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Very entertaining for cybergeeks

Author: ( from York, PA
21 November 2012

So in a week or so, I graduate with a master's degree in cybersecurity. I heard about this a few months ago and never had the time to get around to it, but now I found 2 hours to watch the whole thing and was extremely entertained. I want to review this and address some points..

1) Technical. Not bad. They can't dive into great details of what a buffer overflow is, but they attempt to get more technical than something you'd see on a major network. I found some of the instant hacks not believable, but the overall point is made. I think 95% of my friends are in complete denial of what dangers exist, and this movie does the justice of leading up to a point where a "cybergeddon" could happen. As a technical guy, it definitely entertained, and I think the sponsorship by Norton probably helped with this significantly.

2) Performances. The lead actress I didn't recognize but was stunning in appearance while having great range. Emotional, physical, thoughtful..she definitely has a very bright future. She looks a ton like Alana de la garza, which I'm sure she gets a lot. I instantly recognized Oliver Martinez as the bad guy from a lot of things, and he was pretty good as the villain.

3) Director. Wow. I liked how different it was right from the start with seeing bank accounts on a computer screen in a split screen or sort of overlay. I was really entertained by this style, which almost had a "24" sort of feel to it, without the lead getting shot 3 times an episode.

Overall, it was fast moving, interesting, entertaining, aesthetically captivating....a few hollow performances, but I'm more than willing to overlook it with a low budget web series. The subject matter may be too narrow to take to the "big screen" without having to dumb it down and make more explosions...see Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4 if you want that. See this if you are more of a techogeek and want the small screen indie experience.

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Quite entertaining cyber thriller!

Author: Nate from USA
4 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am impressed with this series. Norton Inc., Yahoo, and the other producers have done very well to make this series. I am a computer person and I consider the technical details in this series to be an excellent blend of current real technology including software and some futuristic elements to them. The cast did quite great work in their roles. Very believable and entertaining as a ex-hacker female action star, eccentric and humorous hacker with a cool style, cyber crimes police officer and boyfriend, egomaniac hacker villain, as well as the other parts. I think that one key at least I appreciate in watching these kind of films is to appreciate the concepts the story and genre aims for and not get hung up on little details. For example, just enjoying watching the make shift team of white hat hackers with unique personalities doing battle with the nefarious black hat team through out physical, cyber, and wit battles is really enjoyable. Incidentally in this case, I think with Norton's help, the computer elements were quite realistic. The plot has a great blend of classic elements of cyber thrillers and original components of the characters and storyline. Both as a cyber thriller and in general this is a very well made production. While this is a lower budget film compared to major Hollywood productions, it is a valuable addition to the technothriller and cyberpunk genres including films like hackers, takedown, the matrix, and others (btw, I read source material books for those genres also so I think I have a right to say that).

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A Decent Computer Thriller

Author: tabuno from utah
20 September 2014

This computer thriller mystery while relatively low on the television series "24" action has the techno punch that makes for a reasonable substitute. The plot is decent, the pacing good, the editing OK...This is no Hannah (2011) nor Bourne Identity (2002), nor even the rather popular mainstream movie version of Wargames (1983). While the dialogue seems nicely geeky and there's no obvious slapstick tripe, the narrative seems stuck on the television quality level. What this movie has going for it is that it doesn't cram the techno crap down one's throat, but plays it straight.

This techno thriller does set a bar for its insistence on nice sounding geek stuff that might set the standard for acceptable computer-enhanced movies for the future.

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Lack of chemistry and a weak script doom this thriller.

Author: suite92 from SoCal, USA
22 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saw this on Netflix; it was presented as a 90 minute movie, though it seems to be a television series originally.

Chloe works for the FBI in counter-cyber-crime. Cool. Gustav, an old enemy, sets her up as the one who spreads a virus.

Chloe breaks out of detention, and springs Rabbit (hacker whom she had caught before) from jail. She enlists her former partner, Frank. Gustav hates Chloe for posing as his daughter to get him in jail.

As the movie proceeds, the stakes for Chloe keep getting higher in terms of possible long-term losses. First her reputation, then her liberty, then her mother's life, and finally something worse: all could be lost, unless victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat.

Will Chloe and her unlikely friends come through for the good of the world? Are they able to defeat the mastermind Gustav?


Cinematography: 4/10 The camera/CGI mix worked well for a while, but toward the end, shaky cam plus poor and ancient graphics (UNIX command shell screens???) were a huge let down.

Sound: 5/10 The music over the final credits was good.

Acting: 2/10 The less said, the better.

Screenplay: 4/10 A story does get told, but the linkage between plot points breaks all too often. A thriller needs to sell the idea that the stakes are high and the protagonists might be up to the tasks at hand. This was not accomplished.

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CYBERGEDON is the worst short series I've ever seen.

Author: Johnny Utah from United States
26 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

CYBERGEDON is the worst short series I've ever seen. And if I was the FBI I would drag the producers to court for making them look bad. Were do I begin, the acting is super bad thanks to Missy Peregrym whom basically struts around with cleavage all the time and spew out lots of words about cyber terrorism and hacking, but with a look on her face that says going through the motions. But lets face it she ain't in anything cause she can act, she's eye candy pure and simple. I know it's probably not easy to make a good movie of cyber terrorism, but this is impossibly bad. It makes hackers with Angelina Jolie look Oscar worthy ****spoiler*****************spoilers********** When she almost get captured by her Ex-boyfriend (whom probably wouldn't be allowed on the case anyhow) she so dumb that she brings him with here when she escapes after he's subdued with a tazer shot from a hacker she just have mange to get released from prison, without any paperwork what so ever. Than she just forget that they can track he's cell phone, and this is suppose to be the F.B.I's top cybercrime fighter. Later when the superhero ex boyfriend get a chance to stop the bad guy, he runs into a room with and armed terrorist with a hostage and yells Nobody moves, instead of just shooting the hostage taker and the bad guys he ends up nearly getting he's as beat by a skinny punk girl, just so the main bad guy can get away. Another stupid thing is, when they kidnap missy's mum in order to get to Missy's character, she runs after the car and when she finally catch up with it, she just stand in front of it until they run her down and off course can escape away safe. Cause the guy who can hack a traffic light just simply can't manage to hack a traffic camera, not to mention telling the FBI that the cyber terrorist they think is in prison is actually out on the loose, an creating havoc in the country . By mid of episode 8 I was hoping they kill off both missy's character and her mum Don't watch it unless you're hungry for cheep missy Peregrym Eye candy

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A well-intended giant commercial for Norton Anti-virus

Author: ersinkdotcom from United States
16 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You can't ask for better promotion than having the words "From the Creator of 'CSI'" gracing the cover of your DVD. That tagline alone gives credibility to any project and guarantees it will be considered by audiences looking for something new to watch as they thumb through movie titles at the local Redbox or DVD rental store. The real question is, "Can 'Cybergeddon' deliver on the promise of quality it prominently shouts at you from its box art?"

Keyboard and desk jockey Chloe Jocelyn (Missy Peregrym) settles down into an office job for the FBI after capturing cyber-terrorist Gustav Dobreff (Olivier Martinez) and imprisoning him. Chloe is knocked out of her comfort zone when she's framed for a series of international digital attacks. Forced to make a run for it, Chloe recruits a hacker (Kick Gurry) she put in prison to help clear her name and track down Gustav, who she believes is committing the cyber-crimes using her as a patsy.

"Cybergeddon" was originally an online series split into several ten minute webisodes. Strangely, I couldn't really tell. If anything, it came across as a failed TV-pilot or the first entry in a planned series of TV-movies tailor-made for the SyFy Channel, TNT, or Lifetime. It's not bad and keeps you entertained, but doesn't hold the qualities needed to merit a theatrical release.

Missy Peregrym is suitable as FBI Agent Chloe Jocelyn. She's believable as both a physically active and pencil-pushing operative of a government agency. She can handle herself both behind a desk in high-heels and a business suit and in a tank-top, jeans, and combat boots. Olivier Martinez gets to participate in a little hand-to-hand combat as well, but is mostly wasted giving orders behind a computer screen throughout the entire film. Most people will recognize Martinez from his latest role on the TV series "Revenge" and as the foreign love interest of Diane Lane in "Unfaithful."

There are some things about "Cybergeddon" that rub me the wrong way. The first one being it feels like a giant commercial for Norton Anti-virus. Norton and Symantec logos are strewn throughout the film. Although a lot of what was shared in regards to online security was useful and true, I started to feel like I was watching a late-night infomercial after a while.

Another complaint is how unbelievable "Cybergeddon" is in some parts. The scene that bothered me the most was when the FBI locks Chloe in an interrogation room after taking her into custody for cyber-terrorism. They leave her in the room with a cell phone after questioning her. She hacks the security systems of the building and escapes. Yeah, right! The FBI would leave a suspect with computer capabilities in a room with her cell phone? I don't think so!

"Cybergeddon" is rated PG-13 for some violence and language. Most of the violence is action-oriented with a little bloodshed. The obscenities are what I remember as being the main reason for the rating. If you're used to network television shows, there's nothing here that should shock you.

I guess I should answer the question posted earlier. Does "Cybergeddon" live up to the "From the Creator of 'CSI'" unspoken stamp of approval it holds on its DVD cover? I would say probably not. "CSI" is a show held in such high esteem that I can't imagine its audience accepting this pedestrian entry into the world of action/thrillers as anything more than a way to pass the time while hanging out with the family on the weekend or getting work of some kind done.

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Author: Scott McDicken from England
19 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did rate this movie as highly as some of the other reviewers who have reviewed it before, simply because I doubt very highly that cyber-armegeddon would ever exist to the fantastical and fantasy extent portrayed in this movie.

If people are going to watch trash like this then they should try to remain objective.

Hacker's can not and I say this most emphatically 'CAN NOT!' change traffic light signals which are for the less informed not controlled remotely by waving there laptop at them!

There are highly unbelievable bit's of bullshit in this movie, planes flying into the ocean, prisoners all escaping from prison because of the computer controlled doors and then the graphics of the virus taking over every computer in the world.

Fear mongering trash, enjoyable to watch trash, but trash none the less.

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