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Season 6

12 Mar. 2017
The First Fish Is the Hardest
It's opening week of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and for the fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, summer promises the chance for lucrative paydays. The first fish of the season can bring big money and bragging rights for the captain who lands it. Old rivals and a new competitor will battle for the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard. The race is on, and no one's going down without a fight.
19 Mar. 2017
Trials & Tunalations
The pressure is on for Captain Paul Hebert to land his first tuna. After the Wicked Pissah's great season last year, many attributed Paul's success to the skill of his first mate Brad Krasowski, now the captain of his own vessel and Paul's competition. As the other captains in the fleet choose sides, Paul vows to do everything he can to make a name for himself and prove his critics wrong.
26 Mar. 2017
Bluefin Brotherhood
It's a long-standing tradition in commercial fishing to treat other fishermen with respect, but not every captain plays by the rules. A good deed by Captain Tyler McLaughlin earns the Pinwheel some positive karma. Meanwhile, Captain Dave Carraro, frustrated with the FV-Tuna.com's dry spell, resorts to desperate measures. But what goes around comes around.
2 Apr. 2017
Who Needs a Captain?
Regardless of whether a captain's crew is made up of family, friends, longtime partners or greenhorns - the quality of the mates can make or break a season. This year, regulations allow commercial bluefin fishermen to bring in up to five fish per trip, and one boat makes a historic haul that could change the outcome of the entire season.
9 Apr. 2017
The Ego Has Landed
After his mates succeed without him, Captain Dave Carraro finds himself questioning his own abilities, and lashing out at others as a result. He's desperate for an opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the fleet, his crew and, most of all, himself. And Captain Paul Hebert doubles down on his efforts to train his rookie mate, but his hardline methods could make matters worse.
16 Apr. 2017
Doldrums and Dog Days
It's the midpoint of the Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and the captains take stock of the season thus far. Captain Tyler McLaughlin knows he's within striking distance of the top spot and is determined to stay out as long as he needs to in order to best his rival, Captain Dave Carraro. Meanwhile, Captain Paul Hebert's tough teaching methods could cost him a mate and sink his chances this season.
23 Apr. 2017
Captain Money Bags
The battle for first place in the fleet rages on, as two captains separate themselves from the pack, leaving a trail of cash-strapped competitors in their wake. Meanwhile, the competition turns desperate for some captains, who are feeling the pressure to land a paycheck. With just a few weeks left in the season, Gloucester's best fishermen need to turn their luck around or risk going home broke.
7 May 2017
Hickory Dickory Docked
With just a few weeks left in the season, the Gloucester fleet knows that Captain Dave Carraro is a formidable opponent, and one captain conspires to get under Carraro's skin in the hopes of gaining a competitive advantage. The plot succeeds, and when Carraro opts to dock his boat for a few days, the other captains pounce on the chance to take the lead away from him.
14 May 2017
Hissy Fit
A good mate can make or break a captain's season. Nick "Duffy" Fudge makes a mistake that could destroy the Pinwheel's chances of catching a fish, causing tempers to flare and tensions to boil over. Meanwhile, Captain Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise and Captain Brad Krasowski of the Fish Hawk continue to trail behind the fleet and are desperate to catch bluefin and turn their luck around.
21 May 2017
Purple Rain
A treacherous storm descends on Gloucester, forcing captains to choose between risking their lives battling the elements or risking missing out on a catch. With just three weeks left in the season, the captains are feeling the pressure. But as conditions become dangerous, landing a fish is more challenging than ever. With great risk comes great reward, but which captains will be up to the test?
28 May 2017
The End Is Nigh
With two weeks left, Captains Dave Carraro and Tyler McLaughlin are locked in a battle for first place, and each is determined to come out on top.
4 Jun. 2017
The Time Is Now
It's a fight to the finish as the championship comes down to the final weigh-in.

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