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Authentic and beautiful
treebranch9 April 2017
'1 Mile to you' tells the story of a young man who loses his friends in a bus accident and his journey to recovery after the event. Graham Rogers, Billy Crudup and the entire cast are outstanding and give wonderfully compelling and honest performances. So moving and brought me and the entire family to tears. The cinematography is outstanding (Gary Shaw who shot 'Moon' by Duncan Jones). Music by Paul Doucette (Member of the the band 'Matchbox 20') is amazing. Loved the music. This is not a film for the jaded or if your looking for something dark and ironic (Ie; the LATImes review calling it cluttered WHICH IT IS NOT).

'Run' to the theater!
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delicate and profound
tatiana-roza9 April 2017
What a great movie! brought me to tears. Kevin's painful journey is one that anyone can relate to. Its about overcoming the death of your beloved ones and keep rowing the boat. or running with your heart...:-) Billy Crudup's performance is outstanding. Its a tender movie that will also make you laugh. Highly recommend!
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A really good film overall
me-589-14564319 July 2017
This is a really good film. Strong narrative, decent acting performances, likable and relatable characters, and decent production quality. 1 Mile to You joins a large number of films that combine a teen romance theme with a heartbreaking story, and this movie is one of the better examples despite its generally simpler narrative. If you're looking for something light and heartwarming, this film is an ideal choice for you.
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Quite good
Gordon-118 May 2017
This film tells the story of a high school athlete, who is especially talented and fit in running. His life is changed when his classmates and girlfriend dies in a traffic accident involving the school bus they are on.

"1 Mile to You" tells a story of personal growth through pain and hardship. Kevin is the star athlete but he seems to be throwing his talents away. Through the support of the new school, his mother and his new love interest, he stands up again and has a new goal to aim for. The ending is rather unexpected, but this twist quickly changes by another event that makes the film much happier. It is a quite a good film.
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Very hollow
Beauq8124 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Visually very nice and a really great premise, but that's it. The storytelling leaves huge gaps and, at times, you are left wondering: "When did that happen?".

It starts off very nicely and shows the closeness between Kevin and his best friend, his girlfriend and her father, the coach. Then disaster strikes in more ways than one.

Kevin goes back to school and, although it seems relevant to the story, we're never given the amount of time he was out or the reason he goes to a different school.

Meets a girl, or, as it is portrayed, a new girl forces herself on him. Although they tried to show Hannah as a nice girl who falls for the troubled guy and tries to help him, she comes off as a needy groupie chasing her idol, yelling: "We belong together, we belong together!"

His need for running is explained well enough, but everything else around it is inconsistent. The way he doesn't care about competing, yet the first thing he does after starting new school is join the team; hates it, but fights to stay on it; allows himself to get exploited by the grubby father-daughter team of Coyote and Lynskey.

The character of Jol, the new best friend is thrown in from time to time without any explanation. he just pops up and tells some of the things going on in his life and disappears.

All in all, not unwatchable, but you'll find yourself trying to fill the gaps and finding sense in what you saw.

Oh, and there is such thing as too much indie folk music. While it suited some of the scenes, the movie depended too much on it as a mood setter.
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vriddheeg8 April 2017
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The background score is soothing and amazing.The music team has done a great job. The soundtrack of this movie is really cool, all the songs lovely to hear.1 mile to you's script has been written very well, you enjoy the movie throughout. the scenes are well shot, all the actors have done a great job. The concept is unique and interesting, the movie is executed really well.The climax, the ending, all of it is great. This movie has been adapted from a novel.
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Superficial and Formulaic
vicstevinson7 April 2017
Actor Graham Rogers is a 26-y/o high school student whose tragic loss of friends and track teammates sets the stage for this "running as emotional release" teen tearjerker.

The film may work for teens, but anyone older will notice that Graham's catharsis is superficial. Be it the grief-by-numbers script, Hallmark/Lifetime-level direction, or Graham's acting limitations, this tale if personal turmoil keeps its emotions on the surface like an oil slick.

In just a couple of scenes, veteran actor Tim Roth infuses more interest than Rogers manages for the rest of the film.

Billy Crudup deserves better dialogue as well as character development. Th0ough he isn't an "It Boy" anymore, Crudup's acting chops were proved in the recent gem 20th CENTURY WOMEN.

For a far superior conceptualization of this type of tragedy, see THE SWEET HEREAFTER. The recent French film "1:54" portrays a troubled runner with much more depth and interest, despite that film's fail at the finish line.
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Visually Beautiful But Not Much More
dansview15 July 2017
What a gorgeous place! Who would have thought that Mississippi looks like that? Although I will assume it was supposed to be some place like Missouri. Only one person has an accent, and it clearly appears more Midwestern.

The scenes of a yellow school bus entering a track area were interesting and unique. Even the slow motion images of the kid running were well done.

But like the other reviewers mentioned, we've seen this basic scenario so many times. Teen loses friends and withdraws. No one understands him, and it's him against the world, like some angst- ridden character in Beverly Hills 90201.

Why put actor Tim Roth in there for five minutes? That was so bizarre. He doesn't hide his accent either. Billy Crudup has interesting mannerisms, but he gets the weirdest roles. I didn't really get this one, but I guess he was just a quirky guy who sees the humor in life. I found his character appealing to watch.

Peter Coyote and the Lynskey woman were terribly miscast. By the way, in any rural community, there will be church and spiritual advisers to a kid like this. The kid himself would have some kind of church background to fall back on. But we don't even get an obligatory sermon after the accident.

I suppose I understand why the rich girl liked him. She was a journalist and part time runner, so she wanted to get inside his head. But he didn't seem very interested in her. So why would she be so obsessed with him? He wasn't charming, and even his angst was pretty cliché.

I guess they felt compelled to throw in the sore loser jock from another school, and the black jock friend. Yet we learn very little about him. In our protagonist's former life he had a best friend and a girl. Why not let him nurture a best friend relationship again, while getting to know the new girl?

Basically I don't get the main plot. What was it that people wanted from this kid? He won his races and did well in his courses. What was the big conflict? I felt like they were trying to fake some kind of core conflict that didn't even exist. OK. He needed better sneakers and to take the occasional recovery day off from running. That's about it.

Nevertheless, the depiction of puppy love, the location photography, the school bus imagery, and the likable coach made it watchable.
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tough to watch if you know 1 single thing about running OR the book
kevinbarnes-7005424 April 2017
While the acting, score and filming are all polished and solid, this is a difficult movie to watch if you have read Jeremy Jackson's excellent novel and/or know anything about running.

The movie tries hard to capture the spirit and inner turmoil of Kevin. However the running scenes are laughable and most of the original story-line/characters of the novel are either altered or left out completely.

Those who haven't read the book or see running as merely recreational will probably find enough positives to embrace the film. If you're in love with the book, take a pass on this rendition.
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