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Love it! If you don't like him, you won't like the show

Author: ebayman123456 from United States
2 November 2015

Obnoxious? Yes, Rude? Yes This does not make this show bad, it's what makes it good.

-He puts people in very awkward situations and it's amazing seeing how it turns out. Peoples reactions toward Billy can be downright hilarious(negative or positive)

-The questions he asks are completely insane and weird

- Actor/celebrity look like they have fun and is always fun to watch

-Billy is frenetic and extremely fast paced which I can see turning people away. He makes some viewers I know very anxious. I personally love it.

Personally I think he's hilarious and can have some genius moments. Don't hate on him just yet. Give him some time, some things he says are unreal. If your against gays or don't like New Yorkers don't watch the show :). I love when he pokes fun at gays because it shows how real he is, being gay himself. Fun questions, hilarious reactions, crude moments, game show host berating people, lots of yelling. These are some of the things you'll see on Billy on the street. Greatttt show! 8/10

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Incredibly Obnoxious

Author: Jes Florida from United States
24 October 2015

So this is what people find entertaining now...

An obnoxious, rude, loud mouth fool? One of the worst shows on Television.

It must be an age thing because I just don't get it or find this joker funny in any way, shape or form.

Disrespecting people, cussing them out, displaying deplorable behavior is NOT good TV or entertainment.

I guess the days of good comical writing is over, since this dribble is rampant on many channels today.

Get this crap off the air and go back to real comedy.

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not for everyone but if you get the joke, it is fun to watch

Author: thedude-55157
3 March 2016

This show takes a while to first understand and then appreciate. If you are in need of instant gratification, move along and keep your BS comments about this being garbage to yourself. Tru-TV is the land of TV refuse and this show is at least fun and the most real of any of them. I enjoy seeing the antics of Billy Eichner - who is by no means gentle with anyone he meets doing the show (I don't think this is an act-- he seems to actually get PO'd at people and will eviscerate them). The celebrity guest appearances are sort of random but mostly of actors/comedians he's worked with on Parks and Recreation, his recent project "Difficult People" on Hulu, or from SNL, with the occasional celebs who just happen to live in NYC. Best part of those appearances though is that they are clearly NOT SCRIPTED. I find that refreshing as for once we get to see them actually have to think and speak their mind. Best of all are the menagerie of people he interacts with who are just "normal" (tic) average NYC people anyone could run into. Yes-- he can be a little over the top on some of his opinions, reactions, yelling, scaring people as he surprise approaches them. But part of the fun is you never know what little comment is about to set him off.

If that isn't fun for you-- don't watch it and don't sit there demanding that THIS SHOW is somehow the worst thing on TV and needs to be pulled. That is insanity. There are so many other TV shows that are 100% pure hot garbage that ARE SCRIPTED REALITY. Why pick on a show that is for the most part fluid, unique, and interesting?

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Excruciatingly Bad

Author: Connor Trahan from Louisiana
20 January 2016

After watching way more of this show than I would ever wish on the worst of my enemies, torturing myself purely in pursuit of maintaining some degree of fairness, which this abomination clearly never deserved in the first place, I have reached a singular and incontrovertible verdict about why this filth has become popular enough to actually warrant a prime time television spot—mind control. What underlying mechanism of brainwashing has been employed by Eichner and his mysterious allies (likely conducting some sort of social psychology experiment) remains an unknown, as does the question of my seemingly complete immunity to its grasp. What I do know is this—to any sane person, this show is terrible. Relentlessly bad, bordering on being outright painful.

In all seriousness, this show, like Eichner's entire comedic persona, simply fails miserably at everything it tries to be. Eichner attempts to be entertaining with his endless hyperactivity, but instead comes off as exceedingly obnoxious and abrasive. He tries to be clever—actually, really thinks he is being clever—with his "ironic" pop culture references, yet comes off as nauseatingly pretentious, ignorant, and moronic. He tries to bring energy and life to his intrinsically lifeless source material by being being almost aggressive to his guests in his attempted approach at exaggerated humor, but nearly always ends up being annoying, rude, insulting, and condescending—often to extremely talented people who, for whatever weird reason (again, probably mind control), agreed to be on his show.

Whether it has anything to do with who he really is, Billy Eichner's comedic persona is not just unfunny; it is utterly intolerable and repulsive. He does three things well.

One: completely unnecessarily antagonizing people to no comedic end whatsoever. Two: Being extremely obnoxious/inducing migraines. Three: Mind control. Gotta be mind control.

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Billy on the Street

Author: dougbrown-85858
12 November 2015

This show sucks! It needs to come off the air. It's pointless comedy that shouldn't even be called comedy. The Impractical Jokers and The Carbanaro Effect should have all of the air time on Tru TV. This show shouldn't have been approved to be on this channel. It is not funny like the other shows. What is even the point of the show, it is supposed to be funny which its not and he is just spending an hour insulting people and being obnoxious. I would actually like to know what kind of person thinks this is good humor. Take it down its annoying!! I would really appreciate this being taken seriously because I enjoy watching Tru TV and this show is ruining it!

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