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Brilliant new comedy
Clairec444410 July 2012
I don't understand how this programme has only received 5.6 so far, this comedy is brilliant I haven't seen anything better for ages (although last years 'Spy' is worth a mention). What else is there out there that you could possibly give any decent marks to.

Sharon Horgan is surely one of the best writers of new comedy; more power to her. With Jennifer Saunders as a regular and others like Caroline Quentin popping in, well 5.6 is quite frankly an insult. I wouldn't mind so much if we were inundated with sit com after sit com that constantly has us rolling in the aisles but we most definitely aren't, which is why this comedy is even more worth while.

Last nights episode with the music competition was hysterical, roll on season 2.
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Perfectly Produced, Less Perfectly Written
pontram1 July 2012
After four episodes of this show I have to admit that I like it more than it obviously deserves. This, because the actors are doing a great job and directing and camera are at a high level. Pacing / Cut is fast enough to prevent boredom.

Nothing less is to be expected from a BBC production.

At a second glance, 'Dead Boss' seems to hinder itself from being a good show. It's soft, nice, and - nearly irrelevant. It's good for spending half an hour with a slight smile, and after a few episodes you are common with the 'family', i.e. bad girls, good girls and some pathetic men. The jokes are sometimes not the best, but mostly mildly entertaining. There are many missed opportunities to get more from the plot, some grabbed chances after all, and nothing outstanding.

It's also too well-behaved for my liking. I prefer more dark, black humor, stronger political incorrectness, and so on....

But also, it looks somewhere promising. With a bit more bravery it could be at least a good show.
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Nice program but can it last
D Graham22 July 2012
This sitcom is co-written by and stars Sharon Horgan, the co-creator of the rather brilliant Pulling, a sitcom which was axed to much outcry some years back. Dead Boss starts at a dizzying pace and the first episode has all the slickness of a 1970's heist movie. The jokes come thick and fast. Much has been made of the cameo by Jennifer Saunders but it is characters of Christina, Helen's arsonist cell mate and the disturbing Top Dog, played beautifully by Lizzie Roper that really steal the show. it is great to see a well written female-led show but after a terrific start the series began to drag, the jokes start to drag and the whodunit storyline begins to is hard to see how they will eek out a second or even third series. Good fun though
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Sharp comedy blunted by seventies sitcom setting
paul2001sw-114 July 2012
Sharon Horgan's series 'Pulling' is my favourite comedy of recent years; but 'Dead Boss', her latest effort, sadly fails to hit the same heights. There are some moments of similar genius, of characters whose hysterically exaggerated behaviours are driven by their own deluded perception of reality; but whereas in 'Pulling', these occurred against a realistic backdrop, in 'Dead Boss', the scenario is an improbable murder mystery, and a women's prison portrayed in a manner you might expect of a 1970s sitcom. For all the sharp lines, the flimsy story fails to provide suspense, and the laughter is muted by the unbelievability of the situation. At times, the programme almost feels like a sketch show, with the plot merely providing an excuse for the jokes; but Horgan's sort of comedy needs to be founded in something that feels true. I've watched comedies with fewer good lines; but it's surprisingly amateurish, and a little disappointing for anyone who knows how good, at her best, Horgan can be.
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Just simply AWFUL
michelesofaraway2 October 2013
Tuned in to watch "Dead Boss" How this situation of someone being wrongly accused of a crime can possibly be funny is simply not funny. Its a real shame that really good talent has wasted time and energy making this TV series. There are some great writers and stories out there just needing the BBC to turn them into AWARD winning Drama, can the BBC waste good talent on A series that has chosen a really sad situation which I am sure has happened to people in the past (Jill Dando's killer was jailed and was proved innocent) It is something so AWFUL...Evil threatening characters that the Helen character has to bluff her way out of, come on its beyond stupid, its mindless, thoughtless rubbish and the BBC can and should do better.
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So funny
finibabe230 April 2017
I cannot believe this was just 6 episodes. Was this canceled? I picked it up on Hulu and thought I missed what happened at the end. It just ended with no resolution of anything. This definitely needs to be continued. It was so creative and funny. It is really the only prison show that did not gross me out. Every character was integral. The mystery put forth was and still is a great cliffhanger. My favorite character had to be the young hot wife. Loved her accent.
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