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Playing for higher stakes
Tweekums21 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When a valuable Picasso painting is stolen Mickey and the team have a great idea; have a forgery made and sell it to some sucker hoping he will think they stole the original. It is a great idea but they make one big mistake; they try to sell it back to Petre Sava, the original owner and he spots the fake… this all happens before the opening credits; Sava wants his painting back and tell the team he will kill Mickey if he doesn't get it back in six hours. With Mickey tied up in a car boot it is up to Ash to figure out how to find the original. To do that they have to deal with the Glaswegians who stole it and Harry Holmes; the notorious thug who know possesses it! Their plans are complicated by the existence of further fakes and having to deal with a female forger who has taken a shine to Sean!

This was another fun episode; it was nice to see the team playing for higher stakes than usual; it was also interesting to see Ash take the lead role; Robert Glenister is great in the role and this gave him an opportunity to shine. Guest stars Martin Kemp and Peter Polycarpou did well as Holmes and Sava. Away from worrying about Mickey there were some more humorous moments; notable where Sean has to make a major sacrifice to get help from Dolly the Forger. It is only two episodes in but this final series of 'Hustle' is looking good so far.
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