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Sex & Nudity

  • Overall it is pretty tame for being a show about Los Angeles noir.
  • -A scantily clad woman dances on stage.
  • -Several women are shown in bras and dresses.
  • -Teague and Jasmine begin to kiss and fall onto a bed. It fades before anything else is shown.
  • -The side of a woman's breast is briefly seen as she changes.

Violence & Gore

  • When people are shot there are blood splurts, but it's not as graphic as The Walking Dead.
  • Episode 1: People are mowed down by Tommy guns. A car is blown up. A man is blown away by a shotgun. Another man is shot in the back and then again in the head (the bullet wound is shown, but nothing incredibly graphic).
  • Episode 2: A boy smashes a window with a baseball bat. A man holds up a store with a shotgun; he fires shots but no one is hurt. Two men are killed by being shot at gunpoint; their bloody bodies are shown in aftermath.
  • Episode 3: A man is tied up and has a bag on his head; he is shoved in a hole and shot by numerous men(you see bullet holes and some very fake blood squirts on the screen). A man is shot at gunpoint; nothing shown. Several men are involved in a firefight. One man is blown away by a rifle, one is shot multiple times by a pistol, and another is killed offscreen.
  • Episode 4: Gangsters burst into casinos and smash tables. Several men get punched, one man is killed by stabbing. A man is hit in the head by a shotgun and knocked unconscious.
  • Episode 5: A man is shown handcuffed to a radiator, beaten and bloody. Men engage in a gunfight, several of them are killed (nothing too graphic, although bodies are shown stained in blood).
  • Episode 6: A man is beaten up. A man is gunned down by a rifle; every impact wound is shown, including when he is subsequently shot in the head. His eyeball is shown lying on the ground.


  • The heaviest language is Shit, but there are mild others bastard, hell, ass, son of a bitch.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People including cops off duty drink, and smoking is a constant theme in the show. Almost everyone smokes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Not real frightening, the overall theme is the mob so some of the things discussed and seen in the show might be frightening. There is nothing that is disturbing other than some shoot out scenes. Overall not real frightening just depends on the person.

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