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Reviews & Ratings for
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140 out of 153 people found the following review useful:

The Lunatics Are Taking Over the Asylum

Author: Graeme Baxter
12 June 2012

Or, to be perfectly honest, they are running the film industry.

Actually, that's a typo - it's not running, it's ruining.

Another Asylum lunatic fringe production that adds nothing to any genre - it tries to be found footage, but misses the point, it tries to be horror, but misses the point, it tries to be scifi, but misses the point..indeed the only point it manages to successfully achieve and surpass, is the point when you realise that that's another 90minutes of your life that the Asylum have stolen from you.

And that's depressing.

I'm curious as to what future blockbuster they were trying to mimic - I sincerely hope it wasn't Prometheus, because if it was, the fail factor is off the chart - it's like they read a précis of the prequel to Alien, and tried to pre-empt what Ridley Scott was going to make. And failed with such catastrophic ease, that it's actually criminal to try and market this movie to the general public.

If it wasn't Prometheus, then I'm left with the only other option, and that being that it was an Asylum original movie. And that's wrong on so many levels.

The story itself was all over the place, I can't even begin to try and explain the mess the writer came up with. First they were doing an exercise in the jungle, then they were chasing "unknowns", then they were rescuing archaeologists (which, when you see the cut away scenes, will make you cringe), then were finding alien spacecraft in the middle of the said jungle whilst expressing not one bit of amazement at the discovery...

Casting selections looks to have been made with blindfold at the end of a drunken night out with the boys, whilst they were decent enough actors, the mish mash ethnicity just didn't work coupled to the abysmal script and director-less production - all added together to leave us with a dogs dinner of a movie.

Still, the fireworks throughout the tail end of the film were pretty.

Oh wait a minute....I just's a true story, and really happened...and they're all still missing...

Ah well - that's okay then.

In short - watch this movie at your own risk - a little piece of you may wither up and float away if you do.....


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40 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

Winner of worst movie since movies went color.

Author: Will Vervair
30 June 2012

Well that's about 90 minutes of my life I don't get back! Truly the worst movie I have ever seen! I picked it up at Redbox and boy do I feel ripped off. I've been better entertained by watching workers paint the stripes on a crosswalk! I hope the director has a good day job, this movie is going to cost him any respect he might have thought he had when it comes to making movies. My only recourse is to come here and warn others not to waste their time. The acting, the direction, the video, the sound, the plot. How does a movie like this even get produced? I've seen my share of bad movies, but this is so bad it is an epic FAIL. The production company The Asylum Home Entertainment must have some really drunk investors who like losing money. This movie makes me want to burn my DVD player in case it is now infected.

If you read the reviews here and still rent the movie than congratulations, you're even dumber than the producers. In fact, I've been more entertained by the people here writing reviews. They in fact could have done a better job writing this movie.

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30 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

The worst Asylum Movie, and the worst Found Footage movie ever made

Author: kdnor2011 from United States
21 June 2012

I don't like the Asylum, I haven't seen a lot of their movies, but most of the movies I have seen I have absolutely hated. Transmorphers, the Day the Earth Stopped, Titanic 2, Monster, all bad. They made two movies, that weren't horrendous. One was Paranormal Entity which was actually not a bad movie, it was flawed, but descent. Gacy House wasn't really good, but at least it was watchable. So their only two somewhat descent movies were found footage movies, so maybe Alien: Orgin, which is also a found footage movie would be OK.

It isn't, this is not only the worst Aylum movie ever made, but it's the worst Found Footage movie ever made. It's a rip off of Prometheous, and it has one scary part. One scary part, and the scene underwater wasn't too bad. That's it.

Most of this movie is just walking, which wouldn't be too bad, except that while walking, there is also no talking. Nothing happens in this movie, for like 50 minutes it's just walking with no diolougue. And then the rest of the time is just repetitive. I mean it, the last half hour of this movie follows the same pattern. Shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot, run. It get's very repetitive and very boring.

Alien Orgin is the Asylum's worst movie, the worst found footage movie ever made, and one of the worst movie's I've ever seen.

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26 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Beyond awful.

Author: bilejo from United States
28 June 2012

Well....I can't conceive how anyone could make a worse movie! Too bad they don't have a minus no star rating. If that was the case I'd giver it a minus .000000000000001 Star.

I won't give the plot away but it apparently low budget. Actors/actresses are mediocre at best. Filming was shabby at best and many attempts were apparently made to heighten suspense. But that's what they were...attempt.

I don't want to give anyone the wrong opinion but there are very few movies I have seen that I was as displeased with.

I realize I have a 1,000 words but that isn't enough to describe my experience watching it. I can summarize by saying I'd rather watch a buzzard puke.

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20 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Perfect for a "Bad Movie Night" or Those with Insomnia

Author: demonic_kitten from United States
28 June 2012

Now, I'm not saying this film was boring..... I'm just saying that I've seen more action in a Care Bears film.

It took 50 minutes before anything remotely interesting even happened, and even that was pretty bad.

The explosions looked like they just set off a bunch of fireworks.

The only interesting thing about the film was the scenery, the country of Belize is beautiful.

The acting was sub-par and the graphics were horrible. They kept switching between black and white, colour, night vision, and infrared. My guess is to distract you from how horrible the film is. If you're looking for an intelligent film, look elsewhere. If you want a film to put you to sleep, then by all means, watch it.

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18 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Thankyou but it was not good

Author: jreynoldsfilms from United Kingdom
1 July 2012

I hate people on-line that give bad reviews and list their reasons and go on about how bad something is however I feel I need to express my feelings about the film. Basically do not bother watching this film it was so bad I had to watch it to the end just to make sure it was rubbish till the end. I understood what the director was trying to do, the build up of tension and the slow scenes that made the viewer wonder what was going to happen but that was the main problem for me was the fact nothing did happen. If the last 15 minuets of the film was done right it could of turned the film around and it possibly could be amazing if it did have a good ending but it didn't. This film did not deliver. Sorry but I felt that this film wasted my time.

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17 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

There's ninety minutes I'll never get back

Author: jjoseph202 from Tucson, AZ
14 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was a waste. I shouldn't have rented it from Redbox, and I shouldn't have stuffed it in my DVD player.

The promises made in the film previews and ads never materialize. I thought for sure I'd learn something about the alien origins of mankind.


In a style reminiscent of CLOVERFIELD or BLAIR WITCH or APOLLO 18, this film tries to assemble itself out of bits of supposedly recovered video from two or three or four sources, all mangled or shredded in the goings-on in this film.

So it's confusing as blazes. Just when you think you're going to see the alien, the digital video goes all haywire (which a digital video wouldn't do) and makes the alien impossible to see. At least CLOVERFIELD didn't do that.

The closest analogue I can find to what this movie thought it was doing was PREDATOR. You know, a heavily armed group of professional soldiers caught in the jungle getting hunted by an annoyed alien which is better armed than they are.

Complicating the story is the injection of a cute blonde news bimbo who is trying to make a 60-minutes kind of segment.

I still can't figure out what was supposed to be going on.

FORTUNATELY, the movie tells us all the people disappeared.

So odds are we won't be subjected to a sequel.

The last 60 seconds of the film are supposed to explain it, BUT, since the film was supposedly assembled out of bits and scraps of video, WHY THE BLEEP WASN'T THE LAST 60 SECONDS OF THE FILM SPLICED INTO THE FILM IN SEQUENCE WHERE IT BELONGED? It wouldn't have made the story make more sense, frankly.

But watching the film, the last 60 seconds looks like someones afterthought. Like they got in the editing room and said, "Oh yeah, we got to the end of the film and didn't explain the alien origin! Let's splice in this bit of nonsense at the end!" And yet it doesn't explain anything to me.

All it looked like to me was someone's opportunity to shoot off a couple thousand rounds of blank ammo in automatic weapons.


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21 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Great poster. That's about it...

Author: netmange
16 June 2012

I watched this movie stupidly thinking it was one of the Alien vs Predator line of movies. God was I wrong. This is arguably one of the worst movies I've ever watched. It gives a 5 minute clumsy attempt at movie making by pimpled prepubescent geeks a real run for their $5 budget. The show was probably shot on a $100 budget and about $80 was put into designing a real kickass poster. Then the director though," Hmm. Another $10. What can I do with that?? Well, let me just grab a bunch of desperate superstar wannabes and offer them a shot at stardom if they each contribute another $100 to my budget! Brilliant!!" Well unfortunately it's quite likely the investment put in by the wannabe superstars won't be paying off anytime soon. The director should be thrown in the slammer for grievous waste of viewers' time and irreversible brain rot. This movie is not worse your time or money for rental. Avoid it like the plague even if someone pays you to watch it. (Unless you're in the mood for exchanging some brain cells for a couple of bucks)

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14 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Alien Junk

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
30 August 2012

I watched Alien Origins with an open mind and low expectations, but I do agree with other commentators that the film was just awful. The poster was cool and the scenery but that's it. In fact, I'd go as far to say that Alien Origins beats Titanic II(Transmorphers was rubbish as well) as the absolute worst film that The Asylum has ever produced. Alien Origins looks cheap, with choppy camera work, some of the worst special effects I've seen for any movie and footage that is clumsily incorporated and adds little if anything to the atmosphere. The aliens look fake and have no menace whatsoever to them. Another big problem was the story. The tone itself is all over the place, you are never sure whether it is trying to be mystery or sci-fi, in both those elements it fails abysmally, never being suspenseful or thrilling enough. It is also lethargic in pace, and never recovers throughout, and there are even times where next to nothing happens. The music and sound effects are generic, with little creepiness, in fact when something does happen they make it all too obvious, which I dislike intensely regarding movies. The dialogue is stilted and aimless, while the characters are stereotypical and have no likability or development to them. The acting is terrible, the actors show no passion or sense of what's going on and all too often it feels as though they were not even directed. All in all, Alien Origins is junk. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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11 out of 13 people found the following review useful:


Author: jessebanke
17 June 2012

The movie is horrible, I got a head ache from the constant shaking of the camera. The plot was very drawn out for no reason, the movie was %50 running around with the camera shaking for no reason. save your $2 and don't watch this failure flick.

This would have been a cool short film. If they minus all the running around camera shaking mess. Unfortunately I wasted an hour before I stopped watching it. Its not like there was going to be a surprise ending. The ending is told at the beginning of the movie.

Time that I could have rather watched the flies buzzing around the living room, maybe even pick one and cheer it on to do the most laps. Either way anything would have been better then watching this movie. It has earned the failure of the month award from me. The name is not even relevant to the movie. The movie name is Alien Origins, but it doesn't say anything about any type of origin. I could understand if it showed a 2 minute clip of their home world, or something, but NO, they failed.

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