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Season 2

26 Jul. 2013
Welcome to Varsity
VGHS has hired a new FPS coach, Mary, Jenny's mother, and Freddie has not been assigning homework. Jenny hopes to join the varsity team, but Mary asks Brian instead, ruining Jenny and Brian's first date. The Law is accused of aimbotting, banning the varsity team from the championships, effectively ending the FPS season before it has begun. However, due to a loophole, JV is allowed to take their place, JV wins the first game and Jenny and Brian agree to remain friends. Meanwhile Ted is sleep deprived, and misses the due date for his drifting assignment. Ki writes it, ...
2 Aug. 2013
You Can't Stop a Sandwich
Brian has financial troubles which leaves him hungry. Ted goes on a mission to secure more soda for the drifters, but is confronted with the Karters. Ki searches for a gaming group to associate with and takes on the daunting role of RA in the end. Law is back and tries to drive a rift between his roommates but can Ki stop him in time?
9 Aug. 2013
Double XP Weekend
It's Parents day at VGHS and the gang struggles to iron out issues with their family. Law finds Ki's game and plays it to convince himself that he is still unbeatable.
16 Aug. 2013
Thirty Foot Range
Brian and Jenny are getting serious but all the sneaking around causes Brian to perform poorly in practice. Ki runs into a few snags as RA and earns an archrival. Ted wants to prove himself to his fellow drifters but will it cost him too much?
23 Aug. 2013
Some Like It Bot
It's L33tmas at VGHS and the holiday celebrations could just spell disaster for the gang. Shot Bot, who is set for deactivation, flees to find a human story. He finds Law and helps him uncover the truth to the hacking allegations.
30 Aug. 2013
Three Laps, Three Rounds, Three Words
Ki Fights a bully, Ted races DK, and Brian messes up more than one of his friendships. The FPS team takes on Stars Hollow with the help of a recently expunged Law, but will Law remain loyal to a school that turned their back on him?

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