual abilities. He bonds with Fauxlivia and Alt-Astrid, and he and Alt-Lincoln compare life stories to figure out the way in which their two lives diverged, only to find that they're not so different as they initially seem to be. Alt-Lincoln still suspects that there may be a mole in his team working for David Robert Jones.

    - Written by John W.
  • When Olivia forgets the encounters she had with Lincoln, he feels misplaced in the Fringe Division and asks Broyles to go to the parallel universe as the substitute for Astrid to deliver two boxes of documents of cases to help the other side. He offers to help the alternate Olivia in a new case that she is investigating about a vigilante that helped a woman in danger, killing the criminal and leaving the body disfigured. When two workers find several bodies in a quarantine area, they suspect that shapeshifters might be the responsible. Soon they capture a prototype of shapeshifter called Canaan and Broyles calls Nina to tell where Canaan is. Nina sends a sniper that misses Canaan and hits the alternate Lincoln. Now Canaan decides to help the fringe Division. What will happen next?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Harvard University Lincoln comes in to the lab to see the cow in an FBI jacket. Walter thinks she has Seasonal Affective Disorder...

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