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Plummer adds another comfortably unreliable character to her gallery, turning Abigail into an older woman with a schoolboy crush.
Village Voice
Lee Isaac Chung's modern-day retelling of a Korean fairy tale is an experiment in space, narrative and physical.
Slant Magazine
Lee Isaac Chung's film exudes a wonderful sense of originality, a daring and organic playfulness rarely found in American indie cinema.
The gorgeous cinematography and generosity to Plummer’s emotive gifts almost make up for the mumbo-jumboness of it all. Almost.
Though never dull, the result is a curiously distant meditation on intimacy.
The Hollywood Reporter
The actress (Amanda Plummer) delivers a beautifully understated, emotive turn that gives this otherwise opaque movie some much needed heart.
Abigail and her Asian friend’s own “forest” is filled with overburdened metaphors and quivering emotions, quirks and tics and even regulation Malick-like twirling. Some of this is pretty; none of it sticks.
New York Post
The tone teeters between delicate and affected, and there’s only so much flitting around and soulful stares a movie can sustain before an audience starts wanting something more earthbound.

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