"Archer" The Man from Jupiter (TV Episode 2012) Poster

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Burt Reynolds: You're kidding me...

Sterling Archer: I know... drives me nuts... like the world's slowest elevator.

Burt Reynolds: You should get a bat-pole.

Sterling Archer: Nine thousand bucks.

Burt Reynolds: What?

Sterling Archer: Lowest quote I got.

Burt Reynolds: Well that's ridiculous.

Sterling Archer: Basically just putting a pole where the garbage chute already is, but the co-op board was like "but what do we do with the garbage?"

Burt Reynolds: Yeah but you could still throw it down the... whatever... the same shaft.

Sterling Archer: I know!

Burt Reynolds: And then you'll have some garbage to land on.

Sterling Archer: If you're coming in hot, I know. It's a win-win.

Burt Reynolds: And you were gonna pay for it yourself...

Sterling Archer: Yep.

Burt Reynolds: No assessment or anything.

Sterling Archer: Yep.

Burt Reynolds: Ridiculous.

Sterling Archer: Preaching to the choir buddy.

Sterling Archer: [Burt and Archer are in a high speed pursuit driving 120 MPH] Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my GIANT THROBBING ERECTION!

Burt Reynolds: [Burt slams on the brakes, causing Archer to slam his head against the dashboard] How about now?

Sterling Archer: It's gone.

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