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Like its predecessor, Grown Ups 2 is proudly retrograde, both in its relentless deluge of toilet humour and the way it bear-hugs some good old-fashioned conservative values.
A movie of fools, by fools, for fools, Grown Ups 2 is easily forgotten, which isn't as bad a feature as you'd think.
You know what you're going to get, and that is, indeed, what Sandler delivers. It's juvenile, it's obvious and it's crass. But with Sandler at the helm, at least it's as easy to like as it is to forget.
An average Adam Sandler comedy, which, sadly, means it's a below-average comedy - because whatever comedic fire and bursts of genuinely inspired humor Sandler once possessed have long ago burnt out.
It's another pointless romp through Sandlerland - where the women are buxom, the kids have catch-phrases and the jokes are below average.
Grown Ups 2 offers a bittersweet paean to childhood and youth and their inevitable loss. Take the case of Adam Sandler. Didn't he use to be funny?
The temptation arises to say something nice about Grown Ups 2 just because it doesn't cause injury. But no, it's a bad movie, too, just old-school bad, the kind that's merely lousy and not an occasion for migraines or night sweats.
Even as temporary visitors, the audience can feel IQ points slipping away.
It's bad enough to make you look askance at Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph, all of whom deserve a chance to do something funny other than pose as wives exuding various degrees of sexiness.
Throughout, gags are cartoonishly broad and afforded so little time for setup and delivery we seem to be watching less a story than a catalog of tossed-out material.
The obvious amount of hard work that went into this out-of-touch sequel is partly what makes it so irritating.
The movie lurches from one gross-out scene to another, flipping the bird at continuity and logic. It honestly seems as if Sandler and his team descended on a random suburb, halfheartedly improvising and moving on when they got bored.
This movie, like all of Sandler's, insists on its star's likability.

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