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  • Damien sets out on a new venture to teach his interns the policies about new client. Meanwhile, the pressures of family intrudes on Damien's Life while he is trying to accomplish some extra curricular activities with a new lover.


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  • Damien's Quest is a new series about the world of Damien Johnson. A man living in Los Angeles trying to find out where he fits in. While many of us understand our jobs and who we want to be, many of us fail to actually pursue those desire that most people call forbidden. Not Damien! Damien does exactly what he feels and says exactly what he thinks; now this something have some unpredictable outcomes, but for Damien Johnson, his level of desire for people's failures and personal issues are sometimes left outside the door where he tends to leave them. Damien Johnson a advertising executive and financial consultant in LA. Damien's believes that therapy is his therapy and not that the actions of follow-through with therapy is the benefit. In this episode he is in a session with his therapist Sal who helps to define some of Damien's challenges. However, this session takes a turn for a couple of other unconventional methods and memories.

    Episode One: "What Damien Wants, Damien Gets"

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