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Season: 1
Year: 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: David vs. Fish: How to Date Like a Man

5 March 2012
Forty-year-old David Fischer aka "Fish" claims to be open and ready to finding "the one" but appears solidly stuck in his early 20's. Lori tells David he has to learn to start dating if he really wants to find love. It's not an easy lesson for the hat-wearing, high-fiving Fish, but he is determined to take her advice to heart and give love a try.

Jared Christopherson ... Himself
David Fischer ... Himself
Pelé Maree ... Himself
Lori Zaslow ... Herself - Love Broker

Season 1, Episode 2: Dana and Jesse: Getting Over an Ex and Insecurities in Dating

12 March 2012
Lori digs deep with 32-year-old Manhattan bartender, Dana Tompkins, to uncover compares everyone to his ex-girlfriend. Believing everyone has more than one soulmate, Lori sets Dana up on his first blind date with someone he would never expect. Lori's other client, 29-year-old Jesse Osher, lacks dating confidence. After a manscaping session and some one-on-one coaching from Lori, Jesse heads out on his first date groomed and ready for love.
Jesse Osher ... Himself
Dana Tompkins ... Himself
Lori Zaslow ... Herself - Love Broker

Season 1, Episode 3: Jonathan and Jaime: Having Faith in Love

12 March 2012
Jonathan Dickson is a 36-year-old Southern boy who feels like a fish out of water when it comes to love in New York City. Lori searches for an energetic, God-loving, athletic beauty and sends them out for an evening of flamenco dancing. Jaime Hazan is almost 40 and resistant to opening his heart up to the "wrong" woman. Lori sculpts a unique experience for him to learn what single women really think about men who refuse to open themselves up to the possibility of love.

Jonathan Dickson ... Himself
Jaime Hazan ... Himself
Pelé Maree ... Himself
Lori Zaslow ... Herself - Love Broker

Season 1, Episode 4: Quinn and David: Dating Is a Game, Love Is Not

31 July 2012
Quinn Eddins is a brainiac who is stuck in his head when it comes to love. Lori sets him up with a vivacious bombshell and sends them to the best make-out bar in New York City. Meanwhile, Lori hosts a body language/poker event and invites client David Fischer, who continues to hone his dating skills. Lori sets David up on another blind date that ends better than the first.

Season 1, Episode 5: Doug and Justin: Love at First Sight Is a Myth

31 August 2012
Doug Melville, 34, claims he knows in the first instant of meeting a woman if love is a possibility. Lori believes love is often "friendship caught fire," and tries to teach Doug the difference between love and attraction. Justin Salsberg, 38, is an aspiring music producer who just left his day job to pursue his dreams. Knowing that not every woman wants a man "in transition," Lori digs into her personal life to find a match.

Season 1, Episode 6: Brendan and Marc: Love Is No Joke

14 August 2012
Lori works with 27-year-old comedian, Brendan Fitzgibbons, to ensure his joking tendencies don't land him in the friend zone. Lori's childhood acquaintance, Marc Sampogna, 34, wants a quality woman after his last serious relationship ended in infidelity. Getting Marc back in the game is Lori's main goal as she finds him a perfect 10 with a kind soul.

Season 1, Episode 7: Pele and Brendan: Growing Up for Love

21 August 2012
When immature 25-year-old Pele Maree claims he's ready to date "women, not girls", Lori sets him up with a sophisticated beauty. But when Pele comments on his date's cup size, Lori schools him on what it means to be a grown-up in love. Comedian Brendan Fitzgibbons is back for another date after his first lacked romance. Lori digs into her database for an unexpected match who brings out the best in him.
Pelé Maree ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 8: Ben: Nothing Is Perfect in Love

28 August 2012
Ben Cascella, 28, seems to be the perfect client -- handsome, faithful, intelligent and ambitious -- who wants a goal-oriented, creative, honest, athletic blonde. Lori can't decide between three incredible options for Ben. Then, Project Soulmate goes above and beyond for a summer client appreciation party where Lori catches up with clients about their journey towards finding their soulmate.

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