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This show just plain sucks!
Joshua Glowzinski2 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this show on TV one day. I saw a comer hail for it. I like Remini and the other two guys on here. That is to say they are actors I've liked in other things. I watched a preview online last night. The first thing I said to myself was "we'll, it was I retesting at first." I got and have a feeling this will last for 8 episodes.

There were quite a few problems with this show. First, why is Reminis character wearing so many cloths? It is like they are hiding her. Also, why do they have SO much makeup on her? It is distracting. Two, what the hell, most of the characters look like they are within 10 years of each other. Does that make any sense? I mean, the mom, son, sister, they all look the exact same age. I kept forgetting who the heck everyone was. They should have done a better job at picking the actors out. Third, why do I feel like I watched an episode that was in the middle of something? It is like I've missed a season of people growing to hate one another. Fourth, the episode moved in weird timing. It was like I was watching a bad skit show. Like the flash back scenes on Family Guy. Fifth, Remini has a dad who is crazy, died not listen and thinks he is better than everyone. I thought his name was Arthur? She treats her dad like he is a child. It was again distracting. There were far to many things happening in the thirty minute pilot episode. I have no clue what I watched. I will watch again. I always give things a second chance. But I just have a feeling this is already being canceled. At least the network tried something new and a bit odd.
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