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Violent, shocking, and above all else, thrilling
Savo21 June 2013
Horror is a genre that tends to be rare in anime. What horror animes exist tend to be of high quality, but generally, pure horror fiction is a woefully unrepresented genre in anime. Thankfully, after finishing Another, I am proud to say that the anime horror genre has found itself another gem.

Another concerns a young student named Sakakibara Kouichi who moves to a rural town and transfers into the local school's third class. He finds himself drawn in by the mystery of a strange girl named Misaki who wears an eyepatch and acts extremely distant. Kouichi soon finds himself in a whirlwind of supernatural intrigue and terror. Beyond this, I don't believe any more of the plot should be given away. I feel that Another works best as a story that you go into knowing as little as possible.

Another is, for the most part, a tightly written horror story. Admittedly, the first episode or two is slow and at first glance the story sounds like the same old ghost story that has been beaten to death in countless horror movies. However, the story quickly takes off and becomes extremely unpredictable, creating a wildly unique story that stands out from the often formulaic horror genre. The pacing of the series is simply excellent. The early parts of the series settle for a surreal and unsettling atmosphere, whereas the plot starts to accelerate in the latter part until it reaches a chaotic frenzy in its conclusion.

Another works extremely well at establishing tension and a growing sense of dread. Bizarre dream sequences, startling imagery, and gory deaths that would make Higurashi proud all work together to create an intense viewing experience. Additionally, Another devotes almost all of its time and energy to developing a rich story and is largely free of filler and pandering, save for a beach episode.

Naturally, the series is not without a few flaws. Another sports a large cast of characters but only a few of them are gifted with much in the way of character development. This isn't a large issue, but I was left wanting to know more about several of the characters. Additionally, as with many supernatural mysteries, there are gaps in logic present in the story. It doesn't require as much suspension of disbelief as say, Mirai Nikki, but those who are bothered by such things are warned.

The animation quality is excellent. Although you wouldn't imagine a show of Another's profile to receive a top quality animation job, P.A. Works has created a surprisingly good looking show. Characters are consistently sharply drawn and the backgrounds are lush with detail. The show's few action sequences are fluidly animated. The dark artistic imagery, such as the show's fixation upon dolls, fits the eerie tone well.

Horror is many times defined by its soundtrack, a test that Another passes with flying colors. Dark moody pieces set the tone for many a scene and frenzied music punctuates the more shocking moments in the story. The opening theme is decent, whereas the ending theme is forgettable. There are few complaints to be found with the voice cast, as all the performers deliver commendable performances.

Another is a fantastic example of horror done right in an anime. Its not "scary" per say, but the atmosphere will be eaten up by horror and mystery fans alike. Attractive animation, solid pacing, and a compelling mystery all make Another a must-see for long-time horror fans or for those who are looking to get into the genre.
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Great anime
heavenversushell10 March 2012
I usually love Japanese anime for their amazing story telling and visuals and Another is one more master piece. Horror anime are tough to make but if they can make u keep on guessing whats gonna happen next and when your are shown something totally unexpected your hooked. A bit slow at the start but picks up pace from the 3rd episode and waiting for each episode is a pain. Finished 9 episodes now and with only 3 episodes left i don't know in which direction the story is going to go. For all horror or ghost story anime fans its a must watch. The basic premise is that a 9th grade class has a curse upon them in which students every year die. The main characters are trying to find out how the curse started and stop it before more of their friends die. I don't want to reveal much, watch it for yourself and enjoy!!!!!!!!
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Keep you guessing till the END
Rohb17 August 2012
I was really amaze how they keep the atmosphere so surreal and very spooky.The story is just simply brilliant,it really kept me guessing till the very end. It started with Mei," is she a ghost?"Did she died 15 years ago?? Class 3 counter measures."Counter measures for what?"Koichi "is Dead?" or maybe not "so who is? "What Calamity? stop it? HOW?...etc...Just,list of my many questions and a lot more to list here and keeps coming as the story progressed.YOU will have no idea which direction the story will take you from episodes to episodes.This is one of those times I really wish I can understand Nippon...Iam just gonna have to read the novel.When it's available.This is one good Horror mystery Anime and with a brilliant story to back it.A must see!!!!
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joelherro27 March 2012
Its been a while since I've seen a good horror anime...'Another' is definitely worthy...

Sakakibara is a new student at a small town high school. He becomes friends with a girl named Mei who wears an eye patch and doesn't have any friends. Eventually she tells him the story of how every year, a strange calamity occurs in class 3 of 9th 'extra' person is present in the class and things go horribly wrong for everyone unless certain steps are taken in advance. I don't want to spoil it, but I will say that it may seem confusing to begin with, but things become clearer with time...

I liked virtually everything about this show...the characters, the animation, the storyline...maybe it could have had better music (which was a bit too slow for my taste). Also, I saw the censored version where they black out any blood or (apparently excessive) violence, which sux, coz thats half the reason I was watching it! Bring on the uncensored version I say!
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Worth it
Morbius Fitzgerald25 June 2014
Okay, I generally don't do reviews on IMDb unless I actually feel as though I could contribute something as a point of view towards the film or TV show. This is not an exception. I was hooked into the show from the first episode onward.

The plot is that a student named Sakakibara Kouichi enrolls in Yomiyama High School, Grade 9, Class 3. It turns out that the particular class he enrolled in has its own urban legend; 26 years ago, a student named Misaki, who was really popular, died during the mid year break. A student eventually said that Misaki wasn't dead and Misaki was in the class, still learning. Back in present day, however, Kouichi meets a girl at Yomiyama high called Misaki and the other students deny she ever exists.

That is all I will reveal about the plot in this review. This is actually one of those horror/mystery genre titles where if you have little to no exposure about the plot, you will be guessing everything. It also is one of those mystery shows where the final twist isn't a letdown. I have seen way too many mystery films where the build up was really good but the reveal as to what was really doing all the damage just ruined everything and made it stupid. The same goes for a TV show. And to see a show where they don't only keep the mystery well hidden but the reveal isn't a letdown, that is just great.

I also have to admit, this show does portray a creepy tone throughout the entire run. It never gets to the stage of truly being terrifying but I have to admit, with some of the things that went on, I was actually creeped out by some of the stuff that happened. Kudos to them for also making the first horror title in years that actually, you know, was creepy.

Now when it comes to things like the animation of this looks fantastic. Okay, if you aren't really into the anime style of drawing then you probably won't like the style of the characters sometimes but the texture of some of the setting and the Gothic anime style makes it seem so rich in atmosphere that it works really well to the shows advantage.

The other thing is that the voice acting (at least in the Japanese version) is spot on. The way they act makes me want to know more about these characters, for example a lot is left in mystery as to Misaki's character and with all the gruesome deaths that happen in the show (none of which are caused by her...I won't say anything else) she mainly keeps to a calm voice throughout all of the show. Some might say thats bad voice acting but it makes the character more interesting. The English dub...well, the animation was nice.

So overall, I loved watching this show. I completed it in 3 days flat and I enjoyed every second of watching it. I will definitely put it on my "Top 10 TV Shows" list. So if you're into the idea of a horror and/or mystery premise which is surprisingly well put together, check it out.
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Dark, gory and really good!!!
igusramsy11 January 2015
I have a real problem trying to find good anime that has amazing twists and plots. Most of the good ones i have watched already so imagine my delight when a friend recommended Another to me. Firstly, there was a lot of suspense and you kept questioning what was going to happen. You are left in the dark and i like that the show allows you to question things and try to make sense of everything without giving away the story. ( which they eventually do) All the reviews give the basic idea of the story away so i wont bother to say that again. All i can is that this is a good series and its short and quick. I especially liked how dark the show was, and the random shots of dolls faces which was creepy. There are a few wtf moments in the show that could make you angry, especially with Misaki, but hey! everything cant be perfect right? Either way, its a good way to spend a few hours. Enjoy!!
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A must for the Anime fan
kdv9330 August 2012
It's not too often an Anime keeps me guessing where the story is going, but Another certainly did that. From very early on in the story till the very climax of it all (which should be noted is extremely satisfying) Another never steps in the tracks of the expected, which is quite something for a horror story.

Though progressing somewhat slow in the beginning after the third episode the series boosts away and rarely stops to let you take a breath. As a mixture of true mystery/horror and Final Destination style deaths it's clear that no one is safe. Except for the "Another" off course.

Ki o tsukete!
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A mystery show that's... mysterious?
WakenPayne30 June 2014
I started to watch this show because (I have to be honest here) a Facebook friend recommended it to me. When I found the first episode online I decided to order it. When I got it I decided after a few weeks to finally complete the show and how is it? Well, this show is in my opinion the one of the best mystery/horror stories.

Okay so the plot is that 26 years ago in a 9th Grade Class at a Japanese town called Yomiyama a popular student named Misaki died. The class was in grief because this was a student loved by classmates and teachers alike. One day however a student cried out "Misaki isn't dead, Misaki is right over there" so the students continued to act as if they never died. They keep the act up right through until Graduation but unfortunately things don't stop there (How you may ask? Watch the show). In present Day a teenaged boy named Kouichi Sakabikara is going to Class 3 and everyone all acts weird and they all deny the existence of a student named Misaki Mei.

Now onto what I personally loved about this series. This is one of the first mystery stories where not only was I guessing what was going to happen, not only was every single one of them wrong, but for the most part none of them were "jump the shark" That is mystery story gold. I mean with most mystery stuff I see now, most of them I either have the whole story figured out in the first act or they pull a twist where I say "...REALLY!".

If there is any complaint (aside from the misplaced theme song) it's that for a third of the show it seems like a Final Destination Clone. The characters go around with their lives and they die in freak accidents. Now the characters here are a LITTLE BIT more careful and the deaths aren't overblown like in those movies (well, one is).

So if you want to see an anime that has none and I mean NONE of the anime stereotypes then this is for you. It really is one of the best mystery stores I have ever seen. I would most certainly recommend it to mystery fans who can buy some supernatural stuff in it.
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bad plot line
fromthesoundlesscity4 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Another sucks girl with glass eye knew who the ghost was, let classmates die before acting on it., just plain stupid anime. plot was so frustrating to watch, she knew that if she killed the ghost no one will remember what happened but yeaah she waited until everyone is dead, whaaat an idiotic thing to do
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Like a decent horror movie....
marinososfp15 August 2012
Another is an extremely mysterious story about a boy named Sakakibara who just transferred to school in his new city. He is assigned to the "cursed" as everybody calls it class C and meets the mysterious girl Misaki. From there the tragedy begins...

Well, for starters, it was totally worth it, you don't get to see real horror everyday in anime. And it wasn't only the deaths, the gore part. The author of this puts a real trial on the protagonists, destroying them emotionally and putting into real despair, so it is not only about solving the mystery but also about fighting themselves and for themselves. And that's what makes "Another" so special among others. Supernatural and Psychological horror in one mix of beautiful animation art.
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Great Mystery Thriller
greyfire25 October 2016
Another is labeled as a horror anime, but it really is much more of a mystery thriller. It has several scenes of gore and I guess that's the reason behind the 'horror' label. Anyway, the mystery is handled just right in that it keeps you wondering. You'll want to watch the next episode immediately to find out what is going on in this classroom?

The main character is kept in the dark about the strange events that occurred in his classroom a long time ago and how it affects what's happening now. A mysterious girl with an eye patch is ignored by all the students, yet he is not told why. As the days pass and as people die he begins to unravel the mystery.

Although it doesn't have the most well developed characters, the mystery plot is more than enough to keep you engaged.
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Tweekums3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In the spring of 1998 Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to a school in the town of Yomiyama; it isn't long before he hears a strange story; twenty six years previously a popular girl in the same class died and, unable to cope with her death, her classmates just pretended she was still alive and present in the class. Since then class 3-3 has been cursed! Initially his new classmates are unwilling to tell him any of the details. He befriends the slightly strange Mei Misaki who is ignored by the other children and wears a patch over her left eye; soon afterwards one of his classmates dies in a freakish accident. It is now that he learns the details of the curse; each year there is 'another' student in the class; this student is actually dead but for the duration of that school year there is no way of determining which student it is as records and memories change to accommodate them… because of this student a student, teacher or close relation will die each month; the only way to avoid this is to completely ignore one member of the class; this year it was Misaki but by talking to her it appears that Kouichi has activated the curse; will they be able to find a way of negating the curse or are more and more people going to die?

This horror anime has a distinctly creepy feel and at times in rather gory; the first death we see sets the scene as to what to expect; a girl trips while walking down the stairs and her umbrella impales her through the throat. After this the sense of paranoia increases as the rest of the class start to worry about who will be next. There are inevitable plenty more deaths and even when they learn how a member of a previous class 3-3 stopped the curse the deaths don't stop; in fact this knowledge just makes thing much worse as the students struggle to ensure they survive. The deaths are varied and fairly creative and the series effectively establishes the rules by which the curse operates. There is a good sense of mystery throughout; early on we wonder what is going on and may even speculate whether or not Misaki is a ghost and once it is established that she isn't one is left with far more questions: 'which class member is actually dead?' 'who will die next and how?' and 'will they find a way to stop the curse?' The conclusion is a little melodramatic and very bloody but it is also effective and leads to a shocking revelation as to who is the dead one. The animation is done well and the characters are distinctive; especially Misaki with the eyepatch that covers a glass eye that is bright green. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody looking for a good horror anime so long as you don't mind some disturbing gore.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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Slow Start, Was Worth It!
Jim Fess7 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wont lie for the first 2 episodes and right up until the last minute of episode 3 i really wasn't to into this show at all, but that all changed after episode 3 ended. I was discouraged right off the bat cause of the first two episodes, all you hear about is this mystery and all the characters begin to talk about it and never finish, it was just pissing me off because it felt like the show wasn't moving anywhere at all. It picked up at the end of episode 3 enough that made me think hey this show might be worth it, so i stuck with it and i wasn't disappointed. Even at the very end i was honestly surprised by the outcome.

This was my first serious pure mystery anime I've ever seen and i have to say it was pretty good. It had some violence, and a ton of eerie mystery vibe that i started to like. So if your looking for a good mystery anime with blood then you will most likely like this, but make sure you give it a chance past episode 3 because for me i didn't like it at all until i got past that point.

Overall: 4/5. Why? Well the voice acting wasn't as good as i think it could of been, especially in the beginning. It may have stayed the same throughout and i just got use to it but i remember thinking to myself several times i hate the way they sound like their forcing themselves to talk like that. But I really liked the characters, they all had good personalities but i think one of the only reasons i was able to stick through in the beginning was "Mei Misaki" i really loved her vibe and look.
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Spine tingling all the way through
Derekrusselpurvis27 November 2014
From the start, this series waist no time getting you into the heart racing, yet calm and uncomfortable feeling, almost as if you are being watched by someone, or something.... I had hair rise on my back too many times to count watching this series, and often felt myself looking around to see if someone was in the dark room with me. This anime was so well constructed, that it seats you into the classroom of Yomiyama North Middelschool, and invites you into class 3, where some of the most terrifying event await you and your classmates... What happened to classroom 3 over 20 years ago? Who is the person in the photo? And more importantly, who will be next?... But shhhhh we have no business talking about "such things"...
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