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Funny Promo That Works
Michael_Elliott20 April 2015
GREED, a New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli (2009)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

It's not often a one-minute commercial makes such a strong statement but then again you've never seen one with Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and being directed by Roman Polanski. Obviously this short was done in good fun but Polanski brings a rather wicked sense of humor to it and this here is what perfectly shows the "greed." The film starts off with Portman sitting at a chair brushing her hair when Williams walks in and notices the fragrance bottle. Williams tries to see what it is and then..... Well, it's best that you just watch it for yourself. Once "that" happens, I'm not going to lie, it really made me laugh out loud simply because of the music being played and it almost seemed like a witty comedy from the silent era. Polanski certainly knows how to frame a shot and milk everything out of it that he can and it's clear that both actresses are having some fun here. Is this the greatest thing the three have done? Not at all but I don't think they were meaning to do anything other than have fun and sell the product.
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Portman and Williams get greedy
Warning: Spoilers
"GREED, a New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli" is a 1-minute short film from 6 years ago, back when Portman and Williams were already Oscar nominee, but still had some of their biggest successes ahead of them, including "Black Swan" of course. I must say Portman looks absolutely stunning in here and Williams looks really hideous with her heavy makeup on. Williams caresses Portman's hair in the first seconds, but then the two reach out for the same perfume bottle and start fighting for it. The director is Roman Polanski, already an Academy Award winner for "The Pianist" at this point. Well, I did not think this minute was very artistic, relevant or just dramatically interesting to be honest. As a whole, I cannot recommend it. I hoped for something better when I saw the cast and director. Go check out Portman's (very) short films with Rashida Jones ("Parks & Recreation") instead. These are much funnier.
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Outstanding promo. Polanski does it again
Rodrigo Amaro23 September 2014
And Monsieur Polanski did it again! Two consecrated actresses star in this promo vehicle to Francesco Vezzoli's fragrance.

While in "A Therapy" Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter were enchanted by a Prada coat, in this one Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman have a fun duel against each other over the irresistible fragrance. Not sure if they play friends, sisters or lovers - unlike the other movie where there's some bit of dialog - but all I know is that the images evoke plenty of sensuality, interest and seduction, not just by the girls but also (and above all, obviously) about the product. You want to know how great this fragrance is and if possible, do exactly like the girls, fight for it. It's all about greed.

Though I'm a completely contrarian to marketing and stuff, I must give credit to everyone involved in this because it's a brilliant way to sell something. Like in "A Therapy", Roman gives us the product, the setting, involves us - as he always does with his movies - and in a way requires us to go after what he's "selling". Doesn't mean that we go but still worth the shot. That's what great direction is all about: the magic doesn't need to stop after the credits roll, there's more life to what we've just seen on the screen. There's experiences to be shared with others; or in the case of this short film, there's scents and essences to be felt. 8/10
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