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THE NINE LIVES OF BATMAN - On the first Monday in November The Catwoman draws Batman and Robin to a trap, where she locks them in a cage with a real panther, then douses them with a strange smokey substance. But Batman turns the table on Catwoman and she is forced to escape. Later, after returning home, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson discover they are literally glowing, as are the Batsuits. Catwoman then leaves a tape-recorded message with Commissioner Gordon revealing the gas was radioactive and Batman and Robin can thus be detected even in their secret identities. The next day is Tuesday - Election Day - and it is Bruce Wayne's duty to vote. Batman and Robin then subject the substance to chemical analysis, and the next day Bruce Wayne goes to vote, but Commissioner Gordon and police chief O'Hara also bear the glowing substance, thus ruining Catwoman's trap. She nonetheless traps Robin and draws out Batman, who thwarts her trap but falls into another with Robin, and the Caped Crusaders are left to suffocate in a pool of quicksand while Catwoman and her gang pillage Gotham's largest diamond exchange.

LONG JOHN JOKER - To the surprise of librarian Barbara Gordon, the Joker has been renting books on pirating. As Batgirl she tails Joker and finds out why - Joker and his gang are making a movie based on "Treasure Island" on an island offshore. But when she discovers the cameras have no film, she is jumped and knocked unconscious by Joker's henchmen. She nonetheless sends a distress call to Batman and the Caped Crusaders arrive and are overpowered by Joker's gang. When Batgirl notes that Joker keeps boasting about "Captain Crink," even though there is no such character in "Treasure Island," Batman realizes Joker's movie is mere cover for finding a missing armored car, from Crink's Armored Car service, that was hijacked years ago by a now-deceased gangster. Batman and company must thus escape and set their own trap.

RAIN OF IRON - Clark Kent drops off Lois Lane at the airport for her vacation. Before she leaves they notice a well-mustached man, named Vamoor; he was assistant to a disgraced scientist, Professor Dugy, sent to jail for embezzlement who escaped some years back. Smelling some kind of scam, Lois follows Vamoor. Some days later a ten-foot-wide ball of solid iron crashes out of the sky into Metropolis; it is investigated by Governor Bannard and chief Inspector Henderson and all are puzzled, thinking it some kind of meteorite. But when Clark spots another such ball in the sky, he transmutes into Superman and grabs the aerial sphere out of the sky into a nearby lake, where he spots a taunting message of Governor Bannard from Dugy. After informing Bannard and Henderson of the sphere's origin, Superman surmises Dugy is launching the objects from a spacecraft, so he blasts into the sky, intercepts another iron sphere, and plunges into space; threre is no spacecraft but a small asteroid. It is here that Superman figures out what is happening when yet another iron sphere bounces hard off him and heads toward Earth. He intercepts the sphere and follows its trajectory in reverse.

It leads to the South Pacific, where Lois has discovered that Vamoor bought a motorboat from an old sea hand for visiting the outer islands. She rents a sailboat and follows, while Superman spots a gigantic underground discharger capable of firing iron spheres; he blasts several such objects fired at him, then attacks the gun itself, but Dugy and Vamoor have taken island natives as hostages, and vow to electrocute them should Superman try to stop them. The Man of Steel, however, gets the jump on them, frees the hostages, then pursues the fleeing scientists when they man a helicopter and drop a time bomb into the island's presently-inactive volcano; Superman breaks up the bombing but this allows the two scientists to man a midget submarine to escape, where they then run into Lois and take her hostage - then decide to tie her to a missile launched at the volcano.

DOUBLE TROUBLE, DOUBLE DOOM - Superboy and Krypto learn of the disappearance of three mountain explorers; his investigation runs into an alien craft attacking the varied mountains. It turns out the craft is manned by law officers pursuing alien criminals who plan to pillage a planet made primarily of gold. Krypto must thus infiltrate the brigands' spacecraft to stop them and free their hostages.


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