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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence and some suggestive content

Sex & Nudity

  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence,some suggestive content and brief strong language.
  • For an extended sequence, a masculine woman is completely topless but has Nazi swastikas on her breasts, covering her nipples.
  • Selina Kyle (Catwoman) runs an "escort" business.
  • One of the prostitutes is seen straddling a man while fully clothed. Nothing else happens.
  • A man walks out onto the ledge of a hotel naked covering himself with the American Flag, he had previously been drugged by the prostitute who was also drugged.
  • The Joker briefly tells his henchman that he could "kiss him" for the devices he supplied.
  • During the Joker's preparations for his appearance on the talk show, a male hairdresser flirtatiously calls him handsome when asking if he needed lipstick.
  • The Joker kisses Selena Kyle to bring her under mind control.
  • 4/10

Violence & Gore

  • Strong, intense violence throughout the movie which could easily pass for an "R" rating.
  • Parents should be strongly advised that this film and Part I are possibly the most violent, bloody movies in the entire Batman movie canon.
  • Batman brutally beats down the Mutant King after an intense, prolonged bone-crushing fight scene.
  • Batman brutally beats people, men and women, cops and criminals alike, throughout the movie with oftentimes bloody results.
  • Joker slits a mans throat with a broken ceramic mug. The cutting is not explicitly shown, but there is copious amounts of blood splatter on the wall behind the man and on the mug fragments and the man is later seen lying in a pool of blood.
  • Joker kills hundreds of people by having them inhale a gas that makes them laugh so they can't breathe.
  • A man is crushed to death by roller coaster gears. Looking up at him you see his head enter the gears and then massive amounts of blood spray out.
  • Joker runs throughout a carnival shooting everyone, including women and children.
  • Batman throws batarangs at the Joker. Two of them lodge into the Joker's shoulder while the third lodge's in his eye. This is all very bloody.
  • Joker and Batman fight in a hall of mirrors. They are both cut by broken glass. Joker also is seen slamming a man into mirrors, with copious amounts of blood being graphically shown as a result.
  • Joker shoots Batman twice.
  • There is a prolonged fight between Batman and the Joker. They beat each other continuously getting bloodier as they go. Batman starts to choke the Joker and the Joker stabs Batman multiple times before Batman breaks his neck non-fatally (paralyzing him). The Joker then commits suicide by twisting his own neck.
  • Batman and Superman fight at the end. This fight is very brutal, but not a lot of blood and is probably the most tame fight of the movie.
  • People are shot with bloody results.
  • 7/10


  • About 2 uses of ''Son of a bitch'' and ''Ass''.
  • 4/10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some scenes include people smoking and drinking.
  • Joker induces Selina into a drugged-like state.
  • 4/10

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Very violent and bloody throughout. The fight scenes are very intense and the subject matter can be very mature.
  • Many scenes of people being threatened at gunpoint, including a few involving child endangerment.
  • Superman blows up a nuke in space and becomes very skeleton like. Could be frightening to young viewers.
  • A child is held hostage by the Joker. The Joker plans to kill him.
  • The Joker breaks his own neck, killing himself. This scene is disturbing.
  • Joker shoots several people to death at a fair while Batman chases him. This is very violent, brutal, disturbing, realistic, and chilling.
  • 7/10

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