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23 Jun. 2012
Episode dated 23 June 2012
Weekend news and opinion show.
12 Aug. 2012
Episode dated 12 August 2012
Discussion of Paul Ryan VP selection and a tribute to victims of Sikh shooting in Wisconsin.
6 Oct. 2012
Episode dated 6 October 2012
News and opinion show featuring: discussion of Presidential debate, jobs numbers, DREAM Act, early education.
2 Dec. 2012
Episode dated 2 December 2012
Discussion of "new herd" of GOP leaders, immigration, filibuster reform, and protecting the rights of domestic workers.
23 Dec. 2012
Episode dated 23 December 2012
Discussion of fiscal cliff, Obama Cabinet picks, NRA response to Newtown shootings.
17 Feb. 2013
Episode dated 17 February 2013
First anniversary of show. Discussion of President Obama's "father" remarks, civil rights struggles, "race jokes."
6 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 6 April 2013
Discussion of the language of immigration, NCAA women's basketball, voter suppression, and TV show "Scandal."
18 May 2013
Episode dated 18 May 2013
Discussion of Obama administration scandals, digital rights to privacy, sexual assaults in the military, immigration reform, TV show "Scandal" and more.
15 Jun. 2013
Episode dated 15 June 2013
Weekend political talk show featuring discussion of immigration reform, women's reproductive rights, gun violence, and more.
29 Jun. 2013
Episode dated 29 June 2013
Discussion of Supreme Court rulings on Voting Rights Act/Prop 8/DOMA, Edward Snowden controversy, immigration reform, Texas filibuster, and WalMart's striking workers.
14 Jul. 2013
Episode dated 14 July 2013
Special edition of the show devoted to verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, featuring reports from Florida, discussions of race and justice, and legal analysis.
1 Sep. 2013
Episode dated 1 September 2013
Discussion and coverage of Syria, the White House, NYPD Muslim surveillance program, GOP 2016 prospects, President Obama and black America, MLK Anniversary, and more.
5 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 5 October 2013
News and discussion of government shutdown impact, voter suppression, immigration reform, Affordable Care Act launch, TX Governor's race, and more.
26 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 26 October 2013
Discussion of ACA website controversy, education policy, immigration reform, detention policy, weekly "Foot Soldier" and more.
23 Nov. 2013
Episode dated 23 November 2013
Discussion of LBJ legacy, immigration reform, racial profiling by police, fight for fair housing, Defy Ventures program and more.
1 Dec. 2013
Episode dated 1 December 2013
Discussion of Native Americans & Thanksgiving mythology, Captain America project, rethinking the American family, football culture, Washington Redskins controversy, pie season, and Alabama rape case update.
4 Jan. 2014
Episode dated 4 January 2014
News and discussion featuring: Melissa Harris Perry's apology to Romney family, economic populism and policy, ACA/Obamacare and religious freedom challenges, legalization of pot in Colorado, "foot soldier of the week" and more.
15 Feb. 2014
Episode dated 15 February 2014
Discussion of Congress & immigration overhaul, President Obama's call for increased minimum wage, Tennessee union vote, marijuana policy, Florida legalization of pot, "Foot Soldier of the Week" and more.
12 Apr. 2014
Episode dated 12 April 2014
Discussion of gender pay gap, Obama civil rights speech, immigration protests and reform, Alabama civil rights updates, tax preparation scams, "Melissa's weekly letter," and more.
26 Apr. 2014
Episode dated 26 April 2014
News/discussion about Northwestern union vote, Supreme Court affirmative action ruling, evolution of same-sex marriage, Department of Justice clemency proposal, and more.
25 May 2014
Episode dated 25 May 2014
News/discussion on: Santa Barbara shootings, Brazil's World Cup protests, Ukraine elections, US troops in Africa, Hillary Clinton in 2016, China hacking claims, costs of winning an election, summer reading list, and more.
8 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 8 June 2014
Discussion of AZ child migrant crisis, Maya Angelou, gun control, presidential imaging, My Brother's Keeper initiative, Reading Rainbow comeback, Apple/Beats deal, and more.
5 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 5 July 2014
Discussion of Hurricane Arthur, immigration reform, border crisis, Detroit water crisis, Nevada Lt. Governor candidate Flores, Essence Festival, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, "Sonnet Man," and more.
20 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 20 July 2014
Discussion and updates on MH 17 disaster, Iran nuclear talks, Mideast conflict, Israel v. HAMAS, life in a war zone, "Browning of America," border crisis, and more.
31 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 31 August 2014
News/discussion of how immigrants contributed to U.S., NFL and domestic violence, Michael Sam, Ebola outbreak, Atlantic City decline, and more.
13 Sep. 2014
Episode dated 13 September 2014
"War on ISIS"; "The Police"; "Janay Rice: Her Story"; "Law and Order and Race"; "Foot Soldiers"
26 Oct. 2014
Episode dated 26 October 2014
News & discussion of: How Shonda Rhimes is transforming TV, Ferguson leaks, "The Whiteness Project," UNC athletics scandal, using star power to fight Ebola, Herbie Hancock interview, "On This Day," and more.
29 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 29 November 2014
Discussion of Tamir Rice shooting, Ferguson decision, entrepreneurs in Haiti, UVA rape scandal, food and race/identity, food and racial stereotyping, kids and cooking, and more.
14 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 14 February 2015
News/discussion of North Carolina hate crimes, ACA lawsuit, Alabama gay marriage, Scott Walker and the public sector union battles, "Fifty Shades of Gray" film, Denmark shootings, "Being Mary Jane" and more.
28 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 28 March 2015
News/discussion of Loretta Lynch nomination, police shootings, latest from Pasco WA, Switzerland plane crash, Indiana's "religious freedom" law, Ted Cruz 2016, "Corinthian 15," voter suppression, and more.
26 Apr. 2015
Episode dated 26 April 2015
News and discussion of: Nepal earthquake, WH Correspondents Dinner, Freddie Gray shooting, PBS Affleck scandal, Loretta Lynch confirmation, Supreme Court case on search and seizure, school discipline bias, and more.
7 Jun. 2015
Episode dated 7 June 2015
News and discussion on: Hastert scandal, economic populism, FIFA and gender equity, Caitlyn Jenner and transgender tipping point, first Muslim MasterChef, Goonies 30th anniversary, teen mom turned class valedictorian, and more.
25 Jul. 2015
Live Coverage of President Obama in Africa
Live coverage of President Obama in Kenya. Also news & discussion of Sandra Bland death, 2016 GOP presidential field, transgender prisoner lawsuit in GA, On This Day: Rock Hudson, and more.
31 Oct. 2015
Episode dated 31 October 2015
Breaking news and discussion of World Series & immigration, faith & politics (Ben Carson), Spring Valley High incident, school discipline and Black girls, Egypt plane crash, US troops in Syria, and more.
29 Nov. 2015
Episode dated 29 November 2015
News and discussion of Ted Cruz lead in Iowa, John Bel Edwards victory in Louisiana, Freddie Gray jury selection, student activism on campus, Woodrow Wilson controversy, "Jemima Code" book, diversity on campus and more.
3 Jan. 2016
Episode dated 3 January 2016
News and discussion of Cosby accusations, ACLU Dignity Health lawsuit, Iran sanctions, NYC homelessness plan, Obama legacy, Bill Clinton effect on Hillary, and more.
16 Jan. 2016
Episode dated 16 January 2016
Breaking news and of U.S./Iran prisoner swap (including discussion on whether Iran media can be trusted, U.S.confirming prisoner release), Obama State of the Union 2016, GOP debate in South Carolina, and more.

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