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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 1993 | 2012 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Andrew DiDonato

9 January 2012
A New York thug is seduced by the power of the Gambino crime family. But when they turn on him, he must choose between being hunted by the Mob or working with the authorities.

Chris Lazzaro ... Goon

Josh Berresford ... Uncle Jonny

Brad Cassini ... Mobster
Daniel D'Elia ... Robert Arena

Justine S. Harrison ... Andrew DiDonato's Date
Joshua Paled ... Andrew DiDonato

Razor Rizzotti ... Rocco Mobster

David Strauss ... Nicky Corozzo
Tony Borea ... Ralph Burzo (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: John Veasey

3 September 1993
A hit man for the Philadelphia mob is targeted by his own Mafia family. After surviving an attempted hit, he testifies against the men he once swore to protect.

Paula Zahn ... Herself (Host)
Bill Lagattuta ... Himself (Reporter)
Sandy Andron ... Himself (Cult Researcher)
Dennis Matos ... John Veasey

John Merolla ... Pagano
Timothy Richards ... Himself (Cult Spokesperson)
Bithia Sherman ... Herself (ex-cult member)

Season 1, Episode 3: Frank Cullotta

Enticed by the riches of life in Las Vegas, one man is willing to do anything for the Chicago Mob, until the FBI warns him that he is about to be murdered by his own Mafia family.
Ondina Frate ... Mobster's Wife
Rick Borgia ... Tony Spilotro
Justin Christopher ... Bookie
Frank Cullotta ... Host (2012)

Joseph Dimartino ... Leo Guardino
Peter Falcetti ... Sal Romano

Alvin Hysong ... Ernie Davino

Robert Kabakoff ... Frank Cullotta

Sean LeeRoy ... Joey Merlino

Season 1, Episode 4: Frank Calabrese Jr.

16 January 2012
A son, desperate to escape the grip of his brutal mafia father, faces a difficult decision: turn on his own dad or be forced to continue a life of crime.

Dave Bobb ... FBI Marshall

Michael Christaldi ... Joe The Gangster

Mario Corry ... Frank Calabrese Sr.

Alexander Jameson ... Frank's Brother (as a child)
Kevin Kenny ... Frank Calabrese Jr.

Season 1, Episode 5: Bill Cutolo, Jr.

23 January 2012
A son who idolises his mobster dad seeks revenge on his mafia friends when his father goes missing.
Ondina Frate ... Mobster's Wife
Tony Costa ... Wild Bill Cutolo

Marc I. Daniels ... Billy's Brother-in-law

Frank Galdorise ... Frankie

Jamie Marie Hannigan ... Bill Cutolo's Sister

Ashley Hearon-Smith ... Mrs. Cutolo, Jr. (as Ashley Hearon)

Robert Kabakoff ... Frank Cullotta

Michael Lepre ... Hitman
Dante Mercadante ... Thug #2

Nick Raio ... Jackie DeRoss

Amy Rutledge ... Bill Cutolo's Sister
Adrian Luke Sinclair ... FBI Agent
Patrick Welty ... FBI Agent #2

Gus Zucco ... Mikey Change

Michael Wren Gucciardo ... Billy Cutolo Jr. (uncredited)
Matthew Allen Smith ... Dinner mobster (2012) (uncredited)

Unknown Season

Big Ron Previte

23 January 2012
A crooked policeman turned mob informant whose only motivation is money risks his life to help dismantle the Philadelphia mob.

José Alvarez ... Big Ron Previte
Justin Christopher ... Police Officer

Sean LeeRoy ... Joey Merlino



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