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Good for nothing.

Author: narenawhiz from India
21 May 2012

This is the worst movie ever made in Indian film history. It is an amalgam of awful screenplay,horrible direction and poor action action. Nothing is even close to good.It is better not to watch the movie. I do not know why Ram Gopal Varma keep making lousy movies. I went to the movie not expecting much fun but to just pass the time . But the movie is so bad that i came back with a headache.If you want to make a good movie, focus on the story, on speeches, on the intellect, on actual acting instead of crappy action I can see for free on a TV series My rating for this movie is 0.P.S. I think the people who rate this film more than a 5 either haven't watched the other Underworld films, were paid-off, or are insane. It just doesn't deserve anything more than a pass.

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Department:An utter waste of marvelous talent.

Author: GaneshKSalian from Bahrain
11 June 2012

Department directed by Ram Gopal Varma is a lazy,stupid film.

Shot with Canon EOS 5D,Ram Gopal Varma takes such bizarre camera shots,that one will faint or be hospitalized for sure!Right from inside tea-cups to being flung across the beach as a ball to labyrinths of nostrils to steering of the car.Phew! The movie had great trailers.The posters were hard-hitting and brutal.

But the movie turns out to be such a tomfoolery that you feel even a 4-5 year child playing the police-thief game is much entertaining.

The saving grace of the movie is the performances.Amitabh Bachchan is marvelous as Sarjeao Gaekwad.Although having minimal screen space,he rocks!Rana Daggubati as Shiv Narayan is another actor to watch out.Although he has to work on his Hindi diction a bit more,he still provides a good performance.Sanjay Dutt as Mahadev Bhonsle is half-baked.His character starts off well but as the movie progresses he himself looks disinterested.Talents like Vijay Raaz and Abhimanyu Singh are purely wasted.Anjana Sukhani,Lakshmi Manchu are fine.Newbie Madhu Shalini is funny rather than deadly.

Story: A suspended cop Shiv Narayan (Rana Daggubati) joins hands with inspector Mahadev Bhonsle (Sanjay Dutt) to free the city from underworld.

Another reason why I liked this movie is for its climax.When Rana bashes Sanjay Dutt its such pure fun to see Dutt's paunch moving in slow-motion.

The direction is highly poor.The story,screenplay,music,dialogs are bad.

All in all,Department is a film of wasted talent,wasted opportunity,waste of time and waste of money.I am giving it a one on ten(Solely for the performances).

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Headache! Stay away!!!

Author: Arti Tiwari from Texas, US
5 July 2012

I can not write a review on the whole movie, since it was so pathetic that I cant watch it for more than half and hour. The worse thing were the camera angles, it seems like if a kid have never handled the camera before is shooting the movie for the fun. It would have been a complete torture if I had to watch the whole movie. I am big fan of Amitabh B. and Sanjay Dutt but this movie was unbearable! This movie is: Pathetic and Crap. Ram gopal Verma have some real guts to repeat it again after the so called'' Ramu ki Aag' and Amitabh should be given an equal credit for signing this. By far the This is the worst movie ever made in Indian film history. Stay away!!!

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Author: silvan-desouza from India
31 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

RGV gave us several great gangster films from SHIVA, SATYA, COMPANY to SARKAR after which he lost his head. He was the man who gave a new lease to many actors and launched several great actors, directors and also explored underbelly of underworld brilliantly.

In SARKAR he discovered new techniques like unique camera angles, background music.etc but that got repetitive soon and he made rubbish films like JAMES and several more

DEPARTMENT is another gangster underworld film, One expects it to be hardhitting sadly it gives a big headache and is a yawn!

In this film all you remember is the Camera-work, This time around RGV has used such weird angles that give u a headache and make you feel you're watching some amateur video on youtube with big stars. The film does have some well handled twists but the camera-work takes away all the impact and makes the film look stupid

In one scene we have Deepak Tijori(remember him) moving with a kettle to pour tea and camera moving with him, Or in some scene we have the camera placed on a striker

The film does have some good scenes like Amitabh's scenes with Rana and also some scenes of Bachchan alone, while some between Sanju and his wife In RGV's underworld films like SATYA, COMPANY, SARKAR the action scenes appeared real but here there are most artificial seem inspired by Singham and other such fares.

The climax fight scene is the most funniest one

Direction by RGV is mediocre Music seems forced, The THODI SI PEELI number falls flat with overweight Ganesh Acharya cutting a sorry picture

Performances too disappoint

Amitabh Bachchan with a hoarse voice reminiscent to AGNEEPATH and character similar to SARKAR but with a funny touch is the sole actor who stands out, he plays his character in a way only he can play though not his best yet he livens up the proceedings Rana was average in DMD, he still seems stiff and needs to loosen up, yet a good try, he is superb in action scenes, RGV made lot of noise about his Hindi lessons which does show improvement here but still his Hindi is a bit out of place Sanju Baba after a riveting AGNEEPATH seems bored and looks overweight and uncomfortable, surprisingly the last film RGV worked with Sanju was DAUD(1997) which too was a flop Vijay Raaz does his role well which is underwritten Madhu Shalini annoys more with her stage like acting Anjana Suknani is average, Abhimanyu Singh who was terrific in RAKHT CHARITRA(2010) is terrible here and overacts Madhu Shalini is good, Deepak Tijori is alright

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RGV's old movie + remake/update = RGV's new movie

Author: darshancruz from United States
21 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one is an atrocious version of a decent movie 'Shagird'. Based on gang wars, Ram Gopal Verma comes up with another story.

Full of spoilers, so you can save your time..

Sanjay aka Bhosle is a cop known to assassinate the underworld on duty but is not allowed to do so officially, so he with Rana Daggubati aka Shivnarayan forms an internal cop department. Then we see Vijay Raaz as one of the gangsters and Madhu Shalini under him who manipulates his guy to fight against Vijay and form their own gang. Meet AB, a gangster turned politician who manipulates the entire system. Rana chooses to be under AB and Sanjay chooses Gauri (another gangster which is never to be seen). Ab manipulates Rana well and makes him believe Sanjay is against him and Rana goes ahead to eliminate him. The last scene looks promising when Gauri calls and Rana sitting near AB says I look forward to join you ! This is where you get reminded of Shagird.

Sanjay Dutt looks impassionate, AB's a powerful politician, Madhu Shalini impresses but its Rana Daggubati who steals the show in this one. Rest of the characters need not be mentioned.

Looks like RGV is totally out of stories, remakes and updates is all he has left. Not recommended.

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Stay away!!

Author: sasikanth20 from Hyderabad, India
28 May 2012

I was so not interested in watching this movie, but here I was for I wanted to see how bad it could be. Two and half hours of comedy and torture, together! RGV has gone nuts!!

Overall, a disappointing film. Ram Gopal Varma has definitely got the talent, no doubt about that. But he seems to ditch it and tries to make some dumb-ass films at times. Department just happens to be one of those films. Can the real RGV please stand up??

Acting: 5/10 Story-Screenplay-Direction: 4/10 Technical Aspects: 5/10 Is it worth your time and money??: I so wanna say yes for I want you to go through what I went through. But I'll be nice and request you to stay away from Department. RGV has gone bonkers, and so will you if you do go watch it. Stay away!!

For a detailed review, please visit :)

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Worst bollywood movie ever made

Author: Vipin Phogat from Mumbai
21 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Then when you think you have had enough of looking at Sanjay Dutt or Rana Daggubatti or Abhimanyu Singh or Vijay Raaz or that actress who hams as Naseer through the V of their legs and arms, or tight close-ups of chai utensil handles going around the room, the picture whirs into action mode. The picture and the plot keep shaking till they give you a headache. However, cinematography is the least of the film's problems.

Mahadeo (Sanju) and Shiv Narayan (Rana) (if you don't notice the connection between the names, Ramu makes sure you do) and a few more cops are part of a strange police encounter department on a spree bumping off members of the Sawatya gang (Vijay Raaz who lurks around in a white dhoti ensemble, screeching at his gang members) in town.

It doesn't matter what the plot is, Sawatya has an endless supply of gang members who take till the end of the film to perish. And there is some random gyaan about Bhagvad Gita. At some point Mr Bachchan enters the fray to do some spectacular hamming of his own, showing his penchant for doing 'legal things illegally' rather than 'illegal things legally.' Really Ramu, did you have to say that thrice in the film?

You could argue that at least the item number must be worth the money. Yeah sure, if watching pelvic thrusts upside down is your cup of tea, why not? Madam Nathalia Kaur looks like she had to be given electric shocks while filming. This is not a film. It is a joke. Ramu, take a breath. Take a vacation. Go to Haridwar, meditate. A good cinematographer and a good film will come to you.

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Worst film ever

Author: S K from United Kingdom
14 August 2012

It is hard to believe that this films comes from Ram Gopal Verma who has previously directed great films like Satya, Shiva and Rangeela. In this film he even managed to be get the worst ever performance from Amitab Bacchan. I have wasted nearly 3 hours of my life that I will never get back now, watching this film .

Mr Ram Gopal Verma should serious think of a career change - How about starting a chain of tea stalls on bicycles.

The only reason I have given it 1 rating is because IMDb won't allow any lower it actually deserves a -10. If you were to pick 10 students from your college who have never acted before I'm sure they will do a better job than the actors in this film.

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Waste of time

Author: A P
1 August 2012

Wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, it's a complete waste of time. The cinematography is awful!! Scenes are shown from the most weird angles, not sure what RGV was thinking when he made this. Some were so bad I just sat there laughing thinking this can't get any worse, but it does.

Feel sorry for the actors in this movie, must be hugely embarrassing for them to be a part of this. I watched about 45mins then fell asleep, mainly due to feeling sick watching the camera move from left to right, in and out.

Songs aren't anything to wait for either, rubbish item song with rubbish lyrics....Don't waste 2 hours of your life on this.

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Rogue filmmaking

Author: saish746 from India
6 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Rogue filmmaking'- From inside the tea cups and outside of the nostrils, getting tossed as Carrom on the broad or plunging camera across the beach as a ball, requires RGV's creativity although it was a complete distraction in some sequences But But you cannot ignore the creativity and the challenges put through . For some this is a real pleasure to watch such a challenging medium of communication where the camera is always on the roll. The free styling camera may give a nauseousness awareness sometimes and sometimes may deliver as a punch across your face. You will wonder on the cinematic peak of the visual language where RGV repeatedly and mercilessly destroys all conventions of cute storytelling and aims for the jugular vein. As breaking rules is what RGV stands for. And, I know he will never stop challenging the regulars and second-handers.

Department has a much better gripping story line than the recent Bollywood like Kahani, Agent Vinod, Houseful2 ,Ishqzaade, Agneepath etc. Although not a nice experiment with new bizarre camera angles, where RGV completely goes Rouge. There are scenes which might have worked good on a normal 50mm. There wee too many close crops. It was also nice to see a director of this stature using Canon5D and 7D for the shoots using multiple cameras at a time. A tight editing by Vinay Abhijit gave a new look to bollywood. it was previously tried in 'Not a love story' but came full on in department.

The story has a penchant of RGV where he excels. Power and fight for power. From the police department to the underworld to politicians , right from Satya, Shiva, Company,Sarkar, he has a tight control on the narratives. This time he has gone to fist fighting more than the gunshots, which ruined the whole concept of killing a gangster. If you wanted to kill someone why to throw punches and then take your pistol and shoot in the end, do it at the beginning itself. Like always said - "when you have to shoot , SHOOT."

The gun blazing scene at blind school shootout was not required and later converted in to fists was a lack. The scenes were little exaggerated but the masala was packed for titular pleasure. So was the unnecessary songs, esp the item number where Nathalia kaur was uncomfortably shaking the booty. and the whole dancing crowd vanished once the shots were fired. RGV should have kept the plot by no to item numbers, better female selection and a better music director (Bappi Lahiri, Dharam-Sandeep, Vikram Magi). Raunchy lyrics and a loud background score was another unnecessary. The female moll -Madhu Shalini was a complete waste and I wonder about the casting credibility of the director. Why he always fails in this department, all his heroines right from Urmilla, Nathalia, Antara, to Madhu has this round faces and sleazy tongues. Even Mrs Sanjay Dutt (in the movie) played by Lakshmi Manchu was given some loud words not those of a elite police class. The conversation between husband and wife was really uncalled and gave a chauvinistic classless feel. Although Lakshmi was better than Anjana Shukhani , who was another dumb doctor in this flick of RGV. It also shows that Lakshmi brings a better screen presence from her American television stints.

Like understood, RGV gives strong characters to his male protagonists. Right from BigB to Sanjay Dutt to Rana Duggubatti to Abhimanyu singh. Sanjay dutt with his sulk-en eyes was a perfect cast for an aging mature rouge police officer while Rana with his too straight face was another rock cut honest fresh cop. Rana stands tall among Bachhan and Dutt, still he needs to bring more wrinkles on his face for a close crop 70mm silver screen. Amitabh was in sarkar's persona preaching Hindu epics and comparing himself with Gautam Buddha. The portrayal of Grey politician with blend of philosophy brought new vividness to this movie. The subtle screenplay to bring the tout thrill on the screen was amazingly good and the central theme of the movie. Vijay raj was good as a local don, but Abhimanyu as DK was completely wasted as a BABY, and RGV failed to utilize the venomous eyes this time. Deepak Tijori with Kohl eyes and a Hogan-ish mustache was a surprise but lost its factor over the time.

Nilesh Girkar had a good story and ended with a hope of Department 2.

RGV, Everybody wants you to bounce back, just make sure you have a better female selection and a better music director. The story was taut and thrilling. Not for front stalls and neither for multiplexes.

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