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Wrong Cops does what underground movies used to do: It gives the viewer the sense that what they’re watching is thoroughly wrong in terms of both behavior and style. What’s missing is the transgressive kick, the sense that a real boundary has been crossed.
The Dissolve
Dupieux might have done better to construct an entire movie around his best idea.
This meandering lark about a corrupt, spiteful and hopelessly distracted police force in a decriminalized, sun-scorched city never quite finds the funny bone.
It’s really just a tortuous series of blackout sketches hung together with the flimsiest of threads.
No doubt a labor of love, the result is just plain laborious for the audience.
With jokes that fall flat so often, the film’s cardiograph flatlines before the first five minutes are over.
Village Voice
Wrong Cops is a tedious exercise in self-consciously hip lowbrow comedy.
A monstrously unfunny “Police Academy”/“Reno 911” knockoff directed with just enough winking self-awareness to seem both insipid and pretentious.

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