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Actual News in the Morning

Author: Tim Allen from United States
26 March 2013

I watched the Today show for decades until they fired Ann Curry. Today used to be very dependable, starting with hard news and graduating to entertainment fluff, and finally degrading to drunkenness. While I do enjoy entertainment news to an extent, it's not what I want first thing in the morning. I want to know what's shaping the world.

Since Dan Rather, I've tended to avoid CBS news broadcasts because of their known biases (not that NBC doesn't have the same). When I tuned into CBS This Morning one day I fully expected an hour of Tom Cruise and Rosie still bashing former President Bush.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find real, engaging news stories. I couldn't help myself but to occasionally switch over to Today to see what was happening there. From the first half hour to the last, they were miles apart. While CBS was discussing the current situation in Iraq, the Today show had a panel of men discussing what made women hot to them; while CBS was talking about the effects of debt, Today was having some sort of goofy parade of people dressed up in odd costumes outside their studio. CBS This Morning is what the Today show was at it's best years ago.

If you haven't given the broadcast a chance, and are frustrated with other morning news, I strongly urge you to give CBS This Morning a try.

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Used to be Good ...Now Just Meh

Author: Mister_D_Loomis
21 April 2017

When the cast of this show acted professionally and objectively it used to feel like a real news show. After Oprah's friend got in and the ditzy Norah (love when she picks her nose on camera...class act) took to the air it's just fashionable fluff with a befuddled Charlie Rose stuck in the middle.

Whenever any story with any kind of seriousness comes up, like climate change or any type of concern for future human interest the two bubble heads usually laugh it off and appear like deer in headlights to comprehend anything technical or important. It's a shame CBS like all the other major networks have become arrogant and ignorant to real news and prefer the fluff pieces that only "news readers" not makers can barely understand.

And so goes society.

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Charlie Rose Should Take the Lead

Author: safire-58419 from Merton, Wisconsin
6 April 2017

I am so addicted to watching this show every morning to get my news. My biggest problem with this show is that Gayle King is totally incompetent on this show. Nora and Charlie are very professional. The content is usually very good. I turn it off after the first 1.5 hours. The last 1/2hour is a waste of time. No news at all...just Hollywood nonsense. This show could be Number 1 for sure if they got rid of Gayle King. If Nora and Charlie are gone, I change stations. The substitutes do not come close. Love that they take news serious.

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New Life For Morning News

Author: patrickontheplanet
3 December 2012

No fluff. No ridiculously rushed cooking segments. No disastrous crowds of people obnoxiously waving and dancing in the windows behind the anchors or the guest. Succinct news pieces. Fine hosts. Thought provoking pieces of journalism that I can actually use and appreciate. This is the house that Murrow & Cronkite built, after all, and CBS This Morning follows in that integrity. CBS has tried for years to land a niche since the days Sullivan and Smith hosted their morning news. With the new format, new studio and a new team... CBS This Morning has a shot to recapture an audience. This stellar morning program is the "thinking person's morning news" and I hope they carry on and make history.

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Best CBS Traditional Morning Hard News Program

Author: getyourdander from United States
21 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

CBS has always done hard news in the morning. Their softest news program is on Sunday Morning but even that one is more news, with some more insightful areas.

This daily one is a winner because CBS looked at what the other more successful folks were doing and currently have 3 regular anchors here that bridge 3 generations.

Norah O'Donnell was born on January 23, 1974 in San Antonio, Texas, USA and at just over 42 is the youngest of the regulars. She has a perspective that comes with her generation and is often the most serious of the three, but sometimes the least knowledgeable.

Gayle King was born on December 28, 1954 in Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA. She is a generation (10 years) older than Norah and has a different view of life, and the major difference is that she is divorced while Norah is still married. This has become common of the later baby boomer who are getting the idea more and more often that long term marriages take work, and are getting harder to maintain for a lot of stressful reasons. Gayle is a very bright and attractive lady.

Charlie rose Date of Birth January 1942, Henderson, North Carolina, USA is the Senior member and he is the most experienced regular. His experience and intellect are a major plus here. He is the bridge who learned journalism from the classic CBS News staff and often patterns himself after Walter Cronkite. He is capable of humor, and deadpan.

These 3 together have helped CBS remodel this morning program into a real rival for the other networks and there are several things it has borrowed to form the success. Your World in 90 Seconds is a definite plus. It leads off each hour and is updated for the second segment during the hour. Yes, the idea for this is a rip off from FOX News, but most of the fans of this show do not realize a lot of the best ideas for this show were taken from FOX and Friends.

Instead of 3 people on a couch, we have 3 people from 3 generations around a table in a studio. This difference is where they improved on FOX. It gives the show a more serious tone and the viewer is not distracted by a blonde in a short skirt crossing her legs on a couch. There is more diversity here as these folks present more hard news in an hour than most newscasts in the first 17 minutes. Often 50 % or more of Scott Pelley's Evening News comes from this show.

One common thing currently featured in the morning and the evening news is CBS chief Washington reporter on politics, Major Garrett. CBS raided FOX news for this reporter and he being born in 1962 bridges the generation between Gayle King and Norah. This gives CBS more diversity of generations with Scott Pelley (1957) in between.

CBS This Morning proves that hard Journalism and FOX News have shaped and changed broadcast journalism as they are responding to multiple generations of viewers and presenting a diversity of news and news makers in thoughtful perspectives. The second hour often presents famous guests and asks good questions of them and the show often pulls in stuff from 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning shows upcoming which are previews and relevant journalism.

Are they the best at what they do? I would say they are the most relevant and diverse, even pulling in many of our national newspaper headlines to make this a truly national news broadcast.

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Just the News Please!

Author: robyndarocha from United States
24 October 2016

May I please JUST GET THE NEWS? No snarky comments, no opinions, just the news! Calling Major Garrett a reporter isn't fair to others in you're organization who do a fair job of reporting. If you ever wonder why our children are rude, run a replay of your show. Since when is it acceptable to ask a question and then start speaking over a person when you don't get the answer you want. I don't care if you have time limits, interrupting is rude! What do you really think we get out of three people interrupting one another to fire questions to one person? I can tell you. Disgusted! CBS and Charlie Rose, you're too good for this poor excuse for journalism we've been getting. I've turned off the new in the morning and am now listening to Sirius XM music. No one telling me why I should like what they do and making disparaging remarks against others!!!

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