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If you're looking for a concert, then you will love it. If you want a movie, welll....
Dario Kuvacic25 December 2013
now, I'm quite the metallica fan, so naturally when i heard they were making a movie, i was psyched, confused by the trailer but still.

I watched it in 3d with all the overpriced sugar and toppings of today's cinemas, and it was truly a great experience. The sound was superb. But as to the actual movie, it was (a bit to my disappointment) almost entirely a concert. The 'story' about trip and his 'trip' has probably a total running time of 10-15 min. They said the were making a movie, they advertised it like a movie, so i imagined it wouldn't be 85% concert. It's a great concert though.

I gave it a 5 because i simply didn't know how to rate this. The fact is: if you love metallica and want to see a concert DVD with some interesting and surreal side story between songs, then you will love this and it would be a 7.5/10. But if you want to see a movie by J.Hetfield coupled with metallica songs, your gonna have a... well not a bad time, just not a very good one either.
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Great Metallica concert but I wouldn't call it a movie.
Dinko Bakic8 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just got home and thought I had to write something about this movie.

First of all, I've seen Metallica 9 times live, and I am a fan, but when it comes to their movies, I get sceptical. Remember "Some Kind of Monster"? The movie starts off with an introduction of all characters, which seems unnecessary, except the roadie character Trip (DeHaan).

The band starts their show and Trip gets an unexpected assignment. It seems to me that DeHaan's parts are not more than 10 Minutes in the whole movie.

The rest of the movie is just an awesome Metallica gig with their stage sets from the past, well at least Lady Justice and the Enter Sandman part from the "cunning stunts" video/DVD - box from 1997 and of course some new stage setting ideas.

The roadie has to look for an item, which is somewhere in the city, which seems to be in a parallel universe or Trip is having a trip.

*Spoiler* Its a leather satchel bag, which the band needs to play the gig. As Trip finds it he looks inside, but the viewer cant see whats in it. When Trip then returns to the venue, the movie is over and we are left, not knowing whats in there. BUT if you are a Metallica fan, and stay in your seat, you probably can assume what it is, as the band plays "Orion" during the credits... I read it somewhere else a few minutes ago and I also thought the same while seeing the ending credits,... it's probably Cliff Burtons soul, because its always with Metallica.

A good ending honoring a great bass player!
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A truly magnificent, astonishingly ambitious project
gordlaws19 September 2013
Before anyone starts going off-topic in the comments, yes, I'm a fan. I also understand the irony of starting with that statement. My point: this is a review of a cinema experience. An outstanding one. Made more exciting to me because it happens to be by and about my favourite band. This is NOT a discussion of the merits of said band's existence. Although it will strike a mighty blow for Metallica when those arguments do inevitably come up, hopefully elsewhere. Moving swiftly along...

This is just a truly mind-blowing sensory overload. Never has a band showcased their live performance with such an ambitious, technical, multi-sensory project. I wouldn't have even thought it possible. They don't just use the handy 3D technology to add gimmick to the next in a long line of live video releases. No. Metallica have pushed the boundaries of the technology itself, and added dimensions to what we see as possible within the realm of 3D cinema.

I had the privilege of chatting with Lars about this when they played some shows here in March, and he described it as their "attempt to truly showcase what they do and who they are." Man, does this emphatically succeed.

The stage is a kind of mutant super-setup, comprising video screens, pyro, tesla coils and the best parts of everything they've ever done in their live shows. As the audience, you're in/on/under/part-of the stage, alongside the band, in glorious 3D.

And, it's tasteful. In as much as Metallica at their tightest, hardest, loudest, biggest and fiercest can be "tasteful."

As for the little story within what is really the best ever technical and technological presentation of a rock concert, it's a lovely compliment to the energy of the performance itself. I don't wanna give-away too much, but as the show begins, a young roadie is sent on an errand. Things go badly (surreally and beautifully) wrong. It's not just exhilarating, but wonderfully interwoven with the songs and the "storylines" within them.

I'm proud to have seen Metallica live seven times. I count this as the eighth. And it probably ranks fourth amongst those eight live (or, in this case, damn-near live) experiences. Truly, truly mind-blowing.

Metallica have truly - and astonishingly - documented what they do and why they are the very best there's ever been at doing it.

Essential for fans, and absolutely worthwhile for all but the most hateful of heavy music in general. Bravo.
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Not a movie, just a concert.
Rodrigo Polo28 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As many here have said, I love Metallica, but I feel disappointed, I was expecting a movie, and even though it isn't a movie but a concert with a little tiny movie within, the movie doesn't have any explanation on what was all the crazy stuff on the little movie shoots, and what was in the bag at the end, it makes me angry.... but a great concert after all, Cunning Stunts on steroids... or "Cunning Stunts on HD, 3D, Dolby Atmos and 15 years later".

There is not a single reason or explanation on why there are zombies, why there is some kind of rioting, why the guy in the truck is scared or what is happening to him, what is the meaning on the horsemen, no explanation at all.

Some argue that the bag contained Cliff Burton soul, but again, nothing concrete.
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Bang Your Head!
GnarfleTheGarthok3 October 2013
Metallica does it again! These guys always know how to raise the bar for every other metal band out there. IMAX 3D is the way to go! Almost everyone was amped in the theater and we were all pretty much rocking in our seat and singing along. We were even clapping like it was an actual concert! Metallica provided total energy throughout the film. It was 70% concert (like you were on stage with them), 25% action movie, and 5% music video! Anyway, they did not skimp on the effects or the sound! I'm not sure what ssp113 was talking about when he/she stated that the resolution was awful. It was the coolest and clearest thing ever! So, if you are a metal fan and, especially, a Metallica fan, you are going to love this film and rock your way through it!
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Worth a watch!
ItsNewman14 October 2013
I have allowed a week to pass before writing this review, mainly so I can be a bit more critical than I would have been otherwise. After some time to absorb this experience, I stand behind most of my initial thoughts.

It rocks. Plain and simple.

Okay, so if you are not a Metallica fan and have nothing better to do than bash this film for being egotistical or lacking in plot or some other such nonsense, please save your breath. This is a movie experience designed for musicians and metal heads. Is it flawless? Absolutely not. Are there scratch-your-head moments? Yep. But is the end result worth it? One hundred percent!

The wraparound storyline seems a tad forced at times, but the imagery and scenery are a welcome break from the flashing lights and grandeur of the concert performance. Metallica prove themselves worthy musicians even after all these years. They also prove that there is a Metallica riff for any type of sequence you will ever encounter in a film. The song choices compliment the action perfectly, building an added layer of depth among a movie that is somewhat lacking in that department. Let's face it, this IS basically just a concert. Like it or not, you are paying to watch a performance first, subplot second.

As a musician, I was hoping for a bit more behind-the-scenes looks than were offered. I know that there must be numerous crew members handling sound mixing, guitar effects, lighting and set changes, all of which would have been an added bonus. (Although perhaps they choose not to give away too many secrets?) A few more camera shots of the fingers, particularly during solos, would also have been great, but I was certainly satisfied with what they offered.

Overall, tremendously mixed, well-imagined experience for anyone with even a remote interest in metal (or just good music). See it in IMAX while you can. It's cheaper than a true concert and you don't have to dodge a moshing mob of sweaty drunks. Well worth the price.

Also they play Orion during the credits. Enough said.
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Accept this for what it is...
Allan Doyle18 October 2013
It's a concert film, it's not a movie. Metallica fans or anyone that has ever taken acid will relate to the cut scenes and the metaphors within the journey of Trip the roadie, as ridiculous as they are.

To anyone else, it's pointless, over the top & completely rudderless, but to the hardcore, lifelong fans who revel in the spectacular. It's too short, not loud enough and not a moment too soon.

The first review in IMDb is from "ssp113" he called it the worst "film" he'd ever see. I use my real name on this site, but I've got a feeling his real name might be Dave Mustaine? Ego's..............don't make me laugh, it's METALLICA BABY!!!
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For the die-hard fans
haphazard7224 January 2014
I've just watched this and don't quite know what to make of it.

Whilst I love my hard rock and heavy metal, I'm not a massive fan of Metallica however I'd heard about this and wanted to check it out.

I must admit, I want to see them live now though! If this is an indication of their concerts and level of enthusiasm, I'm in!

The concert stuff was great. The effects were amazing. Just not sure about the tie in with the story. It was OK, but it didn't grab me by the big ones and drag me in. It could've been so much more perhaps (but not sure what!!!)

I'd suggest for the die-hard fans only....

Oh, by the way, watch right through the credits!!!
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Amazing sound and 3D concert!!
blampright27 September 2013
Seeing Metallica on an IMAX screen in 3D and hearing them come through the amazing sound systems in IMAX....WOW, what a treat. If you are a Metallica fan DO NOT MISS this opportunity to see the best possible concert experience outside being there in person. The "move" aspect was a fun little adventure, but lets face it, I was there to HEAR Metallica on an amazing sound system.

The Audio was the highest quality best sounding I have ever hear Metallica (or any other band) in my entire life. The sound was loud yet crystal clear with the ability to hear each individual instrument as if they were performing right in front of you. It was astounding! You will not be disappointed in your ears. Watching this on IMAX you will understand why the MP3 format finally needs to die and we need a much higher quality sound format to do our ears justice! I'm desperately trying to find this album in 192khz FLAC, but no dice...guess I'll just have to wait for it on Bluray.

The 3D was equally as good. IMAX 3D is far superior to other theaters, you forget you are wearing glasses and you are completely immersed into the film. It's so crystal clear that it actually feels as if you are right there. IMAX 3D never fails to disappoint!

Bottom line, if you love seeing Metallica live GO SEE THIS "MOVIE"'s spectacular!
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Umm. What?!
Theo Cookson23 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie made me want to set myself on fire and run flailing into an angry mob of baseball equipped, bike-less bikers.

I just waded through a sea of reviews praising this 'masterpiece' and time after time was brought to tears with laughter. This isn't a movie! It may have been a good concert if Lars was replaced with the phonics monkey from South Park and James started drinking again. The timing in all the songs were so interchangeable that one would think it was a documented case of rhythm perceived by a person with half a brain. The concert was not one of their greatest and I get that not every concert is going to be great but this was the one they put their stupid movie to. Well... Maybe calling it a movie is a bit too much. I've read in reviews that people shouldn't bad-mouth it for it's content and watch it like you would a concert... No. Watch a concert like you would a concert. They released this as a movie, with a movie trailer and everything, then they lazily put badly written scenes from a story with absolutely no direction in between songs. Yeah I'm done writing this sh!tty review. The movie was sh!t but it was at least hilarious. Download it, watch it, laugh or cry. Warm gooey pen!s butter in your eye.
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something special for special viewers!
geor_202847 October 2013
Just watched it and went back home in awe. It's not only because it was the most spectacular show i 've ever watched, nor because the back story freaked me out. It was because i realized that through the never i got a glimpse from future music entertainment.

Let me guarantee you some things about Through the never. -You WILL have a good time. -You will head bang. -You will grab the person next to you saying "this is surreal mate" -You will sing Metallica songs for the rest of the week. -You will start imagining other bands doing the same thing in the future.

But let me just say some cons -You will have a small headache, similar to the one after a loud concert -You won't see any plot -If you are not a Metallica fan or a metal fan in general you are in for a shock -If you are Mustaine, you will feel like crying again.

Seriously now, nobody should miss it especially in 3D. It is like a big concert video clip. It will change music live shows in the future. Metallica are still pioneers.
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QPrimeS16 September 2013
I highly suggest this to anyone that is a fan of rock and roll in general. Metallica has provided an unbelievable experience for fans in general of music and it should be noted that you must not be a fan of Metallica to truly appreciate what they've done here and the kind of risk it took. This has never been done before. We are witnessing a band once again trekking onto untracked waters and if anyone can trudge through that and come out successful, well it would be Metallica as they've already proved they can walk through fire and brimstone. Just as they took the giant Napster down, so too they will slay the concert documentary world changing it for the better forever.
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Awesome experience at the 3D IMAX!
roxanebaskett28 September 2013
Went to see this in 3D at the IMAX and LOVED it, what an experience (even though I went alone)!

Unfortunately I have never been to see Metallica in concert because my friends don't like my kind of music, so this is the next best thing. I'm a fan, so I obviously liked all the songs played throughout the movie/concert; the band's performance is outstanding.

The sound and visual effects were amazing, particularly during the roadie's storyline.

It's great to see these guys have been rocking it for 30 years and they've still got it. James looks smokin' hot, love his sexy hair!!

This is a must see at the IMAX, don't wait for it to come out on DVD or the movie channel - these won't do it the justice it deserves.
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Orgasmic heights for rock fans, everyone else needn't apply.
gt-thereelword10 October 2013
Concert films, generally speaking, are made specifically for fans of the artist or band. Thus, making it slightly difficult to objectively critique this type of film without leaning to the biased opinions of their music. Fans will no doubt have a field day, others will be momentarily entertained before growing weary of the proceedings.

The film follows the aptly named Trip (Dane DeHaan), a young roadie who works for Metallica. During one of their latest concerts, Trip is sent on a mission to retrieve a mysterious item from a broken down truck. What starts out as a straight-forward task, soon descends into a surreal fight for survival. The streets quickly become a battleground for rioters and law enforcement officers, while a malevolent and murderous horseman makes it his mission to kill our young roadie. Will Trip manage to deliver this mysterious package – or even survive this bizarre hell that has taken over the city? This plot unfolds in sections; as we go back and forth between Trip's adventure and Metallica's concert. The concert itself is truly impressive. A feat of stage wizardry and technical performance, Metallica's live show is a visual spectacle that manages to creatively incorporate various elements of live-effects. Obviously, fans will rock along regardless of what unfolds on stage, but every couple of songs brings a new element that will at least renew the visual interest in their performance.

Stage technicality and concert values aside, non-fans will inevitably get bored. As the songs progress, many will find their interest dwindling, wanting to return to Trip's predicament as a sort of breather. This is where Metallica: Through the Never runs into trouble. Trip's journey doesn't engage as much as it initially promises to, but director Nimród Antal (Kontroll, Vacancy, Armored, Predators) brings creativity and an infectious level of energy to the mix. There are some dynamic sequences that make no sense whatsoever, but damn they look cool. This is the general formula that drives the spark towards a dying fizzle by the time the film finishes.

Surreal and bizarre, Trip's plot doesn't offer more than visual flourishes. Special effects and slick transitions may look great on the big screen, but an almost cocky level of artsiness will have more eyes rolling than eyebrows raising. As a sort of MacGuffin, this mysterious package doesn't ever add up to much. In fact, nothing that takes place arrives at a satisfactory conclusion. How the concert connects with Trip's trip is beyond me, although Metallica fans may have answers in abundance.

This brings me to the overall point. While the film's concert impresses, the films elusive concept doesn't quite connect with non-fans. Unless your willing to simply enjoy the music and accept the strangeness of the overall story arc, then you won't be left satisfied in the slightest. A Metallica film aimed squarely at those that throw finger-horns and head-bang. Metallica: Through the Never could very well reach orgasmic heights for rock fans, everyone else needn't apply.

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why was this made
xacutna_6624 March 2015
This isn't a movie. It's a live concert marketed in a quick money grubbing way to screw what is left of their fans who are mostly 14 year old kids taking their allowance money the first few years they are into metallic as guitar hero is obsolete. Everything hateful said about this movie is true and more. After lulu, some kind of monster and so forth I'd be ashamed to say I'm a metallic fan. When we are that age and getting into metal they are great but it's like looking back at cartoons we thought were bad ass when we were kids and now laugh at.

real bands have made films and they were successful. The wall, anvils documentary, even spinal tap or mark W... (guy in Ted who smokes pot with the bear) movie rock star which is loosely based on Tim ripper owners joining Judas priest. I mean they could have done a story about how they got famous instead of a crappy MTV/VH1 documentary where Scott Ian of anthrax praises you and a bunch of nobodies/rehashed interviews spliced together. But NOPE lets put a live show on and put some useless dialog in that makes no sense. It could have been a never give up and follow your dreams or be yourself sort of story with some loss like cliff which every idiot will mention and focus on their glory days. But nope, lets put a live show in with recent I can't sing any more , i can't drum, i can't solo and who the heck is on bass abilities from the most over rated band in the world that you are ashamed to say that you were a fan of to people if you are over 20-30.

so if I was to shoot a movie about metallic. Focus on how they met, hire some actors, write a script.. you know.. a REAL movie. Get some kids who look like early Dave Mustaine , James, Kirk , Lars and Cliff and talk about Dave's departure. Cliffs death and how they persevered (god a metallic fan using 3 syllable word) and finish with Metallica today and some voice over work or whatever. They set the bar Olympic high with some kind of monster so they could have made anything better without trying but NOPE. Please fire kirk, buy James a shopping cart full of booze, get a drum machine and make them all have a tearful apology for releasing load if people go past the credits that will shut the fans up who hate it and st. anger which aren't mentioned in that atrocity.

If "metallic" wanted to rob us of our hard earned money bad enough they should have wore ski masks and robbed us instead of spending a multimillion dollar budget.

I hate IMDb spell check for not letting me put the bands name so when you see metallic it is that over rated band only kids listen to
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It is nothing more than a live DVD
kerryramsbotham20 February 2015
I actually don't mind Metallica, and I went into this film knowing full well there would be concert footage.

After watching the trailer for this "film", I believed it was a film that incorporated the concert into the storyline and the soundtrack would be Metallica, obviously.

The trailer falsely advertised this as more of a film than a live DVD. There is no storyline, the sections with trip might as well be non existent. This looks like a very long glorified music video rather than a film.

Don't get me wrong, if your a fan who only wants to watch the live performance then yes, it is brilliant and I respect the creativity and artistic style. But please do not use the trailer to sell this to me as a film. It is not. I believe this would have worked better if there was a valid storyline that involved the show.
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jamiepercival10 November 2014
So Iv'e been a fan of Metallica for a couple years now and at one point was my favourite band. I went into this film expecting it to be a film, but it wasn't. This DVD is just 90% concert footage with 10% footage of the guy from chronicle wondering round the streets on the night of the Purge. It has a WTF ending that doesn't make sense and will leave you unsatisfied. My biggest problem is that it is essentially a live DVD of Metallica. The problem with that is Metallica are no good live as James cant sing anymore Kirk has always been s**t live making amateur mistakes every chance he gets and theirs never been anything impressive about Lars Ulrich's drumming. Metallica is more of a studio band than a live band so I don't know why they made this. Next time you set out to make a film Metallica make a fu****g film yeah!!!
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Horribly boring...
joachimt7 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is not a movie, its a concert and for someone who is not all that familiar with Metallica this is not a good introduction to the band, it is actually painful to follow the movie. During the first 30 minutes I was praying that the movie would actually start following the protagonist. The concert takes up far too much space in the movie. It is honestly such a shame that the directors and writers couldn't let the band take the "backseat" for once by just featuring the music and protagonist for majority of the movie. There is nothing wrong with the music in the movie, the concert couldn't be more boring to watch.

This movie was actually a huge let down seeing as I was looking forward to following the story of the young roadie Trip into his surreal adventure. Instead we just get a glimpse into his adventure because the concert takes up majority of the plot. The cinematography is beautiful especially when following Trip, which once again makes it such a shame the movie doesn't follow him.
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Good 3D, good old Metallica, not that good though...
Radu Malureanu (radursm)16 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It might be me, getting old and bored. Besides the music (it's good that the majority of the soundtrack belongs to the pre-'91 Metallica), the feature itself was not interesting at all. Some scenes (CGI) that resembled (or reminded of) Massive Attack (!!!), Fight Club, The Walking Dead were put in. A new way of filming a concert. However, not new in its ingredients. The stunts at the stage were a bit surprising, but an insult to my intelligence. They might become a trend-setter with this concert-film(ing). I hope not. Long story short: A Metallica concert that could've been far better off without the add-ons. Those ones had no attractive epic, just some scenes from the above mentioned band videos, or the Fincher's movie, or the zombie-apocalypse TV show. The end credits, with "Orion" in the background, were the best part, if you ask me. Watch it if you like Metallica. Don't expect too much, though. A "Bravo!" for the 3D filming. It is awesome.
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just a thrilling entertainment with classic Metallica performances
MisterWhiplash10 October 2013
No, it won't make my top ten of the year or whatever. But I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of the most entertaining experiences in a theater I've had in a long time. I have my nitpicks as a fan about the concert itself (what, The Memory Remains over playing Wherever I May Roam in full? And Hetfield being in his fifties necessitates some songs, though not all thankfully, tuned a little lower for his vocal range). What counts and what was impressive is the production value is spot on, the music video approach with the "story" I dug (really, is it any more silly than what we saw Beavis and Butthead covering back in the day? or Song Remains the Same for that matter, which this trumps), And it was just a lot of shameless fun.

I found myself laughing several times, not even cause anything was hysterical (though I'm glad to see Bane is back and now on horseback!) but because it doesn't kid itself as to how bad ass it is, or tries to be. The band is solid as ever and its mostly loaded with stuff from the 80s - if anything is cheesy and does go too far it's the statue from and justice for all playing during the song being performed being built on the stage, and the "drama" they try to put into the stage show, which is a bit much considering what else they're doing with DeHaan in the film - and there's nary a fault in musicianship. Hey, you can even hear the bass now on those justice tracks! Even the 3d made the experience more enjoyable, for the bits that Nimrod Antal used it for and for it being not too obtrusive either. Go see it on a big screen if possible with good sound, and try to resist the urge getting up and just trashing all around and acting like a maniac.
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Metallica Delivers!
ijmunoz30 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Although, a viewer can never fully experience a Metallica concert by simply watching a film, this is as close as you can get. The 3D and IMAX aspect were excellent. The sound was awesome and the picture was extremely clear. The story that goes with the film can be interpreted in different ways, but isn't that the way it is with art? Metallica did a great job on stage by keeping visual effects playing so that the audience doesn't get bored. And just when you think the concert is getting tiresome in content, it changes up again. It seems to me that the band put serious effort into this movie. They play homage to to old school, die hard metal fan, and move forward in keeping up with various trends. Some may feel that they were ripped off in other areas of the film, but if that is the case, they didn't get the just of the film.
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how the mighty have fallen
oliver brown9 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
my friends i have trekked through the IMDb login nonsense to give only my 2nd review on IMDb. only when are things really bad do i go through this ***.

i am ashamed to have seen this group in concert twice. it was in 1989 and in 1990 and i thought at the time they were awesome. they played for 2 hours and i banged my head off - despite my quite short hair....

its OK to keep cracking it out but years follows and then 'some kind of monster'

then this

Lars - you bald f***

kirk - you are *** for not following Jason

Hatfield - you are scum for not following cliff

other guy - whatever

i really hate metabolic because i gave them about $300 bucks in my life - i'll download it all just to screw them but its all so *** they are safe.

Awful . My first one star review.

The crowd in this are the most bored you will ever see at any concert EVER

ha ha - the IMDb robot made me change my word to metabolic - they are that ***& - ha ha
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Essentially (and essential!) for Metallica Fans!
mario_c8 February 2014
As a Metallica fan for more than twenty years (since I was a young teenager back in 1991) I didn't know what to expect from this METALLICA THROUGH THE NEVER. I heard a few little things about it but nothing too specific because I wanted to go see it with a fresh mind, without any previous ideas. That said and by what I've seen I think it's mainly a concert with a parallel plot that it is in fact a bit confusing and unclear. I don't know if it was just a hallucination (since he took some pills in the beginning, before he went to his mission) or not but the guy dies and rises again like an immortal! In fact it really seems to be just an amount of stuck scenes to illustrate the songs which were being played in the concert, more than a solid and coherent plot. But if it was the case I think better "scenes" should have been chosen to "illustrate" the songs, exception made just for two or three, like "Fuel" or "Ride the lightning". Nice FX were used though and technically the scenes are well done, I just feel that if we separate the "concert" and the "movie" this last one would be very short, incoherent and almost with no sense…

So I think this feature is essentially (and essential!) for Metallica fans as it is mainly a concert, and as a live performance I think it was great! I also did appreciate the final credits when the play "Orion" all dressed in black. I quickly understood it was some kind of memorial, but unlike I initially thought it wasn't dedicated to Cliff Burton but to Mark Fisher instead (famous stage architect who died last year). As a "concert" I would score it straightest to the top but as a "movie" I don't score it more than 7/10.
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ssp1132 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This has to have been one of the worst movie experiences of my life.

The story that went with the egotistical concert footage was ridiculous and made no sense whatsoever. It had horrible resolution.

But the concert footage was awful. With the exception of Kirk it made the band looked like some of the most conceited individuals on earth. The scene where Danny was playing bass at the beginning was laughable, as was the car scene with James.

A truly terrible film. The fact that it had writing credits at the end was astounding.

If you want to watch a movie where guys that are convinced they are the greatest thing ever want to show you why they think that then this film is for you. Otherwise don't bother.
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A mixed bag.
SanitariumLXIX28 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First, I'll go on record as saying that I'm very much a Metallica fan (look at my screen handle). That being said, I was on one level enthralled with this movie, and disappointed on another.

The movie begins with its protagonist, a young roadie played by Dane DeHaan, arriving at an arena where the band is preparing for a show. Each band member is given a ridiculous introduction (although I laughed out loud at Lars Ulrich's first appearance), but thankfully we are quickly thrown into the only real entertaining part of the movie; the concert.

During the band's opening song, the roadie is given an assignment that will carry him across town to retrieve an important package that is somehow vital to the band.

The band plays on, and in between songs (sometimes during) we see the roadie's quest take one bizarre and surreal turn after another in an effort to locate this essential item.

Here's what works; the entire concert portion of the movie is beautifully shot, sounds incredible, and is edited so perfectly that if this were just a concert movie it would rank among the best.

But, it's not just a concert movie, and that isn't a good thing. The fictional surreal quest of this roadie is such a dull and boring mess that you're longing for the action to shift back to the arena to see more of the band. I applaud the effort of trying to blend a movie with a live concert, but this just doesn't work the way it's presented. More about this package; it's a borrowed plot device from Pulp Fiction, and it got groans from the group of fans I saw this with. No imagination here at all.

For Metallica fans, it's a must see for the concert part alone. But I cannot in good conscience recommend it to regular movie-goers as the fictional story comes across as pretentiously laughable. "Who are these musicians trying to be film makers?" is the kind of response I would expect from the average Joe. If you do decide to take the plunge, I implore you; don't see it for a movie. See it for the music, which is what Metallica should just be about anyway.
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