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Drones is not exactly subtle, but it is a commendable attempt to dramatize a hot contemporary issue without resorting to clumsy didacticism or obvious political bias.
Mumford and O'Leary get beyond the cardboard character “types” and make these people more interesting and conflicted than they first seem. And the claustrophobic milieu, just two people staring at long range video, punching buttons, maneuvering their Reaper and trying to make snap decisions that won't haunt them, serve the movie well.
Mumford and O'Leary struggle to make sense of their characters, but are stymied by a script that regards them primarily as mouthpieces for talking points that, again, aren't even the points anyone's using when talking about drone warfare.
Topical as it may be, Drones consistently manages to undermine the points it presumes to be making.
Drones is a middling real-time thriller.

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