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Child at heart
Avinash Patalay2 January 2013
Outings like "Gattu" deserve a bit more buzz, at least to encourage the team for their conviction and the spirit. "Gattu" is very much child at heart and off late its great to see movies like "Stanley Ka Dabba", "Chillar Party", "I am Kalam" are being attempted. Yes, "Gattu" falls under the same remit.

Kite flying and obsessions around it make you travel back in time. The school environment is realistically captured. Without giving away too much I would say its a definite one time watch, and yes "Gattu" ensures grabs the attention of young audience within the first 10-minutes.

Performance of every character is true to life - amazing!

Way to go.....
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Such Beautiful Movie. I Loath Mainstream Bollywood!
Tejas Nair28 December 2012
The story of an orphan named Gattu is so real and exclusive that when you progress in the movie, your love for him increases from 0 to 100. Such an adorable character it is.

Director Rajan Khosa has once again proved what he's worth previously with his Dance Of the Wind, Gattu is a total magnificence. The music is catchy and perfect for the soft tone of the movie. Life as ridiculous as it is shown in this movie might make you think, ponder and introspect that to how extent a kid can go to accomplish his dream. This movie talks about chasing your dream beating all the odds. Gattu is breakthrough.

With an awe-inspiring twist at the end, Gattu is enjoyable and worth every penny.

Screenplay, writing, photography all are true to the eye and dashing. Gattu is the biggest movie of 2012 in all aspects.

WATCH OUT FOR: the lead character's vivid expressions.

Language: No | Sex: No | Violence: No
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Totally amazing concept
Ed Manraz20 December 2012
Indian education system is trying to aware more and more kids about education and system is trying that more and more kids should get proper education because child labor spoils there childhood and they live in slums and die in slums.this is the biggest problem of this country.

now about the about first i say it should be recommended to more and more festivals coz its basic concept was very marvelous.what a movie great acting by its lead actor and this kind of movie should be shown to our country's filmmakers who are spoiling money and audience time.

This movie proves that if you have good story and great casting you can create any thing even in low budget.I appreciate for the storyline of this movie.
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Hidden gem
subrat-dwibedi29 May 2013
It is unfair to compare Gattu to other movies such as Stanley Ka Dibba, I am Kalam or Chillar Party since Gattu clearly stands out from the rest in terms of its story and direction. It is a gem and a must watch for all movie aficionados. While Gattu touches upon issues such as poverty and child labor, it never tries to extract any sympathy out of the audience for the characters. In fact there are several brilliantly executed funny moments in the film which draws you to the world of the characters instead of forcing you to sympathize with them from a high ground. The characters and the milieu are very real and give you a 'been there, seen it' sort of feeling. Watch this film for its endearing lead character, his childish ambition, the moral dilemma he faces in accomplishing it and the brilliant resolution in the end.
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An honest attempt, made on a shoe-string budget, with beautiful picturisation
Ketan Gupta27 March 2013
When you have a dream , the only thing you would require to achieve it is through desire and passion. Gattu tells the story of a street kid who achieves the impossible.

A street kid, Gattu , takes up the challenge of defeating a local champ Kaali in the kite-flying competition. To compete from a high level,he infiltrates a school terrace by impersonating as the student and also makes new friends.

Directed by Rajan Khosla , Gattu is a welcome change as it brings back the childhood memories of kite-flying , being mischievous in school , playing pranks on your teacher. The film duration is 75 mins and every frame is amazing to watch. The kite-flying scene is eye-catching ( on the same par with Kite Runner). Cinematography is good. Dialogues are nice. Editing is crispy. Screenplay is gripping. Hats off to Rajan Khosla for choosing a different subject based in North India. Mohd Samad was perfect for the role of street-smart , mischievous, good-at-heart Gattu. He emotes so well through his eye and is amazing to watch him act.

An honest attempt, made on a shoe-string budget, with beautiful picturisation. Very Good 4/5
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Must watch for all Kite Lovers
Gaurav_Tyagi19 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Being I kite flying aficionado, I was thrilled to read about a movie made on this subject. Now that I have seen it, I have just one word 'Brilliant'. Every kite flier is afraid of that specific KITE which flies from a specific location and hold the prestige of the area. It has earned that respect by being consistent. You can not buy the latest processor, have multi gig graphic card or download cheats to bring that KITE down. It has to be within you.

The direction was great, the shooting locations were rightly chosen and the dialect was authentic. Feeling nostalgic about the great old days now.
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A "lost in a herd " "low budget" Gem...
iamshadab14 September 2016
I didn't've known of such movie if the cable networks were out of business, so first of all, thanks to my cable network as if you were not there, I was hardly even get to know about such a film exists, even IMDb didn't list the title in general search. The lighthearted attempt for a grieve and serious issue of child labour and education like "I am Kalam" the movie I am Kalam was famous because it has used India's most loved president's name, and successfully achieved the hike and media attention, this one, not that lucky.

The story is simple, heartwarming, and a happy ending, a perfect remedy for a children movie. The actors, specially "Gattu", a kid that loves flying kites definitely marks an impression on you. there are moments in the movie when I sincerely wanted to pat his back for the optimisation he had made to the character. The support cast was also good...

All in all, it proved a surprise low budget entertainer for me, if only capitalism and industrialisation in the industry would have decreased or else some big names have supported it, It would've only increased the value for quality cinema here in India. But then, I guess the story speaks for itself as well.....
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It's like a mild wind ...
Gaurav Aggarwal9 September 2013
Gattu is a real soft, sweet and simple movie. A movie based on big dream of Kite fight of a small boy. The boy is so simple and natural in his acting that you will start loving him. Story is very simple but this small story contains many sweet characters. Each and every characters has been written brilliantly. Movie has no known face but still every actor has done their part beautifully. This movie gives you feel of positiveness, good inside people who doesn't much in their life, Sweetsness and innocence of children. Movie that every child (by age or by heart) must watch. A very heart touching movie with many soft corner characters.
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