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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: On Winner-Take-All Politics

15 January 2012
On Winner-Take-All Politics: Bill Moyers explores how America's vast inequality didn't just happen, it's been politically engineered.
Jacob Hacker ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Paul Pierson ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 2: Crony Capitalism

22 January 2012
Crony Capitalism: Bill Moyers and former White House budget director David Stockman on the all-too-cozy relationship between Washington and Wall Street.
Gretchen Morgenson ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

David Stockman ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 3: How Big Banks Are Rewriting the Rules of Our Economy

29 January 2012
How Big Banks are Rewriting the Rules of our Economy: Former Citigroup CEO John Reed on unmitigated corporate influence and his own regrets.
Byron Dorgan ... Himself (as Sen. Byron Dorgan)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
John S. Reed ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 4: How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World?

5 February 2012
Our country is more politically polarized than ever. Is it possible to agree to disagree and still move on to solve our massive problems? Moyers and moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt talk about the psychological underpinnings of our contentious culture.
Saul Alinsky ... Himself (archive footage)
Jonathan Haidt ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 5: Economic Malpractice and the Millenials

12 February 2012
How economic inequality destroys opportunity for the millennial generation.
Bruce Bartlett ... Himself
Heather McGhee ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 6: Decoding the Campaigns

19 February 2012
Decoding the languages of politics and poetry.

Rita Dove ... Herself
Kathleen Hall Jamieson ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 7: Where Movies End and Politics Begins

26 February 2012
Where do movies end and politics begin -- does it matter?
Neal Gabler ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Christian Wiman ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 11: Moving Beyond War

25 March 2012
Moving beyond war: A new vision for America's global role

Andrew Bacevich ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 12: Standing Up for Democracy

1 April 2012
American history is rich with stories of social change inspired by the actions of motivated individuals and organized groups. Today's activists are no different -- facing long odds against powerful and systemic special interests.
George Goehl ... Himself
Sarita Gupta ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Ai-Jen Poo ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 13: Gambling with Your Money

8 April 2012
You'd think after such a calamitous economic fall, there'd be a consensus on reinforcing the protections that keep us safe. But the opposite is happening. Business and political forces, including mercenary lobbyists, are trying to destroy these safeguards.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Carne Ross ... Himself

Paul Volcker ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 14: An Optimist for Our Times

15 April 2012
Angela Blackwell advocates practical ways to achieve "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" for all. Now, with our middle class struggling, poverty rising, and inequality growing, the CEO of PolicyLink finds reasons for hope in these hard realities
Angela Glover Blackwell ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 15: The Case for Old-School Faith & Politics

22 April 2012
Two movements once at the vital center of our society, liberal politics and American Christianity have gone astray, says Eric Alterman (left-wing) and Ross Douthat (right-wing). Each discusses the implications of this wayward course on U.S. Democracy.
Eric Alterman ... Himself
Ross Douthat ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 16: Big Money, Big Media, Big Trouble

29 April 2012
Moyers talks with Marty Kaplan, director of USC's Norman Lear Center, about how taking news out of the journalism box and placing it in the entertainment box hurts democracy and allows special interest groups to manipulate the system.
Marty Kaplan ... Himself
Joseph McCarthy ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Joseph N. Welch ... Himself (archive footage)
Allen West ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 17: Between Two Worlds: Life on the Border

6 May 2012
Understanding the border culture between Mexico and the United States with storyteller Luis Alberto Urrea.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Luis Alberto Urrea ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 18: Fighting for Fair Play on TV and Taxes

13 May 2012
Bill and media decoder Kathleen Hall Jamieson take a closer look at the role media misinformation will play in the Obama vs. Romney TV ad slugfest. Bill also talks to RoseAnn DeMoro about the Robin Hood Tax.
Rose Ann DeMoro ... Herself (as RoseAnn DeMoro)
Kathleen Hall Jamieson ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 19: Tom Morello, Troubadour for Justice

20 May 2012
Tom Morello is the Harvard-educated guitarist who played for Rage Against the Machine, and then for Audioslave. Rolling Stone chose his album "World Wide Rebel Songs" as one of the best of 2011, and named him one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time

Tom Morello ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 20: Reckoning with Torture

27 May 2012
Larry Siems and Doug Liman join Bill Moyers to talk about what we should be learning from and doing about U.S. torture tactics.

Doug Liman ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Larry Siems ... Himself
George Tenet ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 23: Dark Money in Politics

17 June 2012
Shining light on the dark money corrupting elections and democracy.
Monika Bauerlein ... Herself
Clara Cleffery ... Herself
Thomas Frank ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 24: How Big Banks Victimize Our Democracy

24 June 2012
For how long and in how many ways are average Americans going to pay the price for big bank hubris, with our own government acting as accomplice?
Peter Edelman ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Yves Smith ... Herself

Matt Taibbi ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 25: Confronting the Contradictions of America's Past

1 July 2012
Confronting the Contradictions of America's Past.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Khalil Gibran Muhammad ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 26: Is Labor a Lost Cause?

8 July 2012
With a sharp decline in union membership, a legion of new enemies, and a series of legal and legislative setbacks, can unions rebound and once again act strongly in the interest of ordinary workers?
Philip Appleman ... Himself
Bill Fletcher Jr. ... Himself
Stephen Lerner ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 27: Banking on Greed

15 July 2012
The uphill fight to make banks honest and accountable.
Sheila Bair ... Herself
William Black ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Vandana Shiva ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 28: Capitalism's 'Sacrifice Zones'

22 July 2012
Calling attention to America's 'sacrifice zones' with journalist Chris Hedges.
Chris Hedges ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Joe Sacco ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 29: What It's Like to Go to War

29 July 2012
America has been at war for over a decade now, with millions of soldiers having seen death and dying up close in Afghanistan and Iraq. But most Americans, watching comfortably on their TVs and computers, witness mostly to statistics, stump speeches, and "expert" rhetoric, don't get what's really going on there.
Karl Marlantes ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 30: Suppressing the Vote

5 August 2012
How voter ID laws are suppressing the vote.
Anthony Baxter ... Himself
Keesha Gaskins ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Michael Waldman ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 33: Nuns, Faith, and Politics

26 August 2012
Nuns hit the highway on a controversial road trip of faith and politics.
Corita Ambro ... Herself
Simone Campbell ... Herself
Diane Donoghue ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Robert Royal ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 34: The Resurrection of Ralph Reed

2 September 2012
The resurrection of Ralph Reed: revolution or racket?

Jack Abramoff ... Himself (archive footage)
Mike Lofgren ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Grover Norquist ... Himself (archive footage)
Ralph Reed ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 35: Challenging Power, Changing Politics

9 September 2012
Challenging power and changing politics.
Cheri Honkala ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Bernie Sanders ... Himself
Jill Stein ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 36: The One-Percent Court

16 September 2012
The unchecked power of the one-percent court.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Jamie Raskin ... Himself
Craig Unger ... Himself
Katrina vanden Heuvel ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 37: Elections for Sale

23 September 2012
How American elections are bought and sold, who covers the cost, and how the rest of us pay the price.

Stephen Colbert ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Barack Obama ... Himself (archive footage)
Trevor Potter ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 38: United States of ALEC

30 September 2012
Revealing the hidden world of ALEC -- the scheme to remake America, one state house at a time.
Steve Farley ... Himself
Lisa Graves ... Herself - Center for Media and Democracy
Kathleen Hall Jamieson ... Herself - Director, Annenberg Public Policy Center

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
John Nichols ... Himself
Mark Pocan ... Himself - Rep. (D) Madison - 78th District

Ronald Reagan ... Himself (archive footage)
Tommy Thompson ... Himself (archive footage) (voice)
Jerry Watson ... Himself - Senior Legal Council, American Bail Coalition (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 39: Hispanic America's Turn

5 October 2012
Univision's Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas on Hispanic influence and power in America.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

María Elena Salinas ... Herself

Jorge Ramos ... Himself
Juan Gonzalez ... Himself (archive footage) (as Juan González)

Season 1, Episode 40: Justice, Not Politics

14 October 2012
Protecting our courts from predatory politics, and watching climate change in action.

James Balog ... Himself
Joy Corning ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Bill O'Reilly ... Himself (archive footage)
Sally Pederson ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 41: Plutocracy Rising

21 October 2012
How far America's mega-wealthy will go to keep the One Percent in charge.
Chrystia Freeland ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Matt Taibbi ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 42: What Did the Debates Tell Us?

28 October 2012
Reality-checking the debates and banking reform.
Neil Barofsky ... Himself
Kathleen Hall Jamieson ... Herself
Marty Kaplan ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 44: The Election Is Over - Now What?

11 November 2012
The election is over. What's next for America?
James Fallows ... Himself
Bob Herbert ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Reihan Salam ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 45: Hurricanes, Capitalism & Democracy

18 November 2012
Naomi Klein explains how Hurricane Sandy can spur economic and political transformation in America.

Naomi Klein ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Trevor Potter ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 48: Big Media's Power Play

9 December 2012
How the FCC is poised to help Big Media seize more control over your airwaves.
Mickey Edwards ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Bernie Sanders ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 49: Fiscal Cliffs and Fiscal Realities

16 December 2012
Why the fiscal cliff is merely a phantom menace -- and what we should be talking about instead.
James A. Autry ... Himself (as James Autry)
Bruce Bartlett ... Himself
Max Baucus ... Himself (archive footage) (as Sen. Max Baucus)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Yves Smith ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 50: What We Can Learn from Lincoln

23 December 2012
Tony Kushner on what we still can learn from Lincoln.

Tony Kushner ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 51: Rewriting the Story of America

30 December 2012
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Díaz straddles two cultures while telling the story of America's past and future.
Junot Diaz ... Himself (as Junot Díaz)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 1, Episode 52: Ending the Silence on Climate Change

6 January 2013
Why climate change gets the silent treatment.
Anthony Leiserowitz ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Naderev Sano ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Paul Krugman on Why Jobs Come First

13 January 2013
Paul Krugman on our need to create jobs.

Paul Krugman ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 2: Fighting for Filibuster Reform

20 January 2013
Our last stand to fight the filibuster and save democracy.
Larry Cohen ... Himself
Martín Espada ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 3: Foul Play in the Senate and Today's Abortion Debate

27 January 2013
Public support and political hate behind the modern abortion rights debate.

Walter Cronkite ... Himself (archive footage)
Jessica González-Rojas ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Lynn Paltrow ... Herself
Peter Welch ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 4: Are Drones Destroying Our Democracy?

3 February 2013
In the fight against terrorism, the American military's escalating drone program has become the face of our foreign policy in Pakistan, Yemen and parts of Africa. And while the use of un-manned drones indeed protects American soldiers, the growing number of casualties -- which include civilians as well as suspected terrorists -- has prompted a United Nations investigation into both the legality and the deadly toll of these strikes.
Vicki Divoll ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Matt Taibbi ... Himself
Vincent Warren ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 5: Who's Widening America's Digital Divide?

10 February 2013
Why America's Internet access is slow, expensive... and unfair.
Susan Crawford ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Nick Turse ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 6: The Fight to Keep Democracy Alive

17 February 2013
Is it too late to save Democracy from Big Money? Fighting for our future.
Dan Cantor ... Himself
Martín Espada ... Himself (as Martín Espada)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Jonathan Soros ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 7: Taming Capitalism Run Wild

24 February 2013
Even as President Obama's talking points champion the middle class and condemn how our economy caters to the very rich, the truth behind modern American capitalism is a story of continued inequality and hardship. Even a modest increase in the minimum wage -- as suggested by the president -- faces opposition from those who apparently pledge allegiance first and foremost to America's wealthy and powerful.
Rosa DeLauro ... Herself (archive footage) (as Rosa L. DeLauro)
Saru Jayaraman ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Richard Wolff ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 8: Fighting Creeping Creationism

3 March 2013
The onslaught of creationism and the challenges of free thinking in America.
Susan Jacoby ... Herself
Zack Kopplin ... Himself
Vashti McCollum ... Herself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 9: What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately?

24 March 2013
Avarice, Banks, and Capitalism: The ABCs of Economic Inequality.
Sheila Bair ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Richard Wolff ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 12: And Justice for Some

31 March 2013
Fifty years after a landmark decision to give the poor their day in court, they still can't afford justice.
Martin Clancy ... Himself

Michael Dukakis ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Tim O'Brien ... Himself

Bryan Stevenson ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 13: MLK's Dream of Economic Justice

7 April 2013
Dr. King's other dream: economic justice.
Taylor Branch ... Himself
James Cone ... Himself
Kyle Dargan ... Himself

Martin Luther King ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 14: Living Outside Tribal Lines

14 April 2013
Writer Sherman Alexie describes living outside tribal lines.
Sherman Alexie ... Himself
Cindy Chavez ... Herself - Exec. Director, Working Partnerships USA
Russell Hancock ... Himself - CEO, Joint Ventures Silicon Valley
Martha Mendoza ... Herself - Associated Press Writer

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Franklin D. Roosevelt ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 15: The Toxic Assault on Our Children

21 April 2013
How to protect our children from the environment's toxic trespassers.
Bill McKibben ... Himself - Narrator, 'Dance of the Honey Bee' (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Sandra Steingraber ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 16: Trading Democracy for 'National Security'

28 April 2013
What the Boston bombings and drone attacks have in common, and how secrecy leads to abuse of government power.

Tom Brokaw ... Himself (archive footage)

Glenn Greenwald ... Himself
Thomas E. Mann ... Himself (as Thomas Mann)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Norman Ornstein ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 17: The Sandy Hook Promise

5 May 2013
Newtown parents and a legendary folk singer lift their voices to end gun violence.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
David Wheeler ... Himself
Francine Wheeler ... Herself

Peter Yarrow ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 18: How People Power Generates Change

12 May 2013
Organized people successfully fighting organized money.
Marshall Ganz ... Himself
Madeline Janis-Aparicio ... Herself (as Madeline Janis)

Martin Luther King ... Himself (archive footage)
Rachel LaForest ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 19: The Toxic Politics of Science

19 May 2013
The politics of science, and its threat to America's children.
Danielle Brian ... Herself
Sheila Krumholz ... Herself
Gerald Markowitz ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Herbert Needleman ... Himself (archive footage)
David Rosner ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 20: Going to Jail for Justice

26 May 2013
Tim DeChristopher tells why he spent nearly two years in prison in the name of environmental justice.
Tim DeChristopher ... Himself
David Harris ... Himself (archive footage)
Gretchen Morgenson ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 21: The Faces of America's Hungry

30 June 2013

Adam Appelhanz ... Himself (archive footage)
Mariana Chilton ... Herself

Kristi Jacobson ... Herself
Greg Kaufmann ... Himself
Steve King ... Himself (archive footage)
Joel Long ... Himself (archive footage)
James McGovern ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Marion Nestle ... Herself (archive footage)
Raj Patel ... Himself (archive footage)

Jeff Bridges ... Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 22: Surviving the New American Economy

7 July 2013
Two decades in the making, the intimate story of two American families struggling to find their place in the new economy.

George Bush ... Himself (archive footage)
Barbara Garson ... Herself
Barbara Miner ... Herself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Adam Neumann ... Himself (archive footage)
Karissa Neumann ... Herself (archive footage)
Terry Neumann ... Herself (archive footage)
Tony Neumann ... Himself (archive footage)
Claude Stanley ... Himself (archive footage)
Jackie Stanley ... Herself (archive footage)
Keith Stanley ... Himself (archive footage)
Klaudale Stanley ... Himself (archive footage)
Nicole Stanley ... Herself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 23: Big Brother's Prying Eyes

16 June 2013
How do we protect our privacy when Big Government and Big Business morph into Big Brother?
Lawrence Lessig ... Himself (also archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Edward Snowden ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 24: United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up

23 June 2013
Following up on a 2012 report, this update includes new examples of corporate influence on state legislation and lawmakers, the growing public protest against ALEC's big business-serving agenda, and internal tactics ALEC is instituting to further shroud its actions and intentions.
Chip Berlet ... Himself
John Boehner ... Himself (archive footage)
Mary Bottari ... Herself

George Bush ... Himself (archive footage)
Doug Clopp ... Himself - Common Cause (archive footage)
Bob Edgar ... Himself - President, Common Cause (archive footage)
Steve Farley ... Himself - Arizona. Dem. Rep.
Milton Friedman ... Himself (archive footage)
Leonard Gilroy ... Himself (archive footage)
Lisa Graves ... Herself - Center for Media and Democracy (also archive footage)

David H. Koch ... Himself (archive footage) (as David Koch)
Stephen Moore ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
John Nichols ... Himself
Mark Pocan ... Himself - Rep. (D) Madison - 78th District (also archive footage)
Wendell Potter ... Himself

Ronald Reagan ... Himself (archive footage)
Joel Rogers ... Himself - University of Wisconsin
Lori Roman ... Herself (archive footage)
Nick Surgey ... Himself
Julie Underwood ... Herself
Scott Walker ... Himself (archive footage)
Jerry Watson ... Himself - Senior Legal Council, American Bail Coalition (archive footage)
Paul Weyrich ... Himself (archive footage)
Bob Williams ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 25: John Lewis Marches On

28 July 2013
Bill Moyers and Rep. John Lewis revisit the 1963 March on Washington. How did it transform America?

Martin Luther King ... Himself (archive footage)

John Lewis ... Himself (as Rep. John Lewis)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Bayard Rustin ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 26: America's Gilded Capital

25 August 2013
Forget Republican Red or Democratic Blue. The power color in Washington is the cool green of cash.
Evan Bayh ... Himself (archive footage)
Mark Leibovich ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Barack Obama ... Himself (archive footage)
Billy Tauzin ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 27: Distracted from Democracy

14 July 2013
What keeps American outcry over economic inequality so muted? Weapons of mass distraction.

Glenn Greenwald ... Himself (archive footage)

David Gregory ... Himself (archive footage)

Lyndon Johnson ... Himself (archive footage)
Marty Kaplan ... Himself
Gary May ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
C.T. Vivian ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 28: Fighting for Farmworkers

21 July 2013

Season 2, Episode 29: Inequality for All

22 September 2013
Robert Reich on Inequality for All.
David Brancaccio ... Himself (archive footage) (voice)

Jacob Kornbluth ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Robert Reich ... Himself
Rick Santorum ... Himself (archive footage)

Allan Sloan ... Himself (archive footage) (voice)

Season 2, Episode 30: Saving the Earth from Ourselves

29 September 2013
Saving the Earth from Ourselves
Pope Francis ... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Kumi Naidoo ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 31: Wendell Berry, Poet & Prophet

6 October 2013
In a rare television interview, environmental legend and writer Wendell Berry leaves his Kentucky farm for an inspiring conversation with veteran journalist Bill Moyers.
Wendell Berry ... Himself
Patrick Holden ... Himself
Bill McKibben ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Vandana Shiva ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 32: Citizens United: The Sequel

13 October 2013
This week, the Supreme Court began its new term and justices heard arguments in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. The case has been billed as the successor to the court?s Citizens United decision in 2010 that gave corporations, unions, and the wealthy the opportunity to pour vast and often anonymous amounts of cash into political campaigns. The new case challenges caps on how much individual donors can give to candidates and political parties and could raise the amount to more than $3.25 million.Bill Moyers talks with Yale Law School election and constitutional law professor Heather Gerken who warns that McCutcheon has the potential to be even worse than Citizens United. Political parties pay attention to the people with money, and as the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation reports, most of the funding for congressional and presidential campaigns comes from the top one percent of the one percent of the rich ? ?the elite class that serves as gatekeepers of public office in the United States.?Bill also speaks with historian Joyce Appleby who has a talent for making tales of the past into page-turning books that read like novels. Her newest is Shores of Knowledge: New World Discoveries and the Scientific Imagination. It?s the story of what sent European explorers to the Americas in pursuit of treasure and knowledge, and how they shaped our modern world. Bill describes it as ?a captivating account of curiosity.?

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Heather Gerken ... Herself
Joyce Appleby ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 33: America's Political Breakdown

20 October 2013
After a 16-day shutdown, there?s finally a deal to raise the debt limit and reopen the government. But the can?s just been kicked down the road ? another Congressional confrontation over spending cuts, entitlement programs and possible default will take place within a few months. Nonetheless, Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator of the Financial Times believes that no matter the rhetoric and flamethrowing, the debt ceiling has to be raised because the alternatives are ?simply, unimaginably horrible.?Wolf -- who has been described as ?the premier financial and economics writer in the world? -- joins Bill Moyers for a discussion of the current DC crisis and its potentially lethal impact on the global economy. Wolf views the debt ceiling as the legislative equivalent of a nuclear bomb the US has aimed at itself. But its deadly fallout could spread everywhere.Bill also speaks with media scholar Sherry Turkle who says that the Internet and social media have changed not only what we do but also who we are. She?s a clinical psychologist and one of the first to study the impact of computers on culture and society. A professor at MIT and director of the university?s Initiative on Technology and Self, Turkle has written several important books, her most recent, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Sherry Turkle ... Herself

Martin Wolf ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 34: Saving Democracy Is Up to Citizen Activists

27 October 2013
Historian Peter Dreier talks about outraged citizens fighting corruption and financial columnist Gretchen Morgenson on why JPMorgan may be getting off easily. Continue reading

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Gretchen Morgenson ... Herself
Peter Dreier ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 35: What Are We Doing in Syria?

8 September 2013
Guest host Phil Donahue examines the deadly civil war in Syria and the consequences of another American intervention in the Middle East.
Deborah Amos ... Herself

Andrew Bacevich ... Himself

Phil Donahue ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 36: The Collision of Sports and Politics

15 September 2013
The collision of sports and politics.

Martin Luther King ... Himself (archive footage)
Ann McKee ... Herself (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Chris Nowinski ... Himself (archive footage)

Robert Reich ... Himself (archive footage)
Tom Talavage ... Himself (archive footage)
Dave Zirin ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 37: The Path of Positive Resistance

17 November 2013
Between them, doctors Jill Stein and Margaret Flowers have been arrested nine times. In the face of injustice and government by the one percent, rather than look the other way and stick to practicing medicine they chose a different approach.At first they took separate paths. Margaret Flowers fought for single payer health insurance. She works for the organization Physicians for a National Health Program and is a contributor to, a website advocating nonviolent direct action against injustice. Jill Stein advocated for campaign finance reform in her home state of Massachusetts, working in 1998 with others in her community to pass the Clean Election Law. She co-founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities in 2003 and represented the Green-Rainbow Party for governor in 2002, for State Representative in 2004 and for Secretary of State in 2006. She was the Green Party candidate for president in 2012.Now Stein and Flowers are both members of the Green Shadow Cabinet, a group of 100 prominent men and women offering alternative policy and speaking out in an organized voice against a dysfunctional government. Stein serves as president and Flowers as secretary of health. Each fights against political corruption and a host of grievances that that have led many people to cynicism and despair. Bill Moyers speaks with Stein and Flowers about their personal journeys, what they have learned about our political system along the way and why they continue to fight the good fight.

Billy Bragg ... Himself - Musician / Activist (archive footage)
Feng Congde ... Himself - Student Leader (archive footage)
Margaret Flowers ... Herself
Isabel Lipthay ... Herself - Poet / Musician (archive footage)
George Mathew ... Himself - Conductor (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Jill Stein ... Herself
Renalto Alvarado Vidal ... Himself - Political prisoner under Pinochet (archive footage)
Benjamin Zander ... Himself - Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 38: Zombie Politics and Casino Capitalism

24 November 2013
In his book Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism, author and scholar Henry Giroux connects the dots, threading together ideas and experiences to prove his theory that our current system is informed by a ?machinery of social and civil death? that chills ?any vestige of a robust democracy.?Giroux explains that such a machine turns people into zombies ? ?people who are basically so caught up with surviving that they become like the walking dead ? they lose their sense of agency, they lose their homes, they lose their jobs.? What?s more, Giroux points out, the system that creates this vacuum has little to do with expanding the meaning and the substance of democracy itself. Under ?casino capitalism,? the goal is to get a quick return, taking advantage of a kind of logic in which the only thing that drives us is to put as much money as we can into a slot machine and hope we walk out with our wallets overflowing.A cultural and social critic of tireless energy and vast interests, Giroux holds the Global TV Network Chair in the English and Cultural Studies Department at McMaster University and is a distinguished visiting professor at Reyerson University, both schools in Canada. Described by Moyers as ?torch bearer in the art and science of teaching,? he has been an important contributor in a variety of academic fields, including cultural, youth and media studies.Also on the broadcast, Bill Moyers remembers a 2003 interview with Nobel-prize winning novelist Doris Lessing who passed away this week in London at the age of 94. And a look at ?Birth of the Living Dead?, a mesmerizing new documentary that examines the singular time in which the classic film ?Night of the Living Dead? was shot ? when civil unrest and violence gave the nation nightmares, and zombies were a metaphor for an American public troubled and distressed.

Larry Fessenden ... Himself - Filmmaker (archive footage)
Henry Giroux ... Himself
Mark Harris ... Himself - Film Historian (archive footage)

Gale Anne Hurd ... Herself - Film Producer (archive footage)
Doris Lessing ... Herself - Writer (archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Samuel D. Pollard ... Himself - Professor, NYU Film (archive footage) (as Sam Pollard)

Season 2, Episode 39: Gunfighter Nation

15 December 2013
Cultural historian and scholar Richard Slotkin has spent his adult life studying the violence that has swirled through American history and taken root deep in our culture. He has written an acclaimed trilogy on the myth of the frontier that has shaped our nation's imagination. In Regeneration through Violence, The Fatal Environment, Gunfighter Nation, and other works of history and fiction, he tracks how everything from literature, movies and television to society and politics has been influenced by this violent past ̶ including the gun culture that continues to dominate, wound and kill. And he outlines how America's frantic expansion from the Atlantic to the Pacific led us to embrace a mythology of gun-slinging white settlers taming the wilderness to justify a tragic record of subjugation and bloodshed. On this one year anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Bill Moyers speaks with Professor Slotkin, who recently retired from a distinguished teaching career at Wesleyan University, just 45 minutes from Newtown.

Season 2, Episode 40: Incarceration Nation

22 December 2013
There are more African Americans under correctional control today ̶ in prison or jail, on probation or parole ̶ than were enslaved in 1850, a decade before the Civil War began. According to The Sentencing Project, an advocacy group dedicated to changing how we think about crime and punishment, "More than 60 percent of the people in prison are now racial and ethnic minorities. For Black males in their thirties, one in every ten is in prison or jail on any given day." Because of the 40-year war on drugs and get tough sentencing policies, the American prison population has exploded from about 300,000 in the 1970's to more than 2 million today. The United States has a higher rate of incarceration than any other nation and spends billions every year to keep people behind bars. The cost on democracy is immeasurable. Bill Moyers speaks with civil rights lawyer and legal scholar Michelle Alexander. Her book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness had just been published last time she joined Bill in conversation, three and a half years ago. It's a work of scholarship that lays out how the war on drugs, harsh mandatory minimum sentencing and racism have converged to create a caste system in this country very much like the one under Jim Crow segregation laws. The book became a bestseller and spurred a wide conversation about justice and inequality in America - inspiring one reviewer to call it "the bible of a social movement."

Season 2, Episode 43: The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About

3 November 2013
You may remember how in the ?90?s the Clinton Administration talked us into NAFTA ? the North American Free Trade Agreement -- with the promise of jobs and cheaper goods. According to economist Dean Baker, in the end, NAFTA wound up helping corporations and didn't do much for American workers. In fact, there are economists who say that in the United States, NAFTA cost nearly a million jobs. Now, there?s another trade deal in the works that?s even bigger ? ?NAFTA on steroids? as some describe it. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a coalition of North and South American and Asian trading partners that many believe could give multinational corporations even greater freedom to ignore borders and run roughshod over individual countries and the rule of law. At least that?s what it may be about ? negotiations are being carried on in secret and very little about the terms has leaked out. But enough is known to worry about the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its possible effect on trade unions and our copyright and patent laws, not to mention environmental, health and safety regulations.Bill Moyers discusses the Trans-Pacific Partnership with two perceptive observers of the global economy: Yves Smith, an expert on investment banking, runs the Naked Capitalism blog, a go-to site for information and insight on the business and ethics of finance; and Dean Baker, co-director of the progressive Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. Also on this week?s broadcast, a preview of filmmaker Robert Greenwald?s new documentary, Unmanned: America?s Drone Wars. The release coincided with a first: victims of deadly drone attacks testified at a special briefing for members of Congress. This episode features clips from the film, which shares testimony, stories, and alarming news on the fatal impact of our drone strategy.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Yves Smith ... Herself
Dean Baker ... Himself
Max Baucus ... Himself (archive footage) (as Sen. Max Baucus)
John Boehner ... Himself (archive footage)
Blanche Lincoln ... Herself (archive footage) (as Sen. Blanche Lincoln)
David McKinley ... Himself (archive footage) (as Rep. David McKinley)

Barack Obama ... Himself (archive footage)
Ross Perot ... Himself (archive footage)
Kathleen Sebelius ... Herself (archive footage)
Marilyn Tavenner ... Herself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 44: How Dollarocracy Is Destroying America

10 November 2013
The money and power behind this week?s election results confirm what everybody knows: democracy is under siege. We, the People, don?t control our leaders; moneyed interests get their way. Corporations are free to buy politicians, judges, and elections with virtually unlimited cash, and big media conglomerates reap billions from political advertising. We idealize the notion of political equality in the voting booth but eviscerate it in practice, caught in the clutches of a ?money-and-media complex? not unlike the vast ?military-industrial complex? President Eisenhower warned us about more than half a century ago. No one knows the dangers better than John Nichols and Robert McChesney. Nichols is Washington correspondent for The Nation and a pioneering political blogger. McChesney is a leading scholar of communications and society and a professor at the University of Illinois. Together, ten years ago, they became the founding figures of the media reform movement Free Press ? and have never flagged in challenging the Big Money and Big Media that, combined, corrupt our democracy. Their latest book is Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex Is Destroying America. ?Democracy means rule of the people, one person, one vote,? McChesney says. ??Dollarocracy? means the rule of the dollars. One dollar, one vote. Those with lots of dollars have lots of power. Those with no dollars have no power.?

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
John Nichols ... Himself
Robert McChesney ... Himself
Heidi Boghosian ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 49: Gunfighter Nation

15 December 2013

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Richard Slotkin ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 50: Incarceration Nation

22 December 2013

Michelle Alexander ... Herself
Susan Burton ... Herself (archive footage)

Eric Holder Jr. ... Himself (archive footage) (as Eric Holder)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

David Simon ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 51: The Pope, Poverty and Poetry

29 December 2013
In just a few months, Pope Francis, the first in history to take the name of the patron saint of the poor, has proven to be one of the most outspoken pontiffs in recent history, especially when it comes to income inequality. He has criticized the "widening gap between those who have more and those who must be content with the crumbs." And in his recent "apostolic exhortation" on "the economy of exclusion and inequality," he said: "The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose." It remains to be seen if Pope Francis can bend the institutional Church to his exhortation, but for the moment at least, it seems as if the spirit of Occupy Wall Street has settled into a one-man occupation of the Vatican. Francis is the first Jesuit to ascend to the papacy, so we turn to Jesuit-educated author and historian Thomas Cahill to get his perspective. Bill Moyers speaks with Cahill in a conversation on the meaning of Pope Francis and the relevance of the Church in the 21st century. Later, the poet Philip Levine joins Bill to discuss why Americans have lost sight of who really keeps the country afloat - the hard working men and women who toil, unsung and unknown, in our nation's fields and factories. During the years he himself spent in the grit, noise and heat of the assembly lines of Detroit auto plants, Levine discovered that his gift for verse could provide "a voice for the voiceless." Described by one critic as "a large, ironic Whitman of the industrial heartland," Philip Levine is the author of twenty collections of poems and books of translations and essays. He is the recipient of the Pulitzer and two National Book Awards and recently served as the nation's poet laureate at the Library of Congress.
Thomas Cahill ... Himself
Philip Levine ... Himself

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Season 2, Episode 52: State of Conflict: North Carolina

5 January 2014
STATE OF CONFLICT: NORTH CAROLINA offers a documentary report from the state that votes both blue and red and sometimes purple (Romney carried it by a whisker in 2012, Obama by an eyelash in 2008). Now, however, Republicans hold the Governor's mansion and both houses of the legislature, and they are steering North Carolina far to the right: slashing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, providing vouchers to private schools, cutting unemployment benefits, refusing to expand Medicaid, and rolling back electoral reforms, including voting rights. At the heart of this conservative onslaught sits a businessman who is so wealthy and powerful that he is frequently described as the state's own "Koch brother." Art Pope, whose family fortune was made via a chain of discount stores, has poured tens of millions of dollars into a network of foundations and think tanks that advocate a wide range of conservative causes. Pope insists that he is simply "educating the voters on the issues so that they can hear both side of the issues, not just one side." The New Yorker's Jane Mayer, the first national journalist to investigate Pope's dealings in North Carolina, begs to differ. She says Art Pope has shown "that one really wealthy individual can almost rule." STATE OF CONFLICT: NORTH CAROLINA is more than a local story. It offers a case study of what may be the direction of American politics for years, perhaps decades, to come. STATE OF CONFLICT is a collaboration between Okapi Productions, LLC and Schumann Media Center, Inc., headed by Bill Moyers, which supports independent journalism and media programs to advance public understanding of the critical issues facing democracy.
William Barber ... Himself (also archive footage) (as Rev. William Barber)
Ari Berman ... Himself - The Nation
Francis De Luca ... Himself - Civitas Institute (archive footage)
Armenta Eaton ... Herself - Moral Mondays Protester
Rosanell Eaton ... Herself - Moral Mondays Protester (also archive footage)
Pricey Harrison ... Herself - Democratic State Legislator (as Rep. Pricey Harrison)
Jesse Helms ... Himself (archive footage) (as Senator Jesse Helms)
Adam Hochberg ... Himself

David H. Koch ... Himself (archive footage) (as David Koch)
Gerald Markowitz ... Himself (archive footage)
Jane Mayer ... Herself - The New Yorker
Pat McCrory ... Himself (archive footage) (as Gov. Pat McCrory)
Molly McDonough ... Herself - Moral Mondays Protester (also archive footage)

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host
Art Pope ... Himself (archive footage)
David Rosner ... Himself (archive footage)
Vicki Ryder ... Herself - Raging Granny
Terry Sanford ... Himself (archive footage) (as Senator Terry Sanford)
Sue Sturgis ... Herself
Charles van der Horst ... Himself - Moral Mondays Protester (as Dr. Charles van der Horst)
Don Yelton ... Himself (archive footage)
Bob Zellner ... Himself (also archive footage)

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the New Cosmos

12 January 2014
When Bill Moyers announced his intention to retire just weeks ago, he received - and read - thousands of messages on his website and Facebook urging him to stay on the air. "I felt as if I were going AWOL in the heat of battle," he said. So he revoked his decision, opting instead to continue with a half-hour version of his program that "will still give us flexibility to offer a forum to strong and provocative voices." With the motto "Occupy Democracy," Bill Moyers continues his popular weekly broadcast "Moyers & Company" and begins a new half-hour format with nothing short of the universe itself. The revised telecast kicks off with the first of a series of conversations with famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Frederic P. Rose director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Their wide-ranging interview touches on a variety of topics, including the nature of an expanding, accelerating universe (and how it will end), the difference between "dark energy" and "dark matter," the concept of God in cosmology and why science matters. "Science is an enterprise that should be cherished as an activity of the free human mind," Tyson tells Moyers. "Because it transforms who we are, how we live, and it gives us an understanding of our place in the universe."

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Neil deGrasse Tyson ... Himself (also archive footage)

Season 3, Episode 2: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Science, Religion and the Universe

19 January 2014
Bill Moyers continues his conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Frederick P. Rose director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and host of the upcoming Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on the National Geographic Channel and Fox TV. Tyson speculates not only on the nature of our expanding, accelerating universe and the dark energy and dark matter that may control its destiny but on the possibility of many parallel universes. "Why should nature make anything in ones?" he asks. "Everything else we ever thought was unique or special, we found more of them, so, philosophically, it's not unsettling to imagine more than one universe." Tyson and Moyers also discuss whether science and the Bible can be reconciled. Dr. Tyson points out that while living in a free country means enjoying the right to freedom of thought, "the problem arises if you have a religious philosophy that is not based on objective realities that you then want to put in a science classroom. Then I'm going to stand there and say, 'No, I'm not going to allow you in the science classroom. I'm not telling you what to think, I'm just telling you in the science class, you're not doing science.'"

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Neil deGrasse Tyson ... Himself (also archive footage)

Season 3, Episode 3: From a Universe of Wonder to the Politics of Earth

January 2014
From the far reaches of the universe, a return to Earth with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to talk about science, politics, and democracy.

Season 3, Episode 4: David Simon: My Country Is a Horror Show!

January 2014
Journalist and television producer David Simon on America as "a horror show," the divided state of the union and the vast gap between rich and poor.

Season 3, Episode 5: Bill McKibben to Obama: Say No to Big Oil

February 2014
The showdown nears for the Keystone XL pipeline, and Bill McKibben says it's time for Barack Obama to stand up to oil companies and just say no.

Unknown Season

A New Case for Gun Control

July 2013
A new case for gun control.

Elizabeth Warren on Fighting Back Against Wall St. Giants

7 September 2014
In Oklahoma, Elizabeth Warren and her brothers grew up in "an America that invested in kids like us and helped build a future where we could flourish." But she writes in her book, A Fighting Chance, "Today the game is rigged- rigged to work for those who have money and power... The optimism that defines us as a people has been beaten and bruised. It doesn't have to be this way." The former Harvard Law School professor is an expert on how Wall Street and the banking industry are destroying the middle class. Now the senior US senator from Massachusetts, she has put that knowledge to powerful use on Capitol Hill. Senator Warren has rapidly become the most authoritative and articulate voice of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Many are urging her to run for president. "This is a fight over economics, a fight over privilege, a fight over power," she told the Netroots Nation conference in July. "But deep down it is a fight over values. Conservatives and their powerful friends will continue to be guided by their internal motto, 'I've got mine. The rest of you are on your own.' Well, we're guided by principle, and it's a pretty simple idea. We all do better when we work together and invest in building a future." Senator Elizabeth Warren has authored or co-authored ten books and is credited with envisioning and developing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which came into being with the passage of the Dodd-Frank banking reform bill. She was chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel during the recent financial meltdown and senior advisor to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission.

Bill Moyers ... Himself - Host

Elizabeth Warren ... Herself

Progressives Pick Up the Pieces

October 2013
The corruption of American capitalism; finding inspiration in the radical politics of Dr. Seuss

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