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  • On the occasion of the second anniversary of their first date Sheldon and Amy celebrate, however a lonely Raj is invited by Sheldon to join them. Amy is quite upset by Sheldon's actions. She also demands to know what is in his heart and gets a romantic soliloquy by Sheldon from the first Spider-man movie which she reluctantly accepts. Leonard and Penny are hanging out together where Leonard has set up the apartment with things Penny likes including snacks, beer and watching a football game. He even paints his chest with "Go Sports". Leonard tries to get her to discuss their relationship seriously, but she has had a rough day and just wants to hang. They are interrupted by Raj, who decided to leave Sheldon and Amy alone on their date. Raj tells them how great their relationship is until he learns that she has never told Leonard that she loves him. After Raj tries to get Penny to admit it, he gets kicked out of the apartment. Wandering over to the comic book store, Raj and Stuart strike up a friendship and agree to go out to see a movie. Howard video chats with Bernadette who is mad at him for not telling his mother that they are moving out. He buckles under to his mother and then tells Bernadette that everything worked out, thus lying to both of the women in his life. He may decide to stay in space.

    - Written by laird-3
  • Problems exist between all three couples. Howard, still in space, apparently didn't tell his mother that he and Bernadette are not planning on living with her, which in her eyes means that Bernadette is stealing her baby. Bernadette ends up taking the bulk of Mrs. Wolowitz's wrath, which she in turn vents on Howard. With which woman will Howard side? Things are still slightly uncomfortable between Leonard and Penny, ever since Leonard's impromptu proposal of marriage while they were having sex. While Leonard wants to talk about it, Penny doesn't. On their second anniversary date, Amy and Sheldon have the exact opposite problem, at least in Amy's mind. She is still hoping for so much more to happen with Sheldon, and she hopes that their supposed romantic anniversary dinner will be that impetus. A move by Sheldon demonstrates where his mind is at with regard to Amy. Meanwhile, a lonely Raj moves from one couple's date to another. He ends up in an unexpected place by the end of the evening.

    - Written by Huggo
  • Raj crashes Sheldon and Amy's second anniversary and interferes in Leonard and Penny's relationship. Howard gets caught in the middle of an argument between Bernadette and his mother.

    - Written by murphtones


When we last left our intrepid 7, Howard ( ) and Bernadette ( ) got married before he took off to the International Space Station...

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