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bwseymour21 January 2013
A simply hilarious piece of youtube comedy that is transmedia. Which I am not sure what that means exactly but the characters on the show have their own Facebook pages and you can send them questions that they answer on a Q and A show. Also the writing and acting is hilarious its not perfect but nothing is and there are a few cheesy jokes and stereotypes in it. But hey who doesn't love a cheesy stereotype? unless they are haters/trolls. If you are after a 6-9 minute webisode packed with hilarity and over-the-top personalities then this is for YOU!

If you like bigfoot, goths, Satan, that blonde girl that was popular in high school but is now just tragic, boss's that are obsessed with their image and interns being abused while working for free and the utter chaos that results from a hipster trying to run a music business then drop your jaw already and start watching MYMUSICSHOW!
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MyMusic, entertainment for all!
Nicole Sadler21 January 2013
As a 28 year old, married, mom-to-be, most people would be quick to say, "You're too old to be watching kid shows on You Tube!" Well, I've got news for them! This show is completely OK for all ages! I would rather my child watch this than some of the other, vulgar, crap we see on cable TV. MyMusic has been the comedy relief I've been needing during these hard times trying to make a living, prepare for a child and being married. I enjoy You Tube so much better than most TV shows. It has the perfect blend of comedy, drama, horror (its ghost dawg!) and action that satisfies the urge of good, quality entertainment! MyMusic deserves a Grammy for all of the hard work, professional acting, and superb directing from Benny and Rafi Fine! Every character in the show provides the best acting! When you fall in love with the character, you know its being done right! So heres to you, Benny, Rafi, Metal, Techno, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Scene, Indie, Intern 2, Idol, Rayna, Bigfoot, Scarfman, and all of you who have guest starred, helped out, and done everything to bring your fans the best in entertainment history!
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Very… awesome
Jonathan S21 January 2013
The show has a bit of everything: music, comedy, music, romance, music, drama, and music. Did I mention there's music? There actually isn't that much music in the main show, but the plot revolves around a music company, so music is obviously very important. Everything that the Fine Bros do to produce the show is brilliant, they way they plan everything. You have a web series, a news show, a Q&A show, and a featured musician show. And they all exist in the same world, so the cast is always in character, regardless of which show you're watching. And who appears when, where, and how is perfectly done to match up with the main show. On top of that, the web series just as awesome drama, with cheesy but good jokes and clever stories and plot lines. All in all, it's an awesome web series. Of Television magnitude, but on the internet, featuring famous Youtubers and TV actors! It's… awesome!
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In my own words...BRILLIANT!
Franny0422 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Main Show: The stereotyped cast names made me wonder at first but over time I've discovered it adds to the essence of the show itself. Benny and Rafi Fine are genius to not only create such memorable characters but to personify music styles in a unique and interesting way. The characters are not always "likable" and I find that endearing, real people aren't always likable either. The occasional appearance of other YouTube and television stars is fun and entertaining as well. My one and only complaint...the main show episodes could be longer.

Live Show: I find it fascinating to not only learn about new bands and performers but to have the opportunity to hear/see them perform! Interacting with the cast via social media is a great feature and brings the audience closer to the process in a fun way. And who doesn't love hearing their favorite character "shout-out" their screen name? I myself have not tuned in to a live show but rather I watch the playback later. While I love being able to watch at my convenience, the picture quality of that feature is often lacking. I also enjoy the ability to skip ahead to the next segment of the show during down time.

News Show: Just enough music news to keep me informed, but not so much as to turn me into Idol. A brief rundown of the current happenings all over the world of music is perfect and Scene always makes it entertaining. Another thing I enjoy, the option to choose each video discussed, a random video just for fun or to skip ahead to the next segment of the show. Those Fine brothers never cease to amaze me!

The Mosh: A fun look into the brains of the characters! Ask and you shall receive...answers! Each character reads the burning questions of the fans and gives a whimsical answer. The rapid fire "20 Questions" segment is great too!

Overall I believe Benny & Rafi have comedy gold on their hands with this one! I love the mix of humor and real world information. Bravo gentlemen! Bravo!
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