3 Days to Kill (2014) Poster

Plot Keywords

cia cia agent
terrorist spy
experimental drug teenage daughter
facebook tattoo artist
tattoo bar
vodka black comedy
stealing a car one against many
race against time cafe
neo noir beach
showdown supermarket
nosebleed beaten to death
beating redemption
regret chase
held at gunpoint hostage
wig party
childbirth apartment
cancer last will and testament
father daughter estrangement husband wife estrangement
photograph electrocution
interrogation torture
bound and gagged binoculars
beach house snow
christmas tree christmas
one last job coming out of retirement
hospital merry go round
aquarium bare breasts
bare butt montage
amusement park high school student
videotape rape attempt
high school injection
hypodermic needle snorricam
cell phone pay phone
deception happy birthday to you
faked death blood on shirt
blood elevator
smoke grenade gas mask
bus car falling off a bridge
car accident subway
strip club fight in the restroom
bodyguard assassination attempt
arms dealer limousine driver
foot chase boyfriend girlfriend relationship
mother daughter relationship violence
death shot through a window
shot in the head knife
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
gunfight martial arts
brawl fight
fistfight kicked in the face
disguise explosive
uzi tough girl
female killer female assassin
rocket launcher female agent
female spy undercover agent
undercover assassin
secret agent espionage
explosion tough guy
one man army anti hero
action hero birth
shot in the back husband wife relationship
elevator crash body landing on a car
hallucination hit by a train
subway station car crash
topless female nudity hit by a car
slow motion scene nightclub
shot in the foot tattoo parlor
female rear nudity bulletproof vest
stabbed in the foot shotgun
young version of character flashback
accountant electric torture
body in a trunk punched in the face
high school principal kidnapping
duct tape over mouth character says i love you
watch eiffel tower paris
lens flare squatter
police station scene during opening credits
split screen shot in the leg
falling from height bomb
critically bashed machine gun
shot in the forehead shot to death
exploding car subtitled scene
corpse silencer
pistol murder
albino belgrade serbia
langley virginia leather dress
terminal cancer shot in the chest
prom hotel
central intelligence agency shootout
femme fatale bicycle
car chase syringe
terminal illness dance lesson
father daughter dance paris france
american abroad singing in a car
father daughter relationship desperation
title spoken by character number in title
surprise ending

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